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Reality TV: Has it Become a Form of Gambling

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Reality TV shows have become a fact of life. If you watch any TV, you will have at least one favorite reality show. They range from man versus man (or woman) in physical contests, to skill contests, to job skills to weight loss. The current crop of reality shows – including the high-dollar game shows that are put on during prime-time, such as like Deal or No Deal, 1 vs. 100, Set for Life and the singing shows – have a very similar theme. How do we as a network get you the viewer to pay for our show so that we get to keep all the advertising dollars?I first began to wonder about these shows when reading the play at home games that many of them have, such as Deal or No Deal where you can text in a guess on your cell phone for a fee of 99 cents and have a chance at the lottery drawing at the end of the show. I may not be the brightest light in the lamp but if they have 50,000 people or more text in this has got to be a money maker. The text underlying company just made $50,000 in less than an hour. The show has to be sharing in this profit and 50,000 participants is probably pretty low.

This type of game has the appeal of the lottery. When taken to the next level those numbers become great for marketing the very products to these …

If My Lottery Dreams Came True, Here Are the Five Ways My Life Would Change

Winning the lottery would be a dream come true. I’m a simple person with simple values so though a win like that would probably change my life in major ways, I would do my best to stay grounded. Thinking of going from rags to riches immediately brings to mind at least ten different ways I could spend my lottery winnings. First and foremost I would make sure to make a generous contribution to my church to show my appreciation for God and all the blessings He has brought to my life, including the big win.In addition to this contribution, I would set aside an amount of money that would be available for me to help others with. Rather than making a large donation to one or two charities, I would help in smaller ways so I could touch more lives. For instance, I may pay an electric bill for a friend one month, give a an unusually large tip to a server at a restaurant, pay for a stranger’s coffee or meal, or pick up the tab for someone’s prescription at a drug store. Hopefully by helping out in a small way everyday I would inspire others to pay the kindness forward.

Next, I would pay off all of my debt and my immediate family’s debt. I would be able to breathe easier and sleep better at night knowing that I no longer owed money for student loans, car payments, credit card debt or a mortgage. I don’t need a …