by Alan Bedenko

Mazurek’s Financials: A Sloppy Illegal Mess

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Democratic candidate for the 143th Assembly District, Kristy Mazurek, filed her campaign financials almost a week too late. Neither she nor her campaign offered a credible excuse for this delay, which is evidence either of design or negligence.

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You may recall that this person is a cooperating witness into a wide state and federal probe into disgraced political operative Steve Pigeon’s dealings over the years.  This particular Assembly district has seen its last two representatives leave office in a prurient disgrace, and it’s safe to say that ethics and public integrity in Albany are big issues for voters this year.

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The campaign finance illegality of Mazurek’s zombie committee, the “WNY Progressive Caucus” (AwfulPAC), has been well-documented, and it’s safe to say that its record of impropriety was not by accident, but by design. It was set up as the 2013 iteration of the perennial Pigeoning effort; a shady conduit for Pigeon’s dirty money to be funnelled, sub rosa when possible, against candidates endorsed by Democratic Headquarters. It was the point of entry for the May 2015 Preetsmas raids which led to the Michalek conviction, the Pigeon indictment, and whatever more might come down that pike.
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Walmart To Start Selling ‘Ugly’ Produce To Fight Food Waste

inglorious fruits and vegetables

For most, a trip to Walmart isn’t a particularly newsworthy event.

But for Jordan Figueiredo, food waste activist and the human behind the @UglyFruitAndVeg social media campaign, a visit to Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas on Wednesday represented the culmination of more than a year’s worth of work. His mission? Deliver a petition, signed by more than 140,000 consumers, asking the nation’s largest supermarket chain to commit to selling “ugly” fruits and vegetables in an effort to curb food waste.

If selling a misshapen apple or knobby carrot sounds like a risky business move for grocery stores, it’s also an idea that is being embraced by more and more supermarkets around the world. Two years ago, Intermarché, the third-largest supermarket in France, launched a program selling imperfect fruits and vegetables at a 30 percent discount — the program was a near-instant success, selling out completely and increasing store traffic by 24 percent. Other stores have followed suit, especially outside of the United States, with large grocery stores in Canada and England also committing to ugly produce programs.

“The impact that Walmart has on anything that they do, if they decide to do anything, it has ripples,” he said. “They are known as a low-cost leader, so why shouldn’t they be selling this produce at a lower cost?”
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Williamsville Woman Gets Six Months for Stealing $300,000 From Mother

Amherst Police 4
A Williamsville woman was sentenced to six months in jail and will be on probation for five years after stealing nearly $300,000 from her mother between 2012 and 2015.

Sandra Krok, 55, also was ordered to make full restitution of the theft by Erie County Court Judge Thomas P. Franczyk.

Krok, who had power of attorney to her widowed mother, took the money from her mother’s bank account without her mother’s knowledge.

Officials said Krok told them she took the cash to pay college tuition for her daughters. Records suggest she used it to travel and buy “luxury items,” officials said.
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Walk Off Hunger

We have a FREE shuttle bus courtesy of First Student Charter Rental  running from Williamsville South High School from 9am to 3pm!
Look for the sign below in the Williamsville South parking lot for a pick up point!
Register today!!
Every $1 raised helps the Food Bank provide approximately 6 meals!
Walk Details:
  • Registration: $25 for adults; kids 16 and under are FREE!
  • AWESOME Basket and silent auction items such as overnight stays, signed sports memorabilia
  • Check-In begins at 10 a.m. (FREE breakfast provided by Dunkin’ Donuts!), Walk begins at 11 a.m.
  • Following the walk is a FREE festival with complimentary food and drinks, children’s games, activities, bounce houses, a rock-climbing wall and more!
  • Shop at the The Williamsville Farmers Market and stop over at the Glen Park Art Festival after the Walk!
If you are in need of any assistance with the registration or donation process, please contact Jen Hayes at or 716-935-6717.
Hosted by:
Calvary Episcopal Church 
Congregation Shir Shalom 
Food Bank of WNY | 716-852-1305 |

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Hillary Clinton Picks US Senator Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia As Her VP

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First Water Tests From Northern Erie County Come Back Negative

water fawcet

The first round of test results around northern Erie County’s water-supply system came back negative for bacterial growth, the Erie County Department of Health announced early Friday afternoon.

If the second round of tests also come back negative, the boil-water advisory would be lifted for around a quarter-million residents.

Samples taken Thursday from 11 sites were analyzed at the Erie County Public Health Laboratory.

As the second round of tests began Friday morning, a boil-water advisory remains in effect for almost 250,000 residents in the wake of Wednesday’s major water-main break in Amherst.

Results of the second round of tests will be available Saturday afternoon, the health department said.

Amherst Meals on Wheels on announced the agency will provide bottled water with its delivered meals on Friday. The organization delivers meals, which normally include milk or juice, to 220 homebound and disabled clients in Amherst and Williamsville.

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Several Dead in Munich Shopping Center


A massive manhunt is underway in Munich after a suspected terror attack on a city shopping mall where “multiple” people are feared dead.

There was no official casualty report from the scene at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall, but German public broadcaster BR reported that at least six people had been killed. Germany’s dpa news agency reported that police spoke of an “acute terror threat” and “expect multiple dead.”

Munich’s transit system was shut down and police asked people to avoid public places. The U.S. Consulate in Munich echoed that warning, advising American citizens to “shelter in place”. Highways heading out of the city were closed and vehicle checkpoints were established.

“At the moment no culprit has been arrested,” Munich police said on social media. “The search is taking place at high speed.”
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Evander Kane

Evander Kane has been arrested by Buffalo Police.

A statement from police says Kane is charged with four counts of non-criminal harassment and one count of criminal trespass, which is a misdemeanor, in connection with an incident outside of Bottoms Up bar in Buffalo on June 24th.

Police say Kane surrendered this morning, was processed at Central Booking, and issued an appearance ticket.
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BPO Presents Free Performance Tonight at Clarence Town Park

The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will present a free performance at 7 PM Wednesday, July 20, in the bandshell at Clarence Town Park, 10405 Main Street. Excellent opportunities for photos and video exist.

Stefan Sanders will conduct the concert, which features music celebrating the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the 50th anniversaries of Star Trek and the Batman television show, as well as music from Rocky, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and more.

The free event is sponsored by Kelly Schultz Antiques.

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Trump Succeeds in Delivering Speech No One Will Want to Plagiarize

The New Yorker

by Andy Borowitz

(The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump was jubilant Thursday night after accomplishing his goal of delivering a speech that no one will ever want to plagiarize, Trump aides confirmed.

According to his staff, Trump and his speechwriters had been working overtime during the week to create a tirade that was sufficiently bloated, unhinged, and terrifying to discourage potential plagiarists from reusing excerpts in the future.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, said that, right until the hour the candidate took the stage, the billionaire’s writing team was scrubbing the speech of any marginally coherent passages that might prove tempting to plagiarists.

“There was one sentence toward the beginning that had traces of humanity and rational thought,” Manafort said. “Fortunately, we caught it in time.”

Watching from backstage on Thursday night, Manafort and the speechwriters erupted into a flurry of high-fives when it became clear that the speech was the rambling, demented mess they had worked so hard to create. “From the moment Mr. Trump started shrieking and his entire head turned red, we knew we had nailed it,” he said.

Harland Dorrinson, a leading plagiarism expert, shared the campaign’s assessment that the final draft of Trump’s seventy-minute rant was too repellent to entice even the least discerning plagiarist.

“I can’t see anyone lifting anything from that speech unless he wanted to sound totally batshit crazy,” he said.

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