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The Fall 2014 version of The Villager, the official Village of Williamsville newsletter is now available.

This is part of a growing effort to keep everyone in the Village fully informed about all of the exciting events and projects that are happening in our Village. The newsletter is available on our website,, or

Please send any questions, comments or suggestions to Charlie Specht, Director of Community Development,

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Couldn’t Make It?

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From the campaign of Steve Meyer for Assembly:

Couldn’t come to our fundraiser? Consider contributing a few dollars today. We are asking all of our supporters to consider giving at least $5 to support this cause with just one week left until the election.

It’s a busy time of year. If you could not make it to one of our fundraisers this past month, please consider chipping in today, even if it’s only a few dollars.

This campaign is about you - Steve refuses to accept any contributions from corporations and their lobbyists, making this campaign more about the community and less about the CEO’s who want to buy government.

If you can give a few dollars today, please click here:

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Buffalo Philharmonic Names Linda Greene as New Second Flute

BUFFALO, NY – After a three-day audition process that included more than a hundred qualified candidates, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra has selected Linda Greene as the new second flute.

Greene served as temporary second flute during the BPO’s 2013-14 season. She has also held positions with Syracuse Symphony, Glimmerglass Opera, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Catskill Symphony Orchestra and Binghamton Symphony Orchestra.

Greene is also an accomplished teacher. She has been on the faculty of Hamilton College since 1986 and was on the faculty of Oswego State College from 1993 to 1998. Since 1979, she has maintained a private teaching studio in Central New York.

Greene earned her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. Her major teachers have included Harold Bennett of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and John Oberbrunner and Deborah Coble, both of Syracuse Symphony.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Buffalo Philharmonic and JoAnn Falletta last year. I’ve made a lot of friends in the orchestra and feel that I’m already part of the team,” Greene said. “One of the things I love about playing Second Flute is being an inner voice, the ‘glue’ between the low and high voices, the intense listening and flexibility it requires. The BPO is a fabulous orchestra with inspired leadership in a vibrant, optimistic city. I’m thrilled to become a permanent member and move to Buffalo.”

The BPO uses a blind audition process. Candidates perform behind a screen for a panel that includes BPO Music Director JoAnn Falletta and orchestra musicians. After two days of screening candidates, the panel selected several finalists and listened to each of them a second time before making their selection. Only upon making their selection do they learn the identity of the person chosen.

“The entire panel was very pleased when it was revealed that we had selected Linda as our new second flute. She made an extremely positive contribution to the orchestra last season, and I know she will be an excellent addition to our orchestra,” said BPO Music Director JoAnn Falletta.

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…the Drone Genie is Out of the Bottle…..

The co-pilot of the airliner told the UK Airprox Board investigation how he believed the remote-controlled quadcopter drone had been flown at the plane 'deliberately' during the incident in Southend, Essex  (file picture)
..the Drone Genie is out of the bottle……

Quadcopter drone ‘deliberately flown at passenger airliner’ over Essex England

  • Plane came within 80ft of colliding with drone as it went to land at Southend
  • Pilot of 74-seater airliner said quadcopter was ‘very close’ to right wing-tip
  • Co-pilot told investigation drone was deliberately flown at aircraft at 1,500ft
  • UK Airprox Board incident report concluded there was ‘high risk of collision

An airliner came within just 80ft of colliding with a quadcopter drone after it was ‘deliberately flown’ at the passenger plane as it flew over Essex, an official report reveals.

The 74-seater aeroplane was travelling over Southend when the pilot spotted the remote-controlled quadcopter ‘very close’ to the right wing-tip.

An investigation launched into the incident recorded the risk of collision as ‘high’, in what is believed to be the first ever near-miss between a passenger plane and a drone in the UK.
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Steve Meyer For Assembly


Couldn’t come to our fundraiser? Consider contributing a few dollars today. We are asking all of our supporters to consider giving at least $5 to support this cause with just one week left until the election.It’s a busy time of year. If you could not make it to one of our fundraisers this past month, please consider chipping in today, even if it’s only a few dollars.This campaign is about you- Steve refuses to accept any contributions from corporations and their lobbyists, making this campaign more about the community and less about the CEO’s who want to buy government.If you can give a few dollars today, please click here:
-=-=-Steve Meyer for Assembly · United States
This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.
You can also keep up with Steve Meyer on Twitter or Facebook.-=-=-

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Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Quarantining Wolf Blitzer


WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Borowitz Report) — Amid concerns that the spreading fear of Ebola has become a greater threat than the virus itself, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans favor a quarantine of the CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

While poll respondents supported quarantining more than a dozen cable-news personalities, including the entire cast of “Fox & Friends,” a full seventy-two per cent gave the nod to a quarantine of Blitzer.

At the Centers for Disease Control, a spokesman said that a Blitzer quarantine was “very much on the table,” and that the C.D.C. had come up with a workable plan.

“Essentially, we would do a lockdown of ‘The Situation Room’ and provide Wolf with food and water until the crisis passes,” he said.

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Discover Everything You Need to Know to Ace the SAT, ACT, and HSPT


Are your children preparing to take SAT and/or ACT tests?  Worried about how they will fare?  You might want to check out this company to see if they might be worth your time and money.  We are simply sharing the following information the company provided as a possible tool to help your child.

All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep is offering a 4-Hour SAT Boot Camp Saturday, November 1 from 10am-2pm, and a 4-Hour ACT Boot Camp Saturday, November 22 from 10am-2pm at Niagara University. These comprehensive review courses are designed to help students improve their SAT and/or ACT scores and get into the college of their choice. Included are classroom instruction, test-taking strategies, testing information, and study materials for only $49.

Also offered this semester is HSPT prep Saturday, November 8 from 9:30am 1:30pm at Niagara University. Rigorous curriculum includes testing strategies, timing, academics, and study materials for $49.

All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep also provides individualized K-12 tutoring, SAT/ACT/Regents test prep throughout Erie and Niagara counties, and TASC/HiTest/GED Home Study throughout the US and Canada.

“We saw the devastation budget cuts are having in our schools and on our students so we created All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep to provide a variety of excellent educational services at very affordable prices. Being parents and educators ourselves, we decided to get involved,” says co-founder Jackie Sheehan.

All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep is a home-based business located in Amherst, NY that provides both classroom and private tutoring to students throughout WNY. Founded in 2013 by local educators Denise Breier and Jackie Sheehan, it employs a team of teachers who consistently provide outstanding service to students and families. To date, over 700 young minds have been enriched by the pros at All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep. For more information, go to Email at Or call/text Denise Breier at (716) 400-2767.

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Poloncarz Sets Record Straight on Comptroller’s False Criticism of 2015 Budget

poloncarz 3

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz has sent a letter to the Erie County Legislature in response to Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw’s false comments in which Mychajliw said the County’s proposed 2015 Budget included a “massive increase in spending” due to “pork and patronage.”  In a press conference held on October 15th, almost immediately upon the issuance of the 2015 Budget (and before the Comptroller had actually received the 2015 Budget), Comptroller Mychajliw attacked the budget and then again in his Review of Major Budget Revenue and Expense Projections which was submitted to the Legislature after the Charter mandated deadline.

Due to the nature of Mychajliw’s claims, the Poloncarz administration believes it is important to correct the record with facts and to provide a rebuttal with data and evidence, as opposed to Comptroller Mychajliw, who failed to provide any evidence to support his allegations.

“As has become a hallmark of his administration, Comptroller Mychaljiw has chosen to make a number of inaccurate statements that mislead the public and the Legislature,” said Poloncarz. “While this may generate the media attention he so craves, it does an injustice to the Legislature as the purported ‘information’ he provides is inaccurate and will be worthless for Budget deliberations. The Comptroller’s attention-seeking and inconsistent generalizations provide no specific details that can be reasonably reviewed or even debated and in the instances in which he makes comments he deliberately omits key details.”

The Erie County General Fund budget for 2015 will be $1.43 billion, which represents a 2.86% or $39.7 million increase in spending over 2014. First, two drivers accounting for $15.5 million nearly 40% of the “Increase in spending” actually have zero impact on the County’s Budget, yet must be included for reporting purposes:

  • ·   $8,758,599 increase in sales tax revenue shared with municipalities.  Although Erie County does not keep this funding, it nevertheless is required to be budgeted and included in the County’s total budget; and
  • ·   $6,712,570 increase in Family Assistance costs for this mandated public assistance program.  This ‘cost’ is 100% reimbursed by the federal government;

By factoring out just these two areas, the actual spending increase drops to approximately $24.2 million or an increase of only 1.74%, which is well below the average rate of inflation noted earlier.

Other drivers of this overall increase in spending include:

  • ·   $8,510,103 increase in salary expense related to union contracts and negotiated step increases for County employees, particularly due to the CSEA contract which was unanimously approved by the County Legislature in 2014.  And, with a large number of these contractual salary increases going to employees within the Department of Social Services with either federal or state reimbursement associated, this figure is also artificially inflated to appear greater than its actual budgetary impact.  Additionally of note, the 2015 Budget actually features fewer jobs than in 2014;
  • ·   $4,953,500 increase in Safety Net Assistance costs for this state constitutionally mandated program;
  • ·   $3,606,852 increase in state mandated costs by the Office of Children and Family Services (“OCFS”) for the State Residential Facility program for Erie County youth placed in OCFS’s custody and care by the family and criminal courts;
  • ·   $2,437,132 increase in debt service payments on the County’s bonds; and
  • ·   $2,000,000 increase in a required payment to Erie County Medical Center Corporation (“ECMCC”) under a 2012 agreement approved by the Legislature.

The above costs total $41,020,408 – above the $39.7 million increase in the County’s 2015 Budget compared to the 2014 Budget. It is important to note that these are all mandated costs and charges, either by the federal government, New York State, by union contracts, and due to legal agreements (such as with ECMCC and local towns, cities, villages and the NFTA).

Additionally and alarmingly, the Comptroller continues to demonstrate his confusion about basic accounting principles, specifically the difference between fund balance and liquidity.  The letter identifies past examples of the Comptroller’s public statements revealing his misunderstanding of these key fiscal concepts, and advises the Legislature on the true nature and role of each in County finances.

“This is not the first time Mr. Mychaljiw has confused these two elementary accounting principles, and his continued ignorance of them should be disturbing to taxpayers and the Legislature as well,” Poloncarz added. “Both cash flow and cash flow borrowing are wholly within the purview of the Comptroller’s office, not the administration. In his short tenure as Comptroller, Mr. Mychaliw has made a habit of not working with the Division of Budget and Management to address financial concerns and issues. Now, his latest report has left me no choice but to correct his errors so that the Legislature has a clear picture of the Budget to begin deliberations.”

Poloncarz concluded, “Finally, the Comptroller’s claim that the 2015 Budget is filled with new ‘pork and patronage’ is another example of his empty generalizations. It is the height of hypocrisy for Mr. Mychajliw to talk about patronage when he’s filled his office with former Republican legislature staff members who have absolutely no background in accounting, finance or auditing while he is actively trying to terminate and layoff career civil service auditors at the same time.”

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Fire or Explosion at Amherst Industrial Complex, One Injured

Fire crews on the scene at iimak at John Glenn Drive. (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Fire crews on the scene at iimak at John Glenn Drive. 

A fire or possible explosion was reported in an industrial complex on John Glenn Drive in Amherst late this morning, Amherst fire officials said.

A person was believed to have been injured but the extent of the injuries was not known.

The incident was reported at the IIMAK, an industrial complex at 185 John Glenn Drive.

It was reported as a second-alarm fire because the building is of an industrial nature.
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“News” According to Andy

Andy Borowitz

by Andy Borowitz

POLL: Americans Worried About Ebola Relatively Unconcerned About Sea Levels Rising and Planet Becoming Uninhabitable Hellhole.

Given their display of competence, I would support giving dogs a larger role in running the Secret Service.

U.N.C. Boosters Outraged That Some Football Players Took Real Classes

CHAPEL HILL – An organization of University of North Carolina football boosters expressed shock and outrage today over a report that some football players may have taken real classes despite the widespread availability of fake ones. “These players attended classes, wrote papers, and took exams,” a spokesman for the boosters said in an angry prepared statement. “The impact of these distractions on their football performance is, to put it mildly, incalculable.” A university spokesman responded to the boosters’ allegations with a full apology: “As a university, it is our sacred duty to protect our athletes from education. We can — and we must — do better.”

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