An Illegal Planning Board Meeting Held January18, 2018

Resolution 2011-36

Appointment to Planning Board

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Dal Giuliani is appointed as a member of the Planning Board for a 7-year term ending on 12/31/2017.

The above Resolution 2011-36, clearly shows Mr. Dal Giuliani’s term on the Amherst Planning Board expired on 12/31/2017, therefore as of 1/1/18 he is no longer a member of the Amherst Planning Board.  The new member to replace him has not yet been named.

The Town Attorney has stated that a person whose term has expired can not sit on the Board they once were a member of unless they were reappointed in writing, which did not occur.

Tonight the Planning Board held a meeting which must be declared illegal, null and void because Dal Giuliani was there as Acting Chairman.  If he weren’t there there would not have been enough members to create a quorum.

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Let’s Drain the Swamp in Amherst

One of the phrases our President has uttered that I actually agree with is that we must drain the swamp of the leeches; people who are owned by power groups and those who are incompetent who are given patronages jobs.

Our local government in Amherst has been hit with this cancer of patronages jobs. Patronage jobs given to crooked, dishonest people is the main reason developers call Amherst their “dream town.”

People like Robert Gilmour, chairman of the Planning Board, is a perfect example of being a developers baby. Gilmour already served the allotted time on this important board but last year he was switched from another board back to the Planning Board by his dear friend Fran Spoth, so he could control this important board in support of developers.

My stomach turned every time the people of Amherst were voted down by the Planning Board and the decision went to a developer.

Amherst isn’t the only Town who gives out patronage jobs to people who are total losers. The King of Patronages jobs is our Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz.  His infamous gift was creating a $102,000 job for his car driver Michael Szukala.  Mr. Szukala was originally given the job title Inspector General of Erie County. The title was changed to Inspector General of Medicaid. This is an important job at the state level not at the local level.

If the powers in Amherst want the engine of our town to start running efficiently, we must release the individuals who hand out useless patronages jobs and those who were the recipients of such patronage.

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Supervisor Kulpa to Give State of the Town Address at Amherst Chamber Luncheon

Amherst Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa will give his first state of the town address on Jan. 26.  (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)
Amherst Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa will give his first state of the town address on Jan. 26.

Amherst Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa will give his first state of the town address at the Amherst Chamber of Commerce’s annual luncheon on Friday, Jan. 26.

The event takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Classics V restaurant, 2425 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst.

In addition to the address by Kulpa, who took office this month, the event includes the installation of the chamber’s board of directors and a presentation of the organization’s public policy agenda for the year.
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Wegmans is Tied for America’s Favorite Grocery Store, Survey Says

Katie Smith shops with her daughter, Brooklynn, at the Wegmans on Alberta Drive in Amherst. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News file photo)
Katie Smith shops with her daughter, Brooklynn, at the Wegmans on Alberta Drive in Amherst.

Wegmans and Publix are America’s favorite grocery stores, according to a survey of 12,774 shoppers conducted by Market Force Information, a retail consulting firm. It’s Wegmans’ second year at the top. Trader Joe’s had held the lead for several years until being bested by Wegmans in 2016.

The Rochester-based Wegmans and Florida-based Publix tied for first place with a 77 percent Composite Loyalty Index Score. Survey participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with their most recent grocery shopping experience and their likelihood that they would refer that grocer to others. The Composite Loyalty Index Score was calculated using customer ratings given for store qualities such as value, fast service and cleanliness.
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Planned Williamsville Building is Now Half its Original Size

This is a rendering of CRS Companies’ revised plans for an apartment building at 20 S. Long St. in Williamsville. (Image courtesy CRS Companies)
This is a rendering of CRS Companies’ revised plans for an apartment building at 20 S. Long St. in Williamsville. (Image courtesy CRS Companies)

CRS Cos. has scaled back its proposed development on a prime Williamsville corner to less than half its initial size.

The developer planned to build an $8 million, four-story, 50,000-square-foot building at Main and South Long streets with 24 apartments and first-floor retail.

But CRS President John E. “Skip” Cerio said economic considerations prompted the company to shrink “The Williams” to three floors and about 20,000 square feet, with 12 apartments, covered parking and no commercial space. The estimated cost is about $3.5 million.

CRS on Tuesday completed its $230,000 acquisition of 8 S. Long St. The company plans to tear down the homes at 8 and 20 S. Long and build there, without using 5353 Main St. as initially proposed.
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William James Should Check For Lies Before He Writes Them In The Amherst Bee.

by James Tricoli
Editor of

William James, a Republican leader in Amherst, and his friend Mark Rivard, spoke out against our Supervisor’s new appointment for Chief of Staff, at the first Town Board meeting.

Mr. James followed up his public comments with a letter to the Amherst Bee. The Bee is the Republican voice in Amherst.  On the January 10th Amherst Bee blog site Mr. James’ argument was that the new man chosen by the Supervisor isn’t eligible for the job because he doesn’t live in Amherst.

The law in Amherst is that a new appointee has 60 days to move into Amherst.  Ex-supervisor Dr. Weinstein ignored this law often as he hired department heads who hadn’t moved into Amherst for over two years.

So I will call Barry, our ex Supervisor, and tell him William James says he broke the law about having to move into Amherst within 2 months after you’re hired.  If you don’t you will be dismissed.

By the way, our new Chief of Staff moved in the Village of Williamsville last week.

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Buffalo Dental Group Buys East Amherst Site Where it Plans to Move its Williamsville Practice

Buffalo Dental Group has bought the property in East Amherst where it plans to build new offices to replace its Williamsville location.

The practice purchased 1.3 acres of vacant land at 6600 and 6588 Main St., near Brompton Road, for $507,000 from Main Genesis Group LLC,  according to a document filed with the Erie County Clerk’s Office.

Dr. Bernard J. Kolber, a Buffalo Dental Group partner, previously said the planned 7,600-square-foot, single-story building would replace an office the group has outgrown 1.5 miles to the west at 5845 Main St.
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Flu Has Arrived Earlier, and its Symptoms Are Severe

Health officials say there is still plenty of time to get a flu shot. (Sharon Cantillon/ News file photo)
Health officials say there is still plenty of time to get a flu shot. 

The flu season started earlier this year than the past two seasons, saw a rapid rise in cases in recent weeks and may already be near a peak.

But it is far from over. What’s worse, the predominate virus strain circulating now is causing severe symptoms.

“Right now, you can walk into any emergency room shift and a good percentage of the patients will be there for flu-like symptoms,” said Dr. David Pierce, a vice president at Kaleida Health, and chief medical officer at Millard Fillmore Suburban and DeGraff Memorial hospitals.

Most flu activity occurs between December and February, but it can last into May. That means there is still plenty of time to get a flu shot, health officials say.

Patient visits to local hospitals show that the flu appears to be peaking earlier than last year.
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After Brief Debate, Town of Amherst Hires Strategic Planning Director

Maggie Hamilton Winship

The Town of Amherst hired a new director of strategic planning Tuesday night – over the objections of one Town Board member and a town Republican committee member.

The Town Board voted, 4-1, to appoint Maggie Hamilton Winship to the job that will pay $75,092 per year, with the Village of Williamsville expected to cover $15,000 of her salary in a shared-services agreement between the two governments.

Winship was hired as the village’s director of community development when Amherst Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa was the Village of Williamsville’s mayor.

Kulpa said Winship will focus on economic development and redevelopment in her new post.
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White House Microwave Confirms That Trump Said “Shithole”

Satire from The Borowitz Report

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A microwave oven that was present at last Thursday’s contentious White House meeting on immigration has confirmed that Donald J. Trump did, in fact, use the word “shithole,” as has been reported.

The microwave, which Trump uses to heat up popcorn, pizza rolls, and a variety of other snacks, offered its account in an official statement released on Tuesday afternoon.

“As a microwave oven in the Oval Office, I am in a unique position to hear what is said by the President in all of his meetings,” the microwave said. “There is no doubt in my mind that he used the word ‘shithole’ in the way described by Senator Richard Durbin and others.”

The microwave said that it had no partisan axe to grind in making its statement but was coming forward merely as a “concerned appliance.”

Minutes after the microwave’s statement, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, sneered at the oven’s assertion that it was impartial in the debate over immigration. “Like most microwave ovens, it came from another country,” she said.

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