Primary Candidate Ken Smith’s Platform For The People Of The 146th Assembly District

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1.   Replace School Property Taxes with the stock transfer tax.

2.   Term Limits for all elected officials  -  no more than 2 terms.

3.   Increase Social Security Benefits by 25% to be paid by a sales tax on Wall Street.

4.   Interest on day-to-day Savings Accounts should be 5¼%.

5.   All New York Government Spending on Projects and Services should be done using New York State manufactured goods and New York State service providers.

6.   Bring back Steel Manufacturing to New York State.  Steel is used to build roads and bridges.

7.   Create good paying 40 hour a week jobs by bringing manufacturing jobs to New York.

8.   Eliminate tolls on the Thruway.  Gasoline taxes should be dedicated to highways and not going into the general fund.

9.   No unfunded mandates made by New York State on local governments.

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The Race Between Steven Meyer and Ken Smith is Neck And Neck


I’ve heard State Assembly candidate Steven Meyer speak three different times.  I listened very carefully and still haven’t any idea what he plans to do for the people of Amherst and Pembroke.  His speeches bring out he’s young and will make changes.  Before I vote for any candidate I need to hear more from Mr. Meyer about his platform.

Meyer’s opponent in the primary is Ken Smith, who took the time to explain his platform.


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According to Andy ~

Andy Borowitz

Rick Perry said today that ISIS may have already gotten into the US by crossing our border with Mexico. So I guess they got into Mexico by crossing Mexico’s border with Syria?

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Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo: Attorney’s Wake-up Call on Fracking — Fight Fracking/Waste in Amherst

David Kowalski
by David KowalskiRe-ENERGIZE Buffalo 

All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy

·     Wake-up Call on Fracking by Attorney who Won Bans

·     Fight Fracking and its Toxic Waste in Amherst

EVENTS: (Web LINKS to Events are in the right sidebar at Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo - Click Here)

  • THURSDAY, August 21, GREEN DRINKS: Networking event for Professionals in the Green and Sustainable fields, 5:30pm-7:30pm, Apartments at the HUB 145 & 149 Swan St., Buffalo
  • THURSDAY, August 21, PUBLIC MEETING: Amherst Planning Board on Town-wide Fracking Ban; Public may Attend and Present Comments, 6:30 PM, Town of Amherst Municipal Building, 5583 Main St., Williamsville
  • August, 26, 2014, MEETING: Sierra Club Niagara Group, 7:00 pm, Duns Scotus Hall (Rm.240), DaemenCollege, All are welcome
  • August 27, 2014, PUBLIC MEETING: WestValley Nuclear Waste – Quarterly Public Meeting, Ashford Office Complex, 9030 Route 219, WestValley
  • September 4, 2014, MEETING: Energy & Climate Change Working Group of WNY Environmental Alliance; 5:00pm, The Lobby Bar, 107 Delaware Ave, Buffalo

UPCOMING EVENTS: (Web LINKS to Events are in the right sidebar at Re-ENERGIZEBuffalo - Click Here)

September 21, New York City: Peoples Climate March – Demand Action on Climate Change, host Sierra Club Niagara Group, *Reserve your seat on the bus to NYC now!

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Eternal Flame Draws Crowds to Orchard Park

eternal flame Chestnut Ridge

Increasing numbers of hikers, scientists and even a crew from a TV show are visiting Chestnut Ridge Park to glimpse the ‘world record’ Eternal Flame.

The wisp of fire flickers in a hollow behind a forest waterfall. The once-obscure marvel known as the Eternal Flame, located on a shale creek bed in Chestnut Ridge Park, is attracting increasing numbers of admiring hikers, scientists and even a crew from a new, yet-to-be-named Travel Channel show about unusual places.

More people have been coming to see the waterfall flame since research published last year declared it a “world record” natural gas “seep,” or leak, for the high-concentration ethane and propane – about 1 kilogram of gas a day – released from shale somewhere beneath the crack.

With visitors like the Travel Channel crew, geologists and world travelers making the trip to Orchard Park, the Erie County Parks Department has made the half-mile trail more accessible. A big sign, about two years old, marks the trailhead at the Corral parking lot on Route 277. New pictures of little flames mark the trees along the path so people can find their way down steps and over roots to the creek bed that leads to the flame.
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If Elected Officials Can’t Do Their Job As Their Records Shows There Should Be No Pay Raise, No Re-election

Erie County Seal

Mark Poloncarz is paid over $108,000.  During this man’s time in office four little children were brutalized and died.  Mark controls the Social Services Department.  Instead of accepting any pay raise he should give any money he may receive to the families of the four dead children.

One of the most important jobs in the Social Service Department was created after 2 of the children were murdered.  The job is the Inspector General position.  Instead of putting a person who was experienced and knowledgeable about the SS system, he gave this high paying, important job, to one of his best friends who did not have those qualifications.

Mark is the only Erie County Executive ever who told the people and the press he was going to hold a fundraiser in Syracuse at The Orange Club.  He came back with no money from his “fundraiser” because there wasn’t a fundraiser.  He did return with two large monetary gifts from two men totaling $35,000 which he had to return because it was illegal.

Thomas B. Howard, our Erie County Sheriff, did a very poor job running the Sheriff’s Department.  Every time a citizen turns around a prisoner escapes or is killed in the Erie County jail.  Howard is a loser.  If he deserved a raise it would only be for time on the job.  He should retire.

There are some hard working people in Erie County who do deserve a raise but not the two men I mentioned above.

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Golf Course History Review


Our golf courses have a history of unethical men running them.  For many years there were various men who took home more green than the green grass of the courses.  One man formed a special group of Town leaders who played golf and would meet at his girlfriend’s house where his golfing friends would go over to party and enjoy other adventures.  All the booze and other types of enjoyment were payed for from the golfing’s revenue.

One year the entire amount of money earned from renting out golf equipment and greens fees, was given to a worker to take to the man who ran the course.  This money disappeared, never to be seen again.  The man who ran this corrupt organization was finally arrested and fined.  No jail time.

The man and his son left town on his boat.  If he had stayed in town he would have had to name the local leaders involved, and this list was huge.  The only local politician who wasn’t a member of the group was Dan Ward.

I would speak at the Town Board meetings informing the Board of the man’s criminal actions.  I would tell them how we lost money at our courses and each year I would be told that our courses actually made a profit!  I put in a FOIL request for these reports but received only air.

I’m no hero but my exposé made me very unpopular with many politicians and that holds to this day.

Written by James Tricoli

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Coppola Wants CSEA, PEF Union Reps on Roswell’s Board, “Before it’s Too Late”

by Matthew Ricchiazzi

Senator Al Coppola, the Democrat challenging Republican Mark Grisanti, is pledging to introduce a bill that requires that the presidents of Roswell Park’s three largest unions be appointed to the institution’s board of directors upon being elected by their membership. The labor unions include the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) locals 303 and 315, and the Public Employees Federation (PEF).

Upon his election in 2010, Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded that Roswell become “operationally independent” of the state within two years. The institution was put on a long road towards privatization when it was removed from the State’s Department of Health and spawned into a new public benefit corporation in the late 1990s.

The last four years of cuts have devastated the institution, which has seen the elimination of entire departments in a series of layoffs and budget cuts. At the same time, Cuomo forced even more concessions on the unions — introducing a new Tier 6 — with fully watered down healthcare and benefit offerings that targeted the hardest working families among us.

Senator Coppola thinks we need to get back to Tier 4.
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Fighting Words from Rick Perry

AUSTIN (The Borowitz Report)—Lashing out at what he called the “Soviet-style” tactics of the indictments against him, Texas Governor Rick Perry said on Tuesday that the government had “grossly overstepped its traditional role of mandating trans-vaginal ultrasounds.”

Speaking to supporters in Austin, Perry blasted the indictments and called for a return to an era of limited government that focuses on requiring gynecological procedures.

“We are living in dark days indeed when the state of Texas is spending time and money probing its officials instead of its women,” he said, to thunderous applause.

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Amherst Again Considering Privatizing Its 3 Golf Courses


The Town of Amherst is once again considering privatizing its three public golf courses in hopes of cutting costs and stemming mounting losses.

Amherst officials on Monday agreed to seek proposals from private companies interested in operating and managing the Audubon Golf Course at 500 Maple Road, its companion Par 3 across the street at 475 Maple, and the Oakwood Golf Course at 3575 Tonawanda Creek Road.

Revenues generated by the three courses simply have not kept pace with what it costs Amherst to maintain and operate them, said Councilmember Guy R. Marlette.

Amherst’s Youth & Recreation Department currently operates the golf courses, while workers from the Highway Department maintain the grounds. Amherst wants to keep its rates reasonable – $23 for a round of golf at Audubon and another $10 for a cart – but operations routinely run at a deficit.

Over the past 10 years, the town saw a net loss of more than $2 million – or an average of $202,000 a year – running its three public courses, with losses ranging from $21,500 in 2004 to as much as $375,000 in 2010, according to figures from the town’s Comptroller’s Office.
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