Financial Betting – the Best Chance You Have to a Life of Financial Freedom

The recent global economic crisis has seemed to narrow one's access to stock investments, steering those with limited funds clear from dreadfully volatile market highs and lows. Today's times seem to deny traders from committing to long-term investments that may only eventually yield to losses. A more rational move today is to engage in short-term trades and minimize losses by staking little, if at all, personal funds. But can one really gain by gambling a few eggs and putting them tentatively in many different proverbial baskets?During these times when traditional businesses offer only meagre hopes at ever attaining success, Financial Betting may be a good option towards your financial freedom.

Through a wagering system called financial Betting, a person is allowed to engage in the activity of buying and selling shares of stock without having to own them. In other words, during the most opportune moment, Financial Betting allows a trader to wager on the direction towards which the value of these shares of stock, commodities, currencies, and other similar financial products are heading. The Financial Betting trader will necessarily have to diligently "follow" a certain stock share or commodity or team (in the case of sports Financial Betting) to make a good wager.

A number of Financial Betting companies exist in the market today. Their role in the industry is to forecast the standing of a share or other financial product at a point in the future. A trader registered with a financial Betting company makes the final decision …

I Won the Lottery – in My Dreams

I have never earned enough money in my life to be able to save for my retirement, and now at 55 and poorer than I have ever been in my life, I can’t afford to save enough to scratch the surface of what I need to be able to live comfortably when I retire.Financial planning experts would tell you to put away that $5 a week into a retirement fund, but in reality, what is $5 a week going to get me in say 15 years?

With the way that costs are increasing, and the number of retirement savings plans plummeting in value due to the economy, or crooks like Bernie Madoff, I believe that we are better off playing the Lottery instead.

By doing this, chances are we will lose. Of course we know that. However, since $5 a week would make precious little difference to our savings in 15 years, we both consider buying a couple of Lottery tickets a good investment.

Just imagine if we did win, even half a million pounds or dollars? Even a million is not a lot these days, but it could make a huge difference to our lies nevertheless.

If we did win the Lottery, we would definitely try to invest our winnings, and to live off just the interest, leaving our nest egg intact for our future, and for that of our children and grandchildren as well.

Hard to believe I know, but I wrote a poem about this…

My retirement