Westwood Not Eligible For Public Hearing. It’s a Violation Of The Amherst Town Code

Amherst Planning  Department Director Eric Gillert has made it clear that the Westwood Rezoning and PUD application, which is on the Planning Board agenda for their March 16 meeting, is in clear violation of the TOWN CODE LAW but he won’t do anything to remove it from the Planning Board agenda.
Jim Tricoli

The Planning Board agenda for March 16 has, as its first order of business, a public hearing on the Westwood rezoning and PUD application.
The agenda does indicate that the item will be adjourned.   However, the project is scheduled for a public hearing, nevertheless.   This action is totally inconsistent with the requirements of Town Code Section 203-8.   Town Ordinance provides that only COMPLETE applications are afforded public hearings.

Westwood had previous public hearings in November 2016 and January 2017 in violation of the law because they too were INCOMPLETE.

The Planning Board agenda for March has been developed in direct contravention of the Amherst Town Code and must be changed.

It would be permissible and acceptable if Westwood were on the Planning Board agenda under “Unfinished Business,” not subject to a public hearing.    To do otherwise is a blatant violation of the law and a monumental disservice to the public.
Judy Ferraro

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