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NBA Draft Lottery: Raptors Should Take Point Guard

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The NBA Draft Lottery was held on Tuesday night and the Toronto Raptors walked away the winner. You will have to forgive the teams GM Brian Colangelo for not doing cartwheels or shouting at the top of his lungs. Unlike in years past there isn’t that franchise changing we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing at the top of everyone’s draft board. Instead of Lebron James and Yao Ming we get LaMarcus Aldridge and Tyrus Thomas. Although no one is sure what Colangelo or any of the other general managers will do, here’s what the teams with the top ten picks should do.1. Toronto Raptors. The Raptors should go unconventional and draft Uconn point guard Marcus Williams. Think about No one really knows whether or not Aldridge or Thomas or Italian import Andrea Bargnani can play, also you already have two pretty good big men in Charlie Villanueva and Chris Bosh. What you need now is some one who can get them the ball. Williams is a pass first shoot second point guard, who is not yet a great shooter but has the size to post up smaller point guards.

  1. Chicago Bulls. The Bulls should take the No.2 pick, package it with Luol Deng and Tyson Chandler and propose a trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Garnett. The only question is would Kevin Mchale be naïve enough to take this deal, and he might be. If Garnett wants to be traded then the Wolves should honor that for the years

Ohio Store Clerk Wins $1 Million in Lottery

According to the Associated Press, a 32 year-old BP store clerk named Kristina Schneider bought the last Magnificent Millions lottery ticket in the North Canton, Ohio, store she was working. She had previously joshed about the last lottery ticket on a roll being a sure winner. And this time, it was no tease. Kristina Schneider came to work on Friday May 18, 2007, and left work a millionaire after purchasing the last lottery ticket on a roll. Sounds so simple, doesn't it?But it almost didn't happen.

Prior to purchasing the winning ticket, the Associated Press reports Kristina Schneider encouraged one of her BP store customers to buy the remaining Magnificent Millions lottery ticket. The customer had already bought three of the lottery tickets at a cost of $10 a piece, for a total of $30. So understandably, the customer replied to Schneider's suggestion by saying he could not afford the last $10 ticket.

Luckily for Kristina Schneider though, she could afford to shell out the $10 required for the last chance at a magnificent million dollars. Upon realizing she had actually won the $1 million grand lottery prize, Schneider says she had to shut herself in the store restroom from being sick over the shock of winning. And I imagine she is not the only one who felt like upchucking after realizing the last Magnificent Millions lottery ticket actually was the grand winner. It is easy to see the "if only" thoughts making a mad run through the customer's head …

Betting on Sports the Intelligent Way

Mankind has been betting on sports for thousands of years. The ancient Romans would gather around the Colosseum and trade sports betting advice while waiting to see if their chosen gladiator either won or lost. Winning could mean winning enough to feed their family for an entire month. But losing could have horrible repercussions, depending on how much they put up to bet.Modern man continues to rely on betting to win money, lots of money. The potential for large rewards with sports betting is tremendous. By relying on powerful sports betting systems, you can easily turn $1000 into $10,000 if you place the right bets. Not only is it profitable, but sports betting is also fun and lets you indirectly participate in a game. You can either go to a live bookie, or register for a free online sports betting account.

Nonetheless, betting on sports is an extremely risky hobby. No matter whether you prefer betting on sports online or in person, you must know what you are doing to be successful at it. Achieving consecutive wins mandates more than mere instinct. You must have a tremendous passion for the sport, be knowledgeable about different teams and players, and have one hell of a sports betting strategy. This means that you must really study the sport and learn everything about it, inside out. Formidable knowledge combined with strong sports betting systems marks the difference between the winners and the losers.

The most common mistake made in sports betting is spreading …