How the Jolly Boys Rip Off the People of Amherst

June 8, 2018

Summer is coming fast. Soon Old home Days will be upon us. I have written several articles trying to find out more about the Jolly Boys, the group that sponsors it.

I have tried to track down the paper work which is needed to use Village of Williamsville property for those 4 days in July.  The only permit the Village had was one sheet of paper which was 90% blank. This group doesn’t pay any taxes because it has “Not For Profit” certification. The money they make from running Old Home Days and other events goes to charity. I have inquired about what charities, groups or people have receive money from the Jolly Boys. Basil Pizza, one of the public faces of the Jolly Boys, said he would get me the list of what charities the profits of their events go to.  What I have received so far is – nada!

This group of people, who call themselves the Jolly Boys, has many important, influential people on their rolls who exert pressure on our politicians and others. Dr. Weinstein, our ex Supervisor, has called this group “our own secret society” which has power and money to be a negative force in our town.

When a family goes to Old Home Days with their kids who want to go on the rides, how long does twenty bucks last? Maybe an hour. I have asked some of the public faces of this group if they could lower the price for rides for children. No way, has been their reply. They need every cent for all the charities they give money to. The charities they won’t identify for me.

Old Home Days draws people not only from Amherst but many neighboring towns. It is a good time for most people especially those who stop by the infamous beer tent. There, money is made for the good old Jolly Boys, hand over fist.

It’s clear to me that any group who refuses requests to show what they do with their money has something to hide. It is important to see the permits they sign for this event. Do the Jolly Boys pay the Amherst police for the overtime they spend  providing protection for the people at this event, guiding traffic and other numerous things which may occur at this event?

The Jolly Boys think it’s a joke that they are referred to as a secret group.  They really are a threat to the running of our Town and Village governments because of the members who are in this secret group, deep inside, not the public faces we see as members of the Jolly Boys.

Come on boys.  Time to open up the windows and let some light in.  Let the public know what you do with your funds that you say are going to charity.

written by: James Tricoli, editor of

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