For University Heights Residents, a Year Has Made a World of Difference

UB students returned in force to the University Heights neighborhood Friday, but police were waiting to head off potential problems. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)
UB students returned in force to the University Heights neighborhood Friday, but police were waiting to head off potential problems.

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Friday night, traditionally one of the biggest party nights of the year for university students in the University Heights neighborhood, some things remained the same this year. Some things were very different.

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Thousands of students packed buses at the Amherst campus and traveled into the city neighborhood, arriving as frequently as every three minutes, not every 20 minutes, as planned.

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Once they got off the buses, the students walked the streets, looking for house parties. They found the parties on Winspear Avenue, Northrup Place and Englewood Avenue, as well as some nearby streets.

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But Buffalo police were out in force, and they broke up house parties, dispersing the students.

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Neighbors, some of whom felt besieged last year as they watched the flow of loud students clogging the sidewalks, praised the police presence.
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Trump sparks outrage with tweet about Dwyane Wade’s

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Pence Recaptured After Fleeing Trump Campaign Bus

The New Yorker

VIRGINIA (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “scary moment” and a “close call,” Donald Trump’s campaign officials confirmed that they had recaptured Mike Pence after the Indiana governor attempted to flee the campaign bus in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to the campaign, Pence had asked to stop at a McDonald’s in rural Virginia so that he could use the bathroom, but aides grew concerned when the governor failed to reappear after twenty minutes.

After determining that Pence had given them the slip, Trump staffers fanned out across the Virginia backcountry, where the governor was believed to have fled.

News that Pence had vanished touched off a panic in Indiana, where residents feared that he might return to resume his political career.

After forty-five minutes of searching, however, campaign officials located a bedraggled and dazed Pence walking along Virginia State Route 287, where the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee was attempting unsuccessfully to hitch a ride.

A confrontation that Trump aides characterized as “tense” ensued, after which a sobbing Pence returned to the bus.

In the aftermath of Pence’s disappearance, Hope Hicks, Trump’s press secretary, attempted to downplay the severity of the incident. “This is the kind of thing that happens in the course of a long and demanding campaign,” she said. “Having said that, we’re grateful to have Mike Pence back with us, and we won’t let him get away again.”

Reportedly, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie offered to fill in for Pence in the event that he became unable to fulfill his duties. That offer was declined.

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Calls for Judge’s Removal After 18-Year-Old Sexual Assault Defendant Given Probation

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McDonald’s Has Recalled 27 Million Wristlets From Their Happy Meals

McDonalds logo

McDonald’s, home of the golden arches, gives customers food items which are loaded with junk which is so bad for you but tastes so good people have made it their number one place to dine.

Now, anyone wearing the plastic orange, blue, or green wristlets McDonald is packing in the world renown Happy Meals, have caused rashes and blisters from wearing these wristbands.

So Big Brother McDonald has recalled 27 million of these wristbands which were made in good old ~ CHINA!

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Water Should be Tested in All Areas of the City and Suburbs

lead pipes

The people of our area have always bragged about how good our tap water has tasted.  The EPA tested the water last year and said our drinking water is safe.  They only tested houses of prominent citizens like our Mayor, Crystal Peoples and other well-off people connected to the local government and people who got jobs from the political leaders in our area.

They didn’t test water in the poorer neighborhoods of Buffalo and the surrounding areas.

There is a correct procedure to test water and they didn’t follow it.  They did it their way.

Most likely the lead content in many of our homes overall is above the amount which is safe for people.

Just like the drug industry, the top boys make the big money while you and I are slowly being poisoned to death by the lead pipes which carry our drinking water.

The houses which were tested were people elected to office and people who were given jobs by public officials – like Poloncarz’s little brother.  He was given a job and his water was tested and he’s safe.

Byron Brown’s house was tested.  His water is safe.  It’s amazing how he shows time after time how the public can be lied to, until people start getting sick or die.  Then he blames everyone but himself because he is a lying, weak man with no courage or integrity.

If he cared for the people who elected him he would lead the fight in so many  of our areas which  needs help but then he might make a mistake and not be picked by our Governor for a juicey high paying job like most weakling get if they get their mouth’s shut  when the Governor goofs up on so many projects.

writtn: James  J. Tricoli,

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Donald Trump’s Top Black Strategist In Florida Thrown Out of Trump Rally For Being Black

You just cannot make this stuff up.As soon as you think the Trump campaign cannot get lower and display mismanage they find a few more lower rungs to drop further.

Trump’s outreach to African-Americans has been a disaster on every level

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Eckl’s Lives: Opening Date Set for Landmark Orchard Park Restaurant

Dale Eckl Jr. will be carving beef once again as Eckl’s Restaurant reopens under new ownership.

Eckl’s will live again!

The landmark Orchard Park purveyor of roast beef and other old-school comforts will reopen Nov. 1, according to James Cornell, a real estate developer closing a deal to buy it.

Nothing should change, he said, or as little as humanly possible.

When customers return, they will find Dale Eckl Jr. at the carving station, filling plates with roast beef cut to order. His sister Denise will be greeting customers behind the bar.
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Western New Yorkers Thrive in the West Wing

Elizabeth Allen, Desiree Barnes and Greg Degen are three of the five Buffalo-area natives with prominent jobs in the Obama White House.

If anybody ever yelled “Let’s Go, Buffalo!” in the West Wing of the Obama White House, five people would stand at attention.

That’s how many Buffalo-area natives work within steps of the Oval Office under President Barack Obama.

Three of them help hone the president’s message. Another helps prepare his daily briefing book. And another works with federal agencies to try to keep the government’s technology as modern as it can be.

It’s an unusual situation, to say the least, given that other recent presidents never had more than one or two Buffalo-area natives working in the West Wing at any one time – if that.
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Buffalo Wing Fest Adds 5k, ‘Ninja’ Challenge to Downtown Event

Chicken Wing Festival, returning Sept. 3 and 4 to Coca-Cola Field, will include two physical activities to help burn off those extra wing-related calories.

How about a little exercise with your chicken wings

The National Buffalo Wing Festival, returning Sept. 3 and 4 at Coca-Cola Field, will include two physical activities to help burn off those extra wing-related calories.

The general public will be able to try out obstacles like the ones on TV’s “American Ninja Warrior” as part of the Buffalo Ninja Warrior Challenge, one of the new elements of the wing festival. Participants who have appeared on the NBC show will be on hand competing, and the public can sign up to test their inner ninja, too. Also, children and adults who don’t want to compete can try out the obstacles themselves, said festival founder Drew Cerza.

Also new this year is the Chicken Wing 5k Run, which will be held downtown at 11 a.m. Sept. 4.
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