Road Rage Ends Up In The Death of Ex-New York Jets Joe McKnight

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Joe McKnight, 28 an ex football player for the New York Jets, and Ronald Gasser, 54 were involved in a road rage incident in Terrytown, Louisiana. The Sheriff said the two men were engaged in a “heated verbal exchange.”  Mr. Gasser admitted shooting Joe McKnight three times.

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The Sheriff released Gasser despite rumors that McKnight apologized before Gasser put three bullets in McKnight’s body.

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Yes, this was a black man killed by a white man and the white man was set free.  Sheriff Normand said, “In Louisiana we will have to investigate if the shooting was justified.”  Isn’t that every state has to do?  That doesn’t explain why Gasser was released.

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Female Student Stabbed Near UB South Campus Amid Rash of Robberies

Buffalo police released these images Friday of two men suspected of robbing a woman near UB’s South Campus on Nov. 21. The man on the left matches the description of the assailant who stabbed a UB student Thursday.

A female University at Buffalo student survived a stab wound in the chest during a robbery just after 5 p.m. Thursday near South Campus and police are trying to determine if the assailant also committed other knife-point robberies in the last month on the campus and in the University District.

All but one of the victims were female students.

All of the incidents involved a man with a knife.

Five of the incidents took place in the last two weeks.

The robberies happened during the day or early evening – none late at night.

And in at least two of the cases, including the stabbing on Thursday, the suspect was a short black man wearing a camouflaged jacket with a green trim. Police are looking at the possibility the same man may be responsible for some or all of the incidents.
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UB Med Students Make Their Rounds on Buffalo Streets, Shelters

Medical students Jillian Smith, left, and Mike Sayegh, center, speak to a man outside the bus station downtown and give him some socks. UB HEALS is a community outreach program where medical students and physicians from UB medical school seek to improve healthcare access for homeless people within the Buffalo area. They partner with staff from the Matt Urban Hope Center every Tuesday and Thursday.
Thomas Schmieder was suffering from pain in his ear, making him wonder whether he should seek medical help in an emergency room.

Then, just outside the door of the downtown bus station on a raw Tuesday night, medical help came to him.

Dr. Jacob Ramseyer and Moudi Hubeishy, a UB medical student, greeted Schmieder, who described his symptoms. With their advice, he decided not to go to the emergency room, but to seek help the next morning.

This consultation was one of the hundreds that medical students and doctors have provided since March with UB HEALS, the Homeless Health Education Awareness and Leadership in Service, from the University at Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

These doctors and students don’t wear immaculate white coats or see patients in brightly lit exam rooms. Instead, medical student volunteers don jackets and warm hats, hoist bags packed with supplies and seek out patients in the downtown bus station, under bridges and in housing for the chronically homeless. They hit the streets every Tuesday and Thursday night to evaluate and treat the ailments and injuries of the neediest, while encouraging them to establish more lasting relationships with traditional medical professionals.
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David Kowalski
David Kowalski

All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy

  • SUNDAY, December 4, SOLAR EVENT: Join Solar Liberty for a free informational session on going solar. There will be coffee, hot chocolate, donuts and fun activities for children. Sponsored by PUSH Green. 1pm-3pm, Julia Boyer Reinstein Library, 1030 Losson Road, Cheektowaga. Call Sage at 886-1780 for more info [LINK]
  • TUESDAY, December 6, PUBLIC EVENT: Tonawanda’s Air Quality – Presented by NYS Dept. Environmental Conservation. Sponsored by Clean Air Coalition. 6:00pm, River Road Fire Company, 39 Kaufman Ave., Tonawanda. Call 852-3813 for more details [LINK]
  • WEDNESDAY, December 7, WEBINAR: Climate Change and Public Health – What Can Municipalities Do? – Sponsored by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. 10:30 AM- 12:00 PM, Online [LINK]
  • December 12, MEETING: Climate & Energy Committee of Sierra Club Niagara Group, 6:00 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church (2nd floor), 695 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo. All are welcome to join us working for renewable energy solutions to climate change [LINK]
  • December 14, COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Problems and Solutions of Plastic Pollution – presented by Dr. Sherri Mason. Panel and Community discussions will follow. Sponsored by WNY Environmental Alliance. 6:00pm Networking & refreshments. 6:30-8pm Program. Tewksbury Lodge, 249 Ohio St., Buffalo. Free and Open to the public. Register online [LINK]

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Why Fans Love Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Twenty years ago, in a creative big bang between classical music and heavy metal, and holiday pomp and (eventually) head-blowing pyrotechnics, Trans-Siberian Orchestra was born.

Since its inaugural album, “Christmas Eve and Other Stories,” and first tour in 1999, TSO has played for 13 million fans. That includes packed crowds every year here in Buffalo. As the band heads to town for a pair of Dec. 4 shows at KeyBank Center, here’s a look at why TSO has endured.

In musical circles, classical compositions are often considered sacred.

“Nobody usually dares to touch those famous classical pieces,” said Mee Eun Kim, a TSO keyboardist for 16 years.

But for TSO composers, which include leading founder Paul O’Neill and his longtime co-producer, Williamsville native Robert Kinkel, classical music is like clay. It can be molded into something original and cool.

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Plans For an 18 Story Building Downtown to Become a Reality

There is going to be an 18 story building in downtown Buffalo at 201 Ellicott St.

Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. will be the developer.

The Orchard Fresh store, run by Williamsville-based Tops Markets, would offer an array of fresh and frozen foods, grocery products, “grab-and-go” meals, and meat, bakery and dairy items that are typically popular among an urban clientele. But the overall complex would also include 200 apartments and condominiums and three floors of office space, as well as other shops or restaurants, a public plaza and 800 covered parking spaces.
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Comment by Concerned Citizen

Imagine Amherst1
Imagine Amherst is the final step for Dr. Weinstein’s cronies to destroy Amherst.  Weinstein has doubled down on allowing excessive development through all the years he has controlled the strings.  It is about time he retires and enjoys all the fruits of his labors.

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Concerned Citizen: Who Understands How Amherst Is Sold Out

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Mike, bull’s-eye. What is being allowed with Imagine Amherst is nothing more than the dream of all the developers in Amherst and those that benefit from needless, unwanted development..but development, nonetheless. Plus, no one wants commercial buildings, in their neighborhoods, under any circumstances.

The arrogance and abuse of power is appalling and noticed by the people that supply the real tax base. How much more destruction using deceitful language to achieve agendas are people going to tolerate? More importantly, none of the existing overdevelopment with a proposed added redo is in the best interest of the community.

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Medical Marjuanna OK’d For Chronic Pain

medical marijuana plant

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is any part of the marijuana plant that you use to treat health problems.  People use it to get relief from their symptoms, not to try to get high.

People suffering from chronic pain will soon be among those able to use medical marijuana in New York State.  The State Health Department announced this news on Thursday.

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Think Small Every Day

Main Street Williamsville

November 26 was the official Support Small Business Day.  There was a color photo in the Amherst Bee of Williamsville Mayor Brain Kulpa and our Lt. Gov., Kathy Hochul  supporting Small Business Saturday as they shopped on Main Street in the Village of Williamsville.

That was great for that one day but really everyday should be small business day.  There are some wonderful shops in Amherst.  If you really can’t find what you’re looking look in Amherst then it could be time for online shopping or going to one of the local malls, but first please check out our shops.

Many of my friends, like Howard Cadmus, owner of the Red Mill, have many items which would make wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah gifts.

Taking your clothes to Read’s cleaners is a great help for a small business.  There are many women’s clothing shops, and the list can go on and on.

Think small every day.

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