Trump Suggested Spain Build a Wall Across African Sahara to Stop Migrants, Minister Says

ABC News AICHA EL HAMMAR CASTANO and BEN GITTLESON,Good Morning America 1 hour 43 minutes ago

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Another Concerned Citizen Voices This Thoughts On The Town Clerk’s Position

Amen! Having individuals that have no education, background, job experience, etc. in this
position is unacceptable. Also having term limits for this position is unacceptable. If the Town Board will not sponsor a referendum to make this a civil service position, at least remove the term limits and allow the town residents vote on whether the individual is doing the job as required. We have had several Town Clerks (including at least one in the past 10-15 years),
that really should not have had that position. I do feel sorry for the Deputy Town Clerk at this time.

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Dennis Vacco is a Strong Follower of President Trump,The Heck With Justice Or The Law

Sept. 19, 2018

Vacco doesn’t need to find the truth.He does what Trump tells him to do.

Above is the tweet Dennis Vacco put up concerning Christine Blasey Ford asking for an FBI investigation of the incident between her and Judge Kavanaugh. O all people . i assume he will resign as a partner in his law firm and never again be hired by WGRZ because he has shown where his true alliance is not to the American way but that of Trump’s way.

Dennis Vacco’s tweet mocked Christine Blasey Ford, the college professor who has come forward to accuse Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the two were high school students.

Dennis Vacco, an attorney in Buffalo has been in the political arena for many years. Every time I see him on WGRZ as an adviser to a story i find it hard to believe WGRZ would have this weak man as an adviser.

Vacco is a devoted follower of President Trump. He has forgotten his true loyalty should be to justice and the law not to a man who lies like it’s the truth. Mr. Vacco’s tweet is morally a tweet made by an idiot who doesn’t understand the law or give a thought about human didenty.

He has long forgotten he represent the truth not the truth according to President Trump’ The law firm he is apart of should releasle mhim immedityb for nstrain your name.

It’s wasn’t a slip of his tongue he wrote it down so everyone would seen where his real loyalties lie.

HIS STELLAR CAREER AFTER LOSING HIS JOB AS ATTORNEY GENERAL. He owns the distinction of being the only Attorenty General who wasn’t re-elected to an second term.Less than two months after he concluded an antitrust settlement with Waste Management, Inc., a waste disposal conglomerate, as one of his last acts before leaving his position as attorney general, Vacco joined Waste Management as a senior lobbyist and vice president for government affairs for their operations in New York, New England, and Canada. In response to questions about the settlement and the job offer, Vacco said: “Any interpretation or suggestion that this settlement – which included the United States Department of Justice – was connected to my employment by Waste Management – is preposterous and false.”

As a lobbyist in New York State, Vacco was identified as having made inconsistencies in required filings. In April 2006, after a six-month investigation, Vacco was cleared of allegations that he violated lobbying regulations. The investigation “centered on whether Vacco’s firm had an illegal contingency-fee contract with a Rochester businessman in exchange for helping him win a casino deal with an Oklahoma tribe.” In October 2005, Vacco’s lobbying firm agreed to pay the state $50,000 in connection with the questionable contract, but it was not required to admit wrongdoing.”[8]

Vacco is currently a partner in the Buffalo, New York law firm of Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman, LL which they shouldn’t be proud of having Mr.Vacco as one of their partners in their firm.

mr. Vacco mistrust of women is a dangerous sign of not caring if a woman says she was almost rape he would say she’s a lying,I’M TRULY SORRY FOR ANY WOMEN IN DENNIS VACCO LIFE.

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Concern Citizen Comment: Town Clerk Should be a Civil Service Position Not an Elected One

Sept. 20, 2018

Let me state up front that the department that administers the duties entrusted to the office of the town clerk have a very important ministerial role in the day-to-day activities of town government. However, the public can be best served if the head of this department were to be deemed a civil service position and take it completely out of the hands of the politicians. With very few exceptions over the past several decades has anyone won this position based any relevant experience for this job along with the requisite technical skills in information record keeping technology, not to mention being well grounded in town law?

In short this position is usually nothing more than a way station for a budding politician to grab an obscene salary (thank you Ms. Spoth), benefits and pension until the next gravy train comes by while the unsung worker bees carry the ball.

My sincerest sympathy to the present Deputy Town Clerk, her staff and the others before who have to do the real work to make the trains, planes and automobiles run on time while they break in yet another 90 day wonder.

I know this won’t happen, but I can dream. I wish for this election for town clerk that people would come to their senses and recognize that whatever candidate gets this plum will not render any meaningful value to town government and act accordingly and not cast a vote for either of them. Now I know a few people will anyway, but if the vote was so embarrassingly low, think of the message it would send to those that are currently in office and the political parties that give us these choices. Who knows, it might even make the national news.

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Talk About Friendly: Free Kids Meals Now on Menu Every Day at Restaurant Chain

Sept. 19, 2018
Three Friendly's restaurants in Amherst, Blasdell and Lancaster are participating in a free kids meal promotion at the chain. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News file photo)
Three Friendly’s restaurants in Amherst, Blasdell and Lancaster are participating in a free kids meal promotion at the chain.

Friendly’s restaurants just got friendlier to families.

The chain announced Wednesday that kids can now eat free every day at 20 of its restaurants in upstate New York and New England, including three in Erie County.

Kids get a free meal, any day of the week, with the purchase of a regular-sized entrée.

A company statement doesn’t say how long the free meals will remain on the menu. A spokeswoman said only that they are ongoing.

Maybe customers can stop by Friendly’s after they get their free cheeseburgers at Wendy’s.
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Collins Promises to ‘actively campaign’ and Serve in House

Sept. 19, 2018
(Buffalo News file photo)

A day after refusing to address his future plans, Rep. Chris Collins said Wednesday he will “actively campaign” for his 27th Congressional District seat and serve if re-elected, despite facing charges of insider trading.

“The stakes are too high to allow the radical left to take control of this seat in Congress,” Collins, a Clarence Republican, said in a statement. “Their agenda is clear. They want to reverse the recently enacted tax cuts, impose Canadian style healthcare, inflict new job killing regulations and impeach President Trump.

“We cannot stand by and let that happen,” he added.

Collins’ decision now sets the stage for a locally unprecedented congressional race featuring an incumbent facing felony charges of fraud, conspiracy and lying to an FBI agent. The charges, which Collins denies, stem from a series of stock trades that prosecutors say were based on inside information.
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Familiar Names Vie for Amherst Town Clerk Post in Special Election

Sept. 19, 2018

Comment by the which is asking why the article has the information concerning  Fran Spoth’s connection to the Spoth family. Francine’s husband has no connection with the  Spoths family who are well known in Amherst for their farming and produce operations. She married a man name SPOTH HE MIGHT BE A LONG LOST COUSIN TO THE SPOTH  BROS.



Democrats and Republicans have settled on their candidates for the special election to replace Marjory Jaeger as Amherst town clerk.

Town Republicans on Monday endorsed Jeff Zeplowitz for the race, said Amherst GOP Chair Joe Heins. Zeplowitz, 49, is a longtime state Assembly aide and executive with firms that do consulting and polling for political and business clients. His father, Barry, is the founder of a well-known polling firm and his mother, Penny, served on the Amherst Town Board.

Democrats are backing Fran Spoth, a Town Board member and the deputy supervisor, said Jerry Schad, the Amherst Democratic chairman. Spoth, 55, is a former Williamsville School Board member who has worked as a research and marketing specialist. The Spoths are well known in Amherst for their farming and produce operations.

November’s contest is to fill the last year of Jaeger’s term. Whoever wins will have to run again in November 2019 for a full, four-year term. The position pays $82,000 per year.
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Free Burgers at Wendy’s Every Day For the Rest of the Month

Sept. 18, 2018
Participating Wendy's locations are giving away a free burger with purchase. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)
Participating Wendy’s locations are giving away a free burger with purchase.

Wendy’s is giving away a free Dave’s Classic Single cheeseburger with any purchase every single day for the rest of the month.

The offer can be redeemed once a day at participating locations through the Wendy’s app.

To get your free burger, download the Wendy’s app and tap “offers” at the top of the screen. Tap “Free Dave’s Single with any purchase,” then “use at restaurant.” You’ll receive a unique code to show at the register.

The code expires after five minutes, and the app generates only one code per day, so don’t hit the “use now” button until you’re at the register and ready to pay.

The burger is free with any purchase. A small Frosty is 50 cents.

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Merrick Garland Says He’s Still Available

Sept. 18, 2018

Satire from The Borowitz Report

BETHESDA, MARYLAND (The Borowitz Report)—Saying that he would like to help the Senate Judiciary Committee “in any way I can,” Judge Merrick Garland announced on Monday that he is “still available” to be confirmed as a United States Supreme Court Justice.

“I haven’t heard from anyone on the Judiciary Committee,” Garland said. “But I just want to let them know that I’ve let bygones be bygones if they’d like to confirm me now.”

The judge said that he was “not surprised” that no one from the White House has called about his availability for the Supreme Court job. “I’ve been reading that Woodward book,” he said. “It sounds like things can get pretty hectic over there.”

Garland noted that, when he was first nominated to the Supreme Court, no Republican senator agreed to meet with him, but added, “Maybe they can find some time in their schedules now.”

“After what they’ve been going through for the past couple of days, the Republicans might want to give old Merrick another look,” he said. “I’m clean as a whistle.”

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Jeffrey Zeplowitz Endorsed for Amherst Town Clerk in the Upcoming November Election

Sept. 18, 2018
When is Election Day?
It’s Election Season Again, Come This November 6, 2018

Congratulations to Jeffrey Zeplowitz, who was officially endorsed by the Republican Party to run for Amherst Town Clerk in the upcoming November election.

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