Now That Fracking is Banned in New York, The Next Fight is Over Pipelines

A series of pipes direct natural gas at a Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co., a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group Inc., compression station in Bismarck, North Dakota, U.S., on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. 

OK.  Gov. Cuomo signed a law that will prevent fracking in our state.  That’s great but it’s not the end of the problem with the gas that is fracked in other states.  New Yorkers, as well as others, can be physically harmed by events surrounding the transportation of this gas.

To the Editor,

I am pleased to see that Gov. Andrew Cuomo, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens and Health Commissioner Howard Zucker have reached a sane and reasoned decision on high volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) within New York state. It is about time someone in government finally put science and public health ahead of corporate agendas and vague promises of “jobs and prosperity”.

However, there is a looming threat just as insidious as HVHF, and that is the threat of gas infrastructure buildout. As gas companies are extracting natural gas in states such as North Dakota, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, they want to move that gas as quickly as possible to export location facilities such as New York City, Cove Point Terminal in Lusby, Maryland, and/or the Iroquois Pipeline to Canada. In order to do this, companies are rushing into New York to build new pipelines or expand existing pipeline routes through the addition of gas compressor stations.
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Merry Christmas

Jesus in manger

Our wish is that each and every one of our readers enjoy a most blessed and peaceful day.  We hope you spend time with loved ones and share the true spirit of the day.

God bless all of you.  Merry Christmas.

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One More Day To Honor Our Maker

Eggertsville MerryChristmas


Yes, today is the 24th of December and tomorrow one billion Christians will celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

To many it’s the last day to shop for gifts for our loved ones or people who deliver our mail, newspaper and help us to do things we can’t do ourselves anymore.

It is a joyous feeling to give gifts to others, but it’s also joyous to receive.

What we must remember is that we must spend time with our Lord and thanking (“him,her”) for our greatest gift of all, our being.  We can do so much good for our fellow man and that would be the greatest gift we could give our Lord.

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A Dozen Companies Express Interest in Running Amherst’s Municipal Golf Courses


As many as a dozen companies have expressed interest in managing and operating the three municipal golf courses in Amherst.

The town met with potential contractors last week to show off the facilities and answer questions before the Jan. 16 deadline for proposals.

Ten people who expressed early interest in submitting a proposal turned out for the meeting Tuesday, while the town has been talking by phone with two other out-of-state companies considering the opportunity, said Mary-Diana Pouli, executive director of the town’s Youth & Recreation Department. That department currently operates the three municipal courses.

“We anticipate getting back five to seven proposals,” said Councilmember Guy R. Marlette. “I think it’s pretty good. Our hope was that we would get at least a few proposals we could look at.”

Revenue from the three courses has not kept pace with what it costs the town to maintain and operate them.

Over the past 10 years, for example, the town saw a net loss of more than $2 million – or an average of $202,000 a year – running its three courses, with losses ranging from $21,500 in 2004 to as much as $375,000 in 2010, according to figures from the town Comptroller’s Office.
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Progress Is Hitting The Village Of Williamsville Fast And Hard


The Village Board of Williamsville has plans to bring our Village into the 21st century.  This Board has plans to make our Village a more pro-active place.  They plan to make our Village similar to “Niagara On The Lake”. There has been much done to our Village already to improve it’s safety and look.

There are plans for developers to build new buildings along Main Street.  There are plans for apartments for the elderly who want to move out of their homes and move into apartments being built by developers.  These homes will torn down and new buildings will spring up.

The old quaintness of the Village will be gone and progress will bring in the vision of our present Village Board and the people who gave their input to the Village Board.

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Sony Has No Plans To Release The Film “Interview” Ever

Sony Has ‘No Further Release Plans’ for ‘The Interview’

Sony Pictures Entertainment has walked out on “The Interview,” deciding against releasing the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy in any form — including VOD or DVD.  Sony Pictures has made official what has been painfully obvious to everybody since yesterday morning, when hackers threatened to blow up movie theaters if The Interview was released next week.

“Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a spokesman said Wednesday.

The studio issued the statement a few hours after pulling the planned Christmas Day release of “The Interview” in response to the hackers who threatened movie theaters and moviegoers if the comedy were released.

By late Wednesday afternoon, the studio had removed any mention of “The Interview” from its official web site. 

The move could open the door for Sony to sell the rights to a rival distributor — though Hollywood is still reeling from Tuesday’s invocation of a possible 9/11-type terrorist attack on exhibitors that screen “The Interview.”

Prior to the decision to pull the film, a Sony Pictures insider had told Variety that the studio was weighing releasing the film on premium video-on-demand. Such a move would have allowed the studio to recoup some of the film’s $42 million budget and tens of millions in promotion and advertising expenditures.
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Village’s Proactive Stance Subject of Mayor’s Speech

Village of Williamsville

On Monday, Williamsville Mayor Brian Kulpa presented the State of the Village address to recount the year’s initiatives and what is planned for the future.

From consolidating water and merging with the Erie County Water Authority to designating 24 local historic landmarks, the Village Board has been dedicated to streamlining processes and preservation within the village.

According to Kulpa, the board also was tasked with finding a future use for the Williamsville Water Mill and recovering some of its value.
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Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks

 Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo listened to a presentation on fracking at a cabinet meeting in Albany on Wednesday.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration announced on Wednesday that it would ban hydraulic fracturing in New York State because of concerns over health risks, ending years of uncertainty over the disputed method of natural gas extraction.

State officials concluded that fracking, as the method is known, could contaminate the air and water and pose inestimable dangers to public health.

That conclusion was delivered during a year-end cabinet meeting Mr. Cuomo convened in Albany. It came amid increased calls by environmentalists to ban fracking, which uses water and chemicals to release oil and natural gas trapped in deeply buried shale deposits.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat who has prided himself on taking swift and decisive action on other contentious issues like gun control, took the opposite approach on fracking. He repeatedly put off making a decision on how to proceed, most recently citing a continuing — and seemingly never-ending — study by state health officials.

On Wednesday, six weeks after Mr. Cuomo won re-election to a second term, the long-awaited health study finally materialized.

In a presentation at the cabinet meeting, the acting state health commissioner, Dr. Howard A. Zucker, said the examination had found “significant public health risks” associated with fracking.
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Warren’s Display of Backbone Threatens Career as Democrat

Warren’s Display of Backbone Threatens Career as DemocratWASHINGTON - What some insiders are calling a "rash display of backbone" last week could endanger Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass)'s career as a Democrat, leading party operatives said today. "She stood up for what she believed in and didn't try to water it down," said Democratic strategist Harland Dorrinson. "That is a serious violation of the Democratic playbook." The strategist said Warren could possibly salvage her career as a Democrat if her advisers dissuade her from having further outbursts of integrity in the future: "Someone needs to sit her down and say, we are the party of Dukakis, the party of Mondale. This is not how we do.”

WASHINGTON – What some insiders are calling a “rash display of backbone” last week could endanger Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass)’s career as a Democrat, leading party operatives said today.

“She stood up for what she believed in and didn’t try to water it down,” said Democratic strategist Harland Dorrinson. “That is a serious violation of the Democratic playbook.”

The strategist said Warren could possibly salvage her career as a Democrat if her advisers dissuade her from having further outbursts of integrity in the future: “Someone needs to sit her down and say, we are the party of Dukakis, the party of Mondale. This is not how we do.”

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Andy’s Bit’z’ of Newz

Andy Borowitz

The budget deal is proof that if our two parties put aside their differences and work together, they can come up with a horrible monstrosity that everybody hates.

Civics lesson: all three branches of government are branches of JP Morgan Chase.

The fact that Elizabeth Warren is an actual Democrat means she will never get the Democratic nomination.

Obama has taken a government that used to be known for torture and turned it into one that signs climate change deals. What is he doing to our brand?

When liberal Hollywood execs are making racist jokes about Obama, that’s a pretty strong sign that the US isn’t post-racial just yet.

Bush: “I would have strongly objected to the CIA’s torture methods if I had been President.”

My conclusion from the torture report is that I wish Bush had taken up painting eight years earlier.

Bush blasted the CIA torture report without reading it, so I guess he’s still strongly pro-torture and anti-reading.

The degree to which Dick Cheney constantly draws attention to himself makes me wonder if he doesn’t realize he’s a war criminal.

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