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How Does a Non-gambler Pass Time at a Casino?

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Recently I was invited to take a trip to Atlantic City with a friend who had first class accommodations and got royal treatment wherever she went. I soon learned this was because she often frequented resorts where there was gambling and that she definitely played in the big leagues.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed a paid-for airline ticket, being picked up at the airport in a long black limousine, and having every need attended to before I even had to ask, I found myself bored on the nights she spent six or eight hours pumping bills into slot machines.

Not having the funds to take advantage of massages and other special treatments, I swam, went to the gym and walked around taking in the sights.

But still, after dinner, when the pool was closed and the free shows over, I found myself at a loss.

For awhile, I was content just to watch her gamble. She inserted a lot of bills we never saw again, but every so often hit just enough to break even. Watching how the casino personnel handled big wins- those that paid out more than $1,200 in one a roll- personally at the machine instead of making the guest go to the cash-out window was a new and exciting experience for me.

But watching $20 bills slide into the machines with a chance they’d be lost wasn’t my cup of tea. My family finances were in shambles after my son lost his job and I started paying …