Jerry Schad Weeding Out Members of “His” Amherst Democratic Committee

 The Chairman Of The Amherst Democratic Committee – JERRY SCHAD

Jerry's Pic

I’m having the last laugh.

I’ve received phone calls from individuals in the Amherst Democratic Committee telling me that Jerry Schad, Chairman of this group, has informed his intimate friends he is going to be very selective who will be ‘allowed’ in his Committee.  Many of the regular faces will not be there anymore including members from different parties.

He will be deleting those people who ask questions which are contrary to Jerry’s Democratic beliefs, and those people who ask questions about the Committee which only the leadership should be aware of.

Jerry Schad has gotten rid of some of these people already.  Those he has left in the Committee are his ‘clique’ who will blindly follow his line of leadership.

Written by James Tricoli

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The Mayor Says This Will Not Happen. Have You Heard That Before?

Village of Williamsville

The newest battle between a developer and the people has started.  The battleground is the Hirshfield~Richfield project.  Developers plan to build a three story building which will meet the sidewalk like Mr. Paladino’s hotel at Main and South Forest.  The second floor will be businesses and apartments.

As they reach the end of the project they will include parking in the rear of the building on the Richfield side and continued down the street.

This invasion of our neighborhood is the beginning of the destruction of this neighborhood.  Under no circumstances should developers be allowed to go down neighborhood streets.

I’m a man who believes in the power of the people.  We must not be sweet-talked into allowing this invasion by anyone.

This is our village we must not let it be taken away from us.  We will find legal ways to stop these money people from stealing our heritage, our town.

P>S. The Town Planning Board OK 99 parking spots for this project not 83. There will be 20 apartment and 8 garages for these apartments.

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95 or 83 Parking Spaces? Maybe More Or Less In The Hirschfield Dr. Richfield Rd. Project

Village of Williamsville 3

Last evening I attended the Village Board meeting.  To begin with the Village plans to designate 26 sites/buildings in the Village as Historical sites or homes.  The selection of these places includes various architectural styles.

The one block from Hirshfield Dr. to Richfield Rd. will be the home of a new 3 story building which will have offices or shops in it.  It will also house a row one story high shops and/or offices.

In the rear the building architect Dave Sutton said he will put 95 parking spots.  I challenged Mr.Sutton as to how many parking places there will actually be.  I believe he will have to use the side street of Richfield.

Since both the town and village both own a piece of this property the town has said and written that the top amount of parking spaces will be 83.

One last item:  The Village is buying 3 snow plows.  I think we will need them.

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Rick Perry: ISIS Seeking to Form Tex-Mex Caliphate

Andy Borowitz

AUSTIN – Texas Governor Rick Perry warned again today of the burgeoning presence of ISIS militants in Mexico, arguing that the extremist group planned to erase the border with Texas in the hopes of forming what he called a “Tex-Mex caliphate.” Perry said that President Obama was “naive” in ordering surveillance flights over Syria when ISIS’s real goal is the conquest of Texas. “I do not want to see a generation of Texas schoolchildren forced to speak Islamic,” he said.

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Town Is Buying 3 Snow Plows For This Upcoming Winter

snow piles

The Town Board will be buying 3 snow plows for this upcoming winter.  The prediction for the coming winter calls for plenty of snow.  That might be great news for skiers, snowmobilers and such, but for many it’s not so great.  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a very cold and snowy winter in our area.

New plows will help all of us, those that want to get out to the slopes and trails, and those who simply want to get to the grocery store or Doctor’s or whatever appointments they have in town.

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The Feeling Here is Emphatic: Don’t Mess With Our Timmy’s

tim hortons

Tim Hortons and Burger King are poised to merge.  The prospect of Burger King buying Tim Hortons may not mean much in other parts of the country, but in Western New York, it’s a whopper of a development.

Western New York has a special connection with Tim Hortons’ namesake founder, who was a defenseman for the Buffalo Sabres from 1972 until his death in a car crash in 1974.

This fall, a Sabres-branded specialty location is scheduled to open in downtown’s HarborCenter, complete with tributes to Horton’s life and a retrospective of Buffalo’s history.

So it was no surprise Tim Hortons customers had strong opinions about the future of the company should Burger King’s owner, 3G Capital of Brazil, get its hands on it.

“They’d better never, ever change the coffee,” said Julie LaFontaine, a Tim Hortons customer from North Buffalo.

Others agreed.
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Renovations Completed at Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Buffalo airport

New amenities include three stores, restaurant

If you’ve flown out of our Buffalo-Niagara airport over the past 5+ years you know that the service areas haven’t changed much and were a bit dowdy and dull.  Not so much any longer.

Delaware North Cos. has wrapped up a $3.8 million renovation at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Jet Set, located just past the security gate, is a combination convenience store and newstand. The 2,082-square-foot store sells grab-and-go snacks, beverages, books, magazines and Buffalo-branded merchandise.

Next door is Fifth & Main, a luxury boutique outfitted with high-end finishes and boasting popular designer products such as Vera Bradley handbags, Pandora jewelry and Tumi luggage. The 1,300-square-foot store is expected to do especially well among Canadian travelers, 2 million of whom pass through the Buffalo airport each year.

A second, 1,400-square-foot Jet Set store has been added to the east end of the terminal near the Southwest and Delta Airlines gates.
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Village of Williamsville Meeting Notes

Village of Williamsville

Village Board meetings are always interesting and active.  At last night’s Village Board Meeting the board:
- Concluded public hearings on the final 13 of the 26 total properties designated for historic landmark status. A vote on the properties will be taken after historic design guidelines are completed, likely in September.
- Passed two laws that will make it easier for village staff to enforce high grass, property maintenance and other quality of life issues in a timely manner.
- Discussed the delicate balance between the “event village” culture on Main Street and the need for village residents to have a reasonable amount of quiet time in the summer without bands blaring music.
- Also, look in this week’s Amherst Bee for a letter to the editor from Deputy Mayor Chris Duquin on the landlord registration law.

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The Village of Williamsville Board Meets Tonight

Village of Williamsville 3

The Village Board meets tonight with a work session at 6 p.m. and a regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome! Topics of discussion include public hearings for properties nominated as landmarks as well as public hearings for rezoning. Visit and click on “Village Board” to read the full agenda.

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The Real War in Amherst Has Begun


The Planning Board, or should I describe them for their actions, “Bring me any developer and we will give them everything they want.”

They know full well they are protected by the Town,  ZBA and the police.  The only resource the people have is to check with the state which formed these two boards and try to make changes so the average person has a chance.

It seems there is one avenue we have not explored and that is our Constitution

The people of Amherst must not accept getting slapped in face anymore.

The Declaration of Independence says right in it, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…”

Of course, we don’t govern our nation based on the Declaration of Independence.  Our government is guided by the Constitution.  There is no provision in the Constitution for over-throwing the government.

But the Declaration is precedence. Our government exists only because we overthrew the old one, and it can be done again if need be.

I’m saying we must find out how these two boards, the Planning and the ZBA, were “born,” then we must discern a way to make them operate much more fairly.  I would suggest the quickest way would be to have these two groups elected, rather than appointed.

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