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The Illinois Lottery Crowns Its First $1,000 a Week for Life Winner!

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Every now and then, when I go and fill my car up with gas, I like to treat myself to an instant win lottery scratch card. These can range anywhere from $1 a card to over $10 a card. It’s always fun to think about what I would do if I won the big bucks. If I were to win big, I would give enough money to my family to help make their lives easier to support and then give the remaining money away to charities worldwide overtime. My favorite instant wins are the $500 ($1/game), $1,000 ($2/game), and the $2,500 ($5/game) cash for life cards. If you win, you can decide to either take a lump sum or the prize money weekly for life. Can you even begin to imagine how convenient it would be to have a nice big check coming in the mail every single week without ever working for it?
In May, Jose Garcia of the northwest side of Chicago and Dan Kaiser of Machesney Park, the first cash for life winner, each found this out by winning the $500 a week for life game. Now, as of June 1st, 2011, there is another winner who is going to know just how great this will feel. Congratulations go out to Chicago’s Elizabeth Wilson! This single-mom is the winner of the Illinois State Lottery’s $1,000 a week for life scratch off card. According to the Channel 5 News,, Elizabeth Wilson will “keep on giving” with her …

Win New York Lottery

New York lottery fans are in luck. The rest of this year is going to be fabulous for you. You might as well get your shopping bag ready. This type of luck is rare to come by. This is like shopping and getting paid at the same time.

I am talking about the New York lottery number that is set to play. This number could HIT any moment. You cannot miss this opportunity. The potential payout is huge. New York numbers pay upwards of 500% on $1 straight winner. You cannot get that type of opportunity very often.

You might have missed some of the winners in this group. The trend started on 7/10/2011 with number 968. That number played straight. I do not expect you to win it. I do not because I cannot in good conscience give you any prediction unless the trend is in place.

New York numbers in this article refers to pick 3 or what some states might call Cash 3 and Play 3.


I am only concerned about making sure that you win the money coming your way.

New York lottery results.

The New York lottery results are dropping this group so close together that you are bound to save some money. The potential of winning in a relatively reasonable amount of time based on history is good.

I can say that because the next winning New York lottery number in the group that dropped were 757 on 7/15/2011. That would be less …