How to Win the Lottery?

Dreams of winning the lottery comes to the mind of the million of hopeful people looking for an instant win to become a millionaire. We all have dreamed of what we would do if we won the lottery. Buy a car, house, quit your job, charities and take care of the family are the most common statements made by lottery winners.You see lottery software on how to beat the lottery advertised throughout the Internet. Does this software provide an advantage or just give you a glimmer of hope? How to beat the lottery is statement that is heard throughout hallway conversations of the lottery jackpots such as Powerball or Megamillions. Can the lottery really be beaten or is there just no possible way for a random number game to be beat? Statistical evidence has proven that the odds of winning the lottery are impossible. But for some of around 20-50 a year the lottery pays off even with the odds that are projected by Powerball and Megamillions.

To dream is great, but realistically winning the lottery jackpot is near impossible. However, there's a very slim chance that you could beat the lottery and win on pure luck by having 6 correct numbers. People always say that you are wasting your money playing the lottery, but the view I have is that I'm getting a slim chance to win and if I don't win the lottery I'm giving to a good cause because most states that have a lottery system give …

2011 Betting Picks for Women's World Cup Semi-Final

Sweden +130 vs. Japan. I like Sweden in this matchup over the Japanese. Sweden took care of business in their quarterfinal, and continued their undefeated run including a win over the United States. Japan came in as big underdogs to the host nation Germany, but somehow fought out a tough win in overtime. However I believe their cinderella run won't last long. I think the Japanese side will be too emotionally drained and over confident after beating one of the tournament favorites. Look for Sweden to keep the unbeaten streak rolling into the finals.

USA +100 vs. France. This game was a much longer thought process when determining which line I liked best. I settling on USA +100 because I believe had it not been for Abby Wambach's late heroic header, the US may have been eliminated due to a referee (which is debatable but still where my opinion stands). Due to this, I think the US is going to come into this game with the mentality that they are going to put this game in no ones hands but their own. The French do have a fast and high powered offense, but the American's midfield is going to be able to keep up with the French, disallowing a lot of distribution to their speedy forwards. And after all, Hope Solo is in the goal for the US, who in my opinion is the best goalie in the tournament.

The games are scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at 12:00pm …