Amherst IDA Approves Scorecard For Senior Housing Projects

Amherst IDA

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WOW!  Here’s a shocking development (pun intended.)  The Amherst IDA approved a new “development plan”

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The Amherst Industrial Development Agency on Friday approved a “scorecard” for granting tax breaks for market-rate senior housing.

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The Amherst IDA built on the county-wide policy for tax breaks for such projects, which includes nine criteria for what the projects should include. The difference is, the Amherst IDA assigned points to the nine criteria, adding up to 100 points; a project will need to score at least 86 to qualify for tax breaks.

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“This will go a long way toward helping determine where senior housing projects should receive incentives and where they should not,” said board member Steven Sanders.

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Sanders noted a market-rate senior housing project won’t be able to reach 86 points without meeting three of the criteria: promoting “walkable” neighborhoods, following universal design goals during design and construction, and ensuring the project will be at least 50 percent occupied by senior citizens whose income is at or below 60 percent to 80 percent of the median income for Erie County.

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“Basically we’re now, instead of saying, these are things that we think should be considered, we are saying these are things that are absolutely, positively necessary or your project will not qualify,” Sanders said.
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Town Seeks to Negotiate With Mensch Capital

Amherst flag

The Town Board is examining the possibility of negotiating with Mensch Capital Partners to acquire all or part of the former Westwood County Club property to be used as a town or state park.

The proposal stems from a letter by a Brookedge Drive resident, who requested the town be aware of how the planned mixed-use development of the Westwood property could adversely affect neighboring properties.

The property is located at 772 N. Forest Road at Sheridan Drive.

The letter was briefly discussed during the Aug. 17 Town Board meeting. Upon a motion by Deputy Supervisor Guy Marlette, the board unanimously agreed to refer the communication to the Supervisor’s Office for purpose of entering negotiations with Mensch officials.
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A Gathering For Congressman Brian Higgins

Higgins FR

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Keep Westwood Green


Pertinent information gleaned from the Monday night Town Board meeting:

Public Hearing

On the matter of Sheridan Drive rezoning – this item was adjourned until September 8. Hearing remains open; Sept. 8 may or may not be a decision date. The developer/attorney did not present. One gentleman spoke at tonight’s public hearing regarding the deception of the scale of the housing units, and requested depictions that show proper scale be provided.

On the matter of Set Public Hearing Proposed Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan Amendment – will be Sept. 8th. One gentleman spoke (same gentleman) stating that the plan is more than just a guide.

Westwood DGEIS
On the matter of Westwood DGEIS – the town board rejected and sent it back to Mensch; who has 30 days to respond. Supervisor Weinstein stated it will probably be accepted next time, as the town is giving them a “roadmap” to follow of items that need to be addressed.

The town board was very quick to close public expression at the end of the meeting. In fact, they voted to close it before they even voted to open it, then quickly closing it. They asked twice for public comments and no one got up, so they quickly closed it the second time. This did not keep Judy from going to the microphone to challenge/clarify that statement about the “roadmap” made by the Supervisor. Left it at, they don’t know if it will be accepted on Sept. 8.

Unfinished Business
Item DGEIS Westwood – was removed from unfinished business. Receive and File.

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See the Buffalo Zoo Through the Eyes of a Child

A colorful way to see the sights at the Buffalo Zoo.
A colorful way to see the sights at the Buffalo Zoo. 

Gain a different perspective on the Buffalo Zoo through the eyes of a child

The Buffalo Zoo is a hoot whatever your age.

One day last week a group of women were having a blast making jokes about Gorilla gorilla gorilla (seriously, that’s the zoological name for the lowland gorilla). He was sprawled on his back with his feet in the air. “Typical male,” one gal cracked. “Sticking his chest out, sucking in his gut.”

Ha, ha! I joined in the laughter. Then I saw that my little niece and nephew, 9-year-old Barbara and 7-year-old Georgie, were frowning. They didn’t explain why, but I got the idea they sided with the gorilla, that they felt that these strangers and I were insulting him.
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Moss Fiasco a Black Eye for UB Sports

Justin Moss

Two years ago, Athletic Director Danny White fired Reggie Witherspoon as his men’s basketball coach and brought in Bobby Hurley to lift the university’s national profile and help rebrand little Buffalo as New York State’s college sports program.

Two years ago, Athletic Director Danny White fired Reggie Witherspoon as his men’s basketball coach and brought in Bobby Hurley to lift the university’s national profile and help rebrand little Buffalo as New York State’s college sports program.

Hurley was a big name in college hoops, a shiny, recognizable brand. Hiring a college legend raised hope and expectation, while arousing natural concerns that the school might cut corners to win in a hurry.
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David Kowalski

All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy


  • TUESDAY, August 25, MEETING: Sierra Club Niagara Group, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Duns Scotus Hall (Rm. DS 11), Daemen College, Amherst; All are welcome
  • WEDNESDAY, August 26, FUNDRAISER: Clean Air Coalition of WNY, Music by Joey C with Speedy Park, hors d’oeuvres & cash bar. 6pm-8pm, ACQUA, 2192 Niagara St., Buffalo. Tickets $
  • WEDNESDAY, August 26, PICKET: Opposing National Fuel’s Natural Gas Compressor Station to be built in a residential area near the Pendleton school campus. 4:30pm-6:30pm, NFG Corporate Headquarters, 6363 Main St., Williamsville


  • September 12, OPENING & PARTY: ReUse Action: Training opportunities for youth and retail destination for high quality building materials. 9am-4pm at the Guild, 980 Northampton St., Buffalo
  • September 16, LUNCHEON PROGRAM: “Can We Solarize Our County Now? Yes, We Can! Hear How” by  Melissa Kemp of the highly successful Solar Tompkins County Program. 12:00pm, Shorewood Country Club, 4958 W Lake Rd., Dunkirk. Reservations $15 check to Deborah Schwert, 5162 West Lake Rd, Dunkirk NY, 14048; Call 716-366-2218 to attend lecture only.
  • September 17, PROGRAM: “Money in Politics – How can we take back our democracy?” with Zephyr Teachout, guest speaker. Sponsored by League of Women Voters & Sierra Club. Opens 6:30pm, starts 7:00pm, WNED-TV Studio, Buffalo. Free & Open to the Public

Web LINKS to all Events are in the sidebar at Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo Click Here

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Borowitz Bitz of Newz

Andy Borowitz
Andy Borowitz

Scott Walker keeps changing his position on immigration because the Koch brothers keep fighting over the remote.

“Instead of golfing on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama should be back in Washington fixing the Chinese economy.”
— Republican talking point

People are flocking to Trump because they crave authenticity, and he is an authentic asshole.

The truly terrifying thing is that we have now gotten used to the idea of Donald Trump running for President.

Donald Trump is the most efficient manifestation of American democracy circa 2016: instead of a billionaire funding a sociopath, they’re the same guy.

The more enthusiastic voters are about building a border wall, the less likely they are to know where the border is actually situated, a new poll finds.

I’m having a hard time adjusting to Mexicans being the source of all our problems after so many years of being told that gay couples were.

“Every baby is a creation of God Almighty, and as Jesus is my savior, every baby has the right to live,” Cruz said. “Just not here.”

To all those opposed to the government giving people free shit: start by opposing all the free shit the government gives billionaires and corporations, thanks to the tax code.

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Republicans Defend Right to Be Born and Immediately Deported

The New Yorker

DES MOINES (The Borowitz Report)—Eager to shore up their pro-life credentials, several Republican Presidential candidates used campaign appearances on Wednesday to assert that the babies of undocumented workers have the right to be born and then immediately deported.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee sounded that theme in a campaign appearance in Des Moines, telling his audience, “We must vigilantly safeguard the life of the unborn, and, as soon it is no longer unborn, make sure that it leaves and takes its illegal parents with it.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker concurred, telling a crowd in Iowa City, “Every life is precious, and we must protect that life before marching it to the border twenty-four hours later, at the very most.”

Perhaps the most evangelical invocation of the right to life came from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), campaigning in Cedar Rapids. “Every baby is a creation of God Almighty, and as Jesus is my savior, every baby has the right to live,” he said. “Just not here.”

The initial response to the candidates’ statements was somewhat mixed, with some G.O.P. voters complaining that Walker’s twenty-four-hour window for deporting babies was overly lenient.

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Sentiment Building to Deport Nation’s Billionaires

by Andy Borowitz

(The Borowitz Report)—They don’t pay taxes. They circumvent our laws. They get free stuff from the government. They are America’s billionaires, and many would like to see them gone.

According to a new survey by the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, the American people hold the nation’s billionaires in lower esteem than ever before, and a majority would like to see new laws enacted to deport them.

“They come here, take thousands of our jobs, and export them overseas,” one respondent said, in an opinion echoed by many others in the survey.

“They are part of a shadow economy that sucks billions of dollars out of the United States every year and puts it in Switzerland and the Caymans,” another said.

Images of hedge-fund managers arriving via helicopter in the Hamptons this summer have only reinforced the impression that authorities have turned a blind eye to their movements.

“Many of these people should be in prison, and the government is looking the other way,” one respondent said.

Stirring even more controversy is the billionaires’ practice of having babies in the United States and using the nation’s porous estate-tax laws to pass down untold wealth to the next generation.

“They should leave and take their children with them,” one respondent said.

Even after it is pointed out to respondents that some billionaires, such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, have made significant philanthropic contributions to the world, a majority of those polled stubbornly maintained their negative views of billionaires.

“Look, in every group you’re going to have some good ones,” one of the respondents said. “But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the vast majority of these people are destroying this country.”

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