Poloncarz is Feeling Pressure on Term Limits Issue

by Matthew Ricchiazzi

County Executive Marc Poloncarz is feeling the political pressure on the issue of term limits. He has been reluctant to articulate his views on the issue while his political allies, including Legislator Betty Jean Grant, openly oppose term limits.

Legislature Majority Leader Joe Lorigo has made term limits an issue in recent weeks. He is pushing to include a 12 year term limit on all of the county’s elected offices on the ballot for voter referendum.

Observers say that the headquarters faction of the party is comprised of career politicians who would never support such a limit. They think that voters should decide how long a official can serve.
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Board Shelves Plan to Extend Youngs Road

Town of Amherst

Plans to complete a north-south corridor for travelers in East Amherst have taken a detour.

A subdivision will be built in the way, instead.

The Amherst Town Board on Monday rezoned eight acres at Casey and Youngs roads for a 30-lot, single-family subdivision.

The layout of the subdivision precludes the future extension of Youngs, which has long been discussed as an option to help move traffic through the Town of Amherst.

But the majority of the board decided that if the town hasn’t completed the extension by now it’s probably never going to happen.

“It’s a road we’ll never build, on land we don’t own, on wetlands we should never disturb,” said Council Member Mark A. Manna.
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Settlement Reached in Corasanti Civil Trial

Dr. James G. Corasanti, above, and the parents of Alix Rice have agreed on a settlement in the civil trial over her death in a hit-and-run.    (John Hickey/Buffalo News file photo)
Dr. James G. Corasanti, above, and the parents of Alix Rice have agreed on a settlement in the civil trial over her death in a hit-and-run.

A settlement has been reached in the civil trial against Dr. James G. Corasanti brought by the parents of Alexandria “Alix” Rice whom the doctor fatally struck in 2011 on Heim Road in Amherst.

No amount was revealed.

Attorneys at Corasanti’s trial were in court Tuesday morning, along with the jury, amid speculation that the settlement could be near.

Corasanti was not in the courtroom when the announcement about the settlement was made. Rice’s parents, Richard J. Rice and Tammy A. Schueler, were present. They were expected to make a statement later.
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Time for a Change

Ed Rath III

Ed Rath was born and raised in Amherst and attended Williamsville public schools through 8th grade.  Ed graduated from Nichols School of Buffalo and subsequently received his college degree from Syracuse University with a major Political Science and a minor in History.  In 2005 Ed completed the Executive MBA program at Canisius College – Magna Cum Laude.

For the past 20 years Ed had been working in the energy industry in sales, business development and management.  Ed and his wife Amy make their home in Williamsville and have three daughters.

As a well educated fellow Ed could have done any of a number of important things, instead he is a lazy person.  His last name, Rath, made it easy for him to run for a Republican seat on our Erie County Legislature.  His mother and grandfather were in politics.  His mother made connections for him with mostly crooked politicians who were booted out of Congress.  It was simply time for Ed Rath the Third  to win a seat.

Ed has been in the Leg for a long while doing little or nothing for the people in areas he is supposed to watch over and help when problems arise.  He hasn’t helped pass any laws which were helpful to the people of his district.  To be perfectly clear, he hasn’t helped pass any law.

Edward Rath the Third made the decision to not do anything which would bring notice to him.  That’s the way he could keep his seat until the Rath clan could get him a higher office.

Ed doesn’t have the guts to fight against things which are bad for his people.  He is lucky his  district actually believes he is doing positive things instead he doing nothing.  He’s at nearly every social or charitable function but look up his record of what is done for his district.

There is nothing really special above his education.  There are hundreds of people in his district whose education is the same or better then his.  Let’s give one of them a chance to take Ed Rath’s seat.

These are the members of the Erie County Legislature.

District 1
Barbara Miller-Williams
District 7
Patrick B. Burke
District 2
Betty Jean Grant
District 8
Ted B. Morton
District 3
Peter J. Savage, III
District 9
Lynne M. Dixon
District 4
Kevin R. Hardwick
District 10
Joseph C. Lorigo
District 5
Thomas A. Loughran
District 11
John J. Mills
District 6
Edward A. Rath, III

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A Real Re-Birth of Amherst Won’t Begin Until We Rid Our Government of Thieves


The head of Amherst’s Planning Department, Rick Gillert, and the infamous Amherst IDA Director James Allen, must change parts of the town’s Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan before they retire.  Doing so will mean bigger pensions for their pockets.  These two give known and unknown developers freedom to go wild in their development choices.

Our Town Board has been over-generous in giving developers carte blanche as to what they want. The bigger the developer the more gifts of “yes” votes they are assured of.  The money dished out, as well as bonds, make these rich people even richer.  This sucks big time.

The people of Amherst are left to pay more taxes and assessment taxes for water improvement areas and paying off the $75 million to repair our Waste Water Treatment Plant.  These two men have sold out Amherst for their personal benefit, for the good of their future retirement.

Add a third person into this mix, Tom Ketchum, Head of the Engineering Department and also in charge of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  These three are a deadly mixture for Amherst.

These three individuals advise Supervisor Weinstein on who should be on the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals. These two Boards must be dissolved because of their deep disregard for the people of Amherst and the deep love they have for major developers.

Jim Allen is the ugly monster who consistently tears money out of our pockets.  Allen keeps two sets of books.  As head of the Amherst IDA he has keep two sets of books for years.  One is for officials the other for his personal profit.

As soon as we replace these men with fresh faces who are not yet spoiled, Amherst will start to see a clean rebirth which the people of Amherst can share in.

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The making of Hillary 5.0: Marketing wizards help re-imagine Clinton brand

Hillary Rodham Clinton, with Bill Clinton in New York after the the funeral of former New York governor Mario Cuomo (D) on Jan. 6, has added marketing experts to her team of advisers.

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton a McDonald’s Big Mac or a Chipotle burrito bowl? A can of Bud or a bottle of Blue Moon? JCPenney or J. Crew?

As she readies her second presidential campaign, Clinton has recruited consumer marketing specialists onto her team of trusted political advisers. Their job is to help imagine Hillary 5.0 — the rebranding of a first lady turned senator turned failed presidential candidate turned secretary of state turned likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.

Clinton and her image-makers are sketching ways to refresh the well-established brand for tomorrow’s marketplace. In their mission to present voters with a winning picture of the likely candidate, no detail is too big or too small — from her economic opportunity agenda to the design of the “H” in her future campaign logo.
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Williamsville Village Board Meets Today

Village of Williamsville

The Williamsville Village Board meets Monday at 6 p.m. (work session) and 7:30 p.m. (regular meeting) at Village Hall, 5565 Main St. All are welcome!

You can see the agenda for both meetings on the Village website.  Click HERE.

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Silver Laundered His Money in Buffalo?

Sheldon Silver1

Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s indictment came down Thursday. Turns out there’s a deep Buffalo connection to his scams: he parked $100,000 at a Buffalo company called Counsel Financial Services. Almost $400,000 more sat at another called JoRon, registered in the Buffalo offices of Z80 Incubator Labs. That’s Queen City bigwig Jordan Levy’s place that just got a cool million and a half from a taxpayer fund controlled by Governor Cuomo. Hmmmm.

A dozen Buffalonians working in Silver’s laundry include Former Supreme Court justice Joe Mattina and Paul Cody – he’s president of Counsel Financial. He used to head up JoRon. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, too. Right?
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Obama Says He Even Loves America’s Idiots

by Andy Borowitz

'Since 2009, unemployment has dropped, the stock market has soared, millions of uninsured have gotten health coverage, and Osama bin Laden has been killed. For a man who doesn't love America, our President sure doesn't know how to show it. http://nyr.kr/1B26XG5'

Since 2009, unemployment has dropped, the stock market has soared, millions of uninsured have gotten health coverage, and Osama bin Laden has been killed. For a man who doesn’t love America, our President sure doesn’t know how to show it.

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Giuliani: Obama Had a White Mother, So I’m Not a Racist

Giuliani: Obama Had a White Mother, So I’m Not a Racist

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, in 2012. Mr. Giuliani drew criticism for his remarks about the president at an event on Wednesday.
By Maggie Haberman and Nicholas Confessore

Former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York on Thursday defended his assertion that President Obama did not love America, and said that his criticism of Mr. Obama’s upbringing should not be considered racist because the president was raised by “a white mother.”

Mr. Giuliani’s remarks — made at a New York fund-raising event for Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin on Wednesday night and first reported by Politico— set off an uproar.

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America,” Mr. Giuliani said at the event. “He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up, through love of this country.”

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