AMHERST, N.Y. — For six years, Cutting Edge Sports Training has called the Northtown Plaza on Sheridan Drive home.

“I have become attached to this facility,” owner Joseph DiPietro said. “As you can see, it’s a home atmosphere here. We love our kids here and we’ve been putting our work in for six years and we’d love to stay.”

On the surface, the idea of a large grocery store chain that specializes in healthy foods seems like an ideal match as a neighbor for the athletic training facility.

“I do love the idea of it,” DiPietro said. “I just wish they would keep me here and keep my rent the same.”

When DiPietro found out Whole Foods planned to move into Northtown, he reached out to the company buying the plaza and developing the grocery store. After speaking with WS Developments, he’s convinced he can’t afford to stay.

“There’s just no way that they’re going to put this money into it and design this like this without raising our rent,” he said. “It’s a given.”
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