Plantation Lottery

What is to be done about the plantation glorification situation? Perhaps we need to rethink that whole scenario and do some radical revamping. During an eight-hour drive from Atlanta to Cocoa, Florida, I came up with a possible solution. This new law would be called Proposition 1492.First, we would compile a list of all homes throughout the country that housed people who owned slaves at any time during the history of the colonization of this continent. This would include all homes, not just the scandalously opulent plantation mansions. Each house would be assigned a number.

Next, there would be a lottery. Anyone could participate and one person would receive one ticket, no exceptions. Each lottery ticket would be assigned a house number. For example, a three-bedroom house in Eufala, Georgia could be H1. A certain number of lottery tickets would be assigned per square yards of that house. Perhaps the house has 1500 square yards and we had decided that there would be one ticket per 300 square yards. That would mean that five people would be given given lottery tickets for house H1.

Each homeowner would be notified that their house was chosen for the lottery. They would be given two options: receive the price the house was worth in 1865, or have it taken under 'eminent domain.' Eminent domain would work in this situation as the lottery is for the good of the people as a way to cleanse our country of these reminders of past atrocities.

There …