3 Weekend Escape Ideas: City, Surf, & Gambling

When you are burnt and you just need to break out for the weekend, there are a multitude of ideas for your weekend escape dollar which can be both rejuvenating and refreshing. Depending on where you live, how far you’d like to travel, and what you’d like to do, you have so many choices. Here are three different vacation ideas in three distinct areas which you can use for your weekend escape ideas.Broadway/Manhattan/Times Square: One of the most relaxing things anyone can do is get a room right in the middle of the center of the world. Times Square can be a trip but if you’re looking for a weekend escape package and you live locally, jetting in to New York City for a weekend getaway can be a thrill. Especially if you are going to be making your way to the Big Apple during off-peak season (after the winter Holidays is a real good time) you may be able to snag quite a deal. Another good idea when visiting Manhattan for a weekend escape is to wait up until right before you’re going to leave and see if you can’t call the most expensive, best hotel you’ve never been to (Marriott Marquis, W Times Square) and see if you can’t shake a better deal out of them. Don’t call the 800 number; call the hotel directly. Of course make your reservations at your usual haunt and get hip to their cancellation policy. Who knows? You could be sitting 50 floors up the super-fast elevators at the top of Manhattan.

Malibu: If you are on the other coast or more inclined to enjoying the ocean, visit Malibu California. Head on over to the Malibu Beach Inn and let yourself be pampered by all the resorts amenities. Malibu Beach Inn is facing the Pacific Ocean so you will be lulled to sleep by the sounds of aquatic bliss. Turn off your cell phone, hang up your keys, break out your flip-flops, and even wear that embarrassing beach-wear; it doesn’t really matter in Malibu; you’ll actually be in good company. Malibu is still subject to some of the bustle of Los Angeles, but if you can come during mid-week or during their slow season, you may just be able to truly escape from your ordinary worries and get Zen with the beach life for a while. As an added bonus you can just sit out on the patio or on some of the nearby rocks and watch actual whales swimming 20 yards out; remarkable!

Las Vegas: If by getting away you mean lose all your money; Las Vegas is calling. The one thing that’s good about Las Vegas is you can really have it all; you have constant action, pimped out hotel rooms, live entertainment, great food choices, and still you can relax! Whenever I am in Las Vegas I tend to gravitate towards the MGM Grand. Home to gambling, nightlife, restaurants, plush rooms, (currently) Cirque du Soleil, and Studio 54 among many, many other things, the MGM Grand is a great place for you and a sweetheart or you and some mates to party like rock stars and still show up for work on Monday morning.

Getting away once and a while helps keep you sane. Consider these three options for surf, city-life, or gambling for your next weekend escape.





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