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What to Expect If You Win the Lottery

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Over the past five years when I hear people talking about what they would do when they win the lottery fromĀ bandar slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan it gives me a little chuckle inside. Most people immediately think they know what it would be like and have most of their winnings accounted for. They believe they would be set for life and not have a care in the world. The sad fact is they have absolutely no clue what is to come their way if indeed they won a large sum from state run lotteries.I use to be a nursing assistant that worked in a nursing home making $11.00 an hour. Sometimes I would work sixty hours a week just to make enough to pay bills. My husband was a long haul truck driver who was only home three days a month. We missed each other greatly. We were hard working but narrowly getting by.

In the spring of 2004 my husband broke his ankle coming out of truck terminal in Dallas, Texas. He was shipped home to mend his broken bone. Our income was drastically cut. We were in major turmoil over finances. Bills were piling up quickly.

One day in June of 2004 my husband drove me to work. Payday was only one day away. We had five dollars left in our pocket. On the way home my husband bought a scratch off ticket. Then is when it happened.

An hour after I started my nightly grind at …

New York State Lottery: Your Odds of Winning on an Instant Win Scratch-Off

The New York Lottery raises billions of dollars a year – much of it going into the coffers for education purposes. Aside from knowing your well earned money you're spending is being spent for a great cause, another gratifying sensation is taking your coin (or whichever object you prefer), scratching off that instant win scratch-off, and actually making some money to fill your own pockets. But, in reality, what are your chances of even winning on a scratch-off to even pull even?Truthfully the odds are stacked against you when it comes to even breaking even on a scratch-off. Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme – keep looking, you'd have a better chance going to a casino and trying your hand at some card games.

There is an array of different instant win scratch-off games in which the New York State Lottery sells – each of them attractive in their own ways from advertising hefty jackpots to eye-catching colors that'll make any avid gambler tick inside – even moderately. In this array of scratch-off choices there are different amounts in which these games cost ranging from $1 to a promising-looking $30 scratch-off.

Here's a list of the scratch-off games (from cheapest to most expensive) and their overall odds of winning. Please note that this list's data comes directly from the New York Lottery's website located at

($1) – Amazing 8's: 1 in 4.96
($1) – $500 A Week for Life: 1 in 4.84
($1) – Bonus Bucks: 1 in 4.94…