Responses to “Westwood Not Eligible For Public Hearing. It’s a Violation Of The Amherst Town Code”

  1. John Snyder says:

    Think about it folks. A small group of Westwood neighbors would like all of us to own Westwood and make it a park close to them. Our money their benefit.

    We all got reassessed and many went up. Taxes will go up. They will go up even more if we are required to buy and pay for Westwood to become another park.

    When Westwood is finally developed it will add to our tax base to spread the increasing costs of inefficient government.

  2. Political Insider says:

    John it must be nice to be on the Mensch payroll. First a large majority of Amherst residents are against the plan. Second there is a plan in the works to acquire the property and bring it back as a golf course. Last but not least remember were you heard it first, Sanders Popowhich and Spoth are bought and paid for on this project. They are going to vote for it. ABSOLUTELY.

  3. John Snyder says:

    Politico – If there a majority of Amherst residents who don’t mind paying more in taxes to support another park, prove it with petitions and a resolution on the next ballot.

    Second, members of The Westwood were very bright and successful people. They tried and could not make Westwood break even. What group will risk money to try again? Hopefully not taxpayer funded.

  4. Aaron says:

    John, Your default, reflex position is always to be a shill for Mensch, defending the indefensible. The tax ruse is old and obviously has not worked. Look around you.

    If you can go beyond your shilling mode, you will notice the story is about not following town code law. I see that as a real exposure of illegal tactics being practiced by people supposedly representing the common folks. Looks like the preference is to make up their own laws to push through agendas of cronies at all costs, even their own reputations. Does anyone trust these same people with Imagine Amherst? Where are the lawyers?

  5. John Snyder says:

    Aaron and Politico: I couldn’t care less about what happens to Westwood as long as it is with PRIVATE money, and NOT another taxpayer funded project! You guys need charity from government? Got PRIVATE money?

  6. William says:

    John, stick with the subject matter. Right now it is the corruption and disregard of Town Law that should override any concern of yours of who pays for a golf course.

    It does look like the people of Amherst are getting bamboozled by the people collecting paychecks from them. That should be your concern, John, and every other tax-paying citizen in Amherst.

  7. jjtric says:

    The Westwood project isn’t anywhere near finished. It will take at least two years to clean up the contamination of mercury, radiation and other nuclear waste that spread through the entire Westwood area. The Mensch group should stop submitting their project until it finished.

  8. Dan Ward says:

    Westwood is but the latest in the long destructive development dances by the builders and developers in Amherst – in complete derogation of local laws, rules and regulations…and the neighbors be damned. The developers want all the high end and profitable advantages of a large, well to do, populous town in which to do business, but then want to operate like they were in some rural backwater where there are few people , and less that care. But in the end, the buck (or buck$) stop at the Town Board – all this villainizing various appointed officials is nonsense – they all take their orders from the Town Board, directly or by a wink and a nod. Go after the electeds !

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