Music On Main Street Last Thursday Had a Univited A Picture taking Drone.

It happened again last week – at an outside social event – someone was flying a drone around. I complained later to the restaurant it was dangerous and inappropriate, but the restaurant claimed no responsibility, and said it must have been the band’s. I cannot find a contact for the band. This is the exact kind of it-wasn’t -me operation these drones engender. And when/if one crashes into someone or something , there will be no one responsible or legally liable , because no one will ever claim responsibility, and its impossible under the current state of the law to determine who is. There is a greater issue here as well : when social invitees or patrons go to an event , they do not , and should not have to, submit to general surveillance just because the technology is available. There is a privacy right that no one signed off on. This drone was obviously there to take photos or videos, and with facial recognition technology available, every person’s image and identity would have been captured, probably without their knowledge, and certainly without their permission. Is this the kind of world we want to live in ? Where is the remedy for violation of such rights ?

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Time Has Finnally Come For Movement Of Putting The Signal At Maple and Culpepper Rds

The major event at Monday’s nights Town Board meeting was the Town Board is making progress on installing a traffic signal at Maple and Culpepper roads.The town hired Di Donato Associates to perform the design work for the project for $10,700. The Board didn’t give a date when the signal will be working.

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Planning Board Will Have The F racking Law This August.

The Fracking Law will before the Planning Board this August.This will be a good time to come to defend the Fracking Law.

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Business Breaking News : Starbucks Raises Prices On There Coffee Drinks

By Tribune wire reports contact the reporter

The Seattle-based company also raised prices nationally about a year ago.

A small and large brewed coffee will each go up by 10 cents in most areas of the country, Starbucks says. That would bring the price of a large coffee to $2.45 in most U.S. stores.

Starbucks’ new cold-brew coffee will carry higher price
Starbucks’ new cold-brew coffee will carry higher price
Some other coffee sellers are cutting prices. Last week, The J.M. Smucker Co. said it would cut prices for most of its coffee products because of declines in future prices for unroasted coffee beans. In an emailed statement Monday, Starbucks Corp. said coffee costs are only part of its expenses, which also include rent, labor, marketing and equipment.

The statement said the company continually evaluates pricing to “balance the need to run our business profitably while continuing to provide value to our loyal customers and to attract new customers.”


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Pope Hints at Short Papacy

Image: Pope Hints at Short Papacy(Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images)

By Edward Pentin   |   Tuesday, 07 Jul 2015 09:08 AM

 The day before leaving on his weeklong trip to Latin America, Pope Francis told a large gathering of Catholics on Saturday that “a great temptation” is for leaders to believe themselves “indispensable” and that a “time limit” should be set for those with roles in the church.Although he didn’t refer to himself directly, the Pope’s comments, given at a gathering of thousands in St Peter’s Square, reignited speculation that the pontiff may follow Benedict XVI and resign rather than serve as Pope for life.

“There exists a great temptation for leaders to believe themselves indispensable, step by step to head towards authoritarianism, to personality cults, and not to allow the communities renewed in the Holy Spirit to thrive,” Francis told members of the Catholic movement Renewal in the Holy Spirit.

He said this temptation “renders ‘eternal’ the position of those who consider themselves indispensable,” but added that only the Holy Spirit is indispensable in the church and Jesus is the only Lord.

“There are no others,” he said. “A time limit should be established for roles in the church, which are in reality a form of service.” The Pope went on to say that lay leaders need to prepare their successors as it would be “opportune” for all serving in the church to have a time limit. “There are no lifelong leaders in the church,” he said.

In March, Francis told Mexican television he had a “feeling” his pontificate would be brief. “Four or five years, I do not know, even two or three,” he said. He praised Benedict¹s decision to step down as “courageous,” saying the Pope emeritus “should not be considered an exception” and that a “door has been opened” to what he calls an “institution” of papal retirees.

But Pope Francis, 78, has also said that to keep a Pope in charge strictly up to 80 years of age “creates a sensation that the pontificate is at its end and that would not be a good thing.” This has led to speculation that the Pope has every intention of carrying on, but is raising the possibility of resigning in a bid to hasten his reforms while lulling his opponents into inaction.

Last August, speaking to reporters on the papal plane back from Korea, Francis said “our lives are getting longer and, at a certain age, there is not the capacity to govern well.”Posing the question if he would emulate Benedict and resign, he said: “I will pray, but I would do the same.” He then said he felt his pontificate “won’t last long” and that he may have “two or three years” before going “up to the house of the of the Father.”

Inside sources say Francis’ health is poor and in a worse state than he appears. He works tirelessly, takes little exercise, and has brought his doctor and, unusually, an extra medic with him on a grueling eight day, three-nation visit to his native Latin America this week.


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David Kowalski
David Kowalski
All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy


  • MONDAY, July 6, TALK: Pope’s Climate Encyclical – Walk through it with Sister Eileen O’Connor, Member, Diocesan Care for Creation Committee. Sponsor: Sierra Club’s Climate and Clean Energy Writers Group. 6:00-7:30 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church (2nd floor), 695 Elmwood at Ferry, Buffalo
  • SATURDAY, July 11, SOLAR JAM: PUSH Buffalo is hosting a “Solar Jam” with Solar Power demonstrations, Live Music, Roller Skating, Food and Fun. 12pm-5pm, Mass. Ave. Park (between Winter & Lawrence Streets), Buffalo; Visit Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo for details.
  • MONDAY, July 13, MEETING: Energy Committee of the Sierra Club Niagara Group CANCELED. Members are asked to attend the July 6 Writers Group Talk & Meeting

Web LINKS to all Events are in the sidebar at Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo Click Here

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How Many Times Can A Politician Mention His Name?

Ray Walter 1
by Paul Wolf

As an Amherst resident I received a mailing from Assemblymember Ray Walters. It is really incredible the number of name drops Walter’s pulls off in one 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper.

The mailing at taxpayer expense highlights three events the Assemblymember is holding. Somehow in mentioning three events his name is dropped by my count 10 times! Along with three photos of himself.

Clearly the main purpose of the mailing is not to provide information, the purpose is to promote the Assemblymember at a time when he is campaigning for higher office.

It just get’s tiring how being in elected office is primarily about self promotion.

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Reverse Mortgages: Celebrity Pitchmen Aren’t Even the Worst Part

the Fonz
Henry Winkler ~ the Fonz!
For years, there’s been a steady stream of stories laying out what was wrong with the US mortgage market. Now, the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) is out with a reporton reverse mortgages, which allow the elderly to tap into accumulated home equity without selling their homes. Monetization: it’s not just for the kids anymore!

In concert with their report, the CFPB has a good explainer of what exactly a reverse mortgage is. (Hint: “it is a loan”.) The NYT has a good wrap up of the some of the problems with reverse mortgages laid out by the CFPB. For starters, there other, cheaper ways of doing the same thing (home equity loans or lines of credit). Worse, seniors are increasingly choosing to take the lump sum payment to refinance their existing mortgage or pay off other debt. That’s a dire window into the finances of America’s grandparents.

Credit is tight and all but unavailable to many Americans who need it. It would be great if reverse mortgages were an incremental solution to that problem. However, indebted seniors using reverse mortgages to pay off other debts are more exposed to financial risks like unexpected medical bills or home repairs after taking out a reverse mortgage:

While they gain additional cash flow…they lose the ability to use their home equity as a cushion against other major expenses…Reverse mortgage borrowers in their 60s, especially those seeking to refinance a sizeable traditional mortgage balance, are at higher risk than other borrowers of finding themselves with few financial resources with which to cover unexpected expenses or finance a move later in life. Prospective borrowers in their 60s with few other retirement resources may simply be prolonging an unsustainable financial situation by using a reverse mortgage to refinance a traditional mortgage.

Read more…

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Amherst Town Board Meeting Tonight, July 6th, At 7:00 p.m.


There is an Amherst  Town Board meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m.  If you plan to speak you have to sign the sheet before 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in Council Chambers.

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Carli Lloyd Leads U.S. to Women’s World Cup Title in 5-2 Win Over Japan

Carli Lloyd

The history of soccer in America will not be written without this name: Carli Lloyd.

The United States star midfielder scored three times in the first half to vault the Americans to their third Women’s World Cup title on Sunday with a 5-2 victory over Japan at B.C. Place.

Lloyd scored from close, she scored from far and she scored a place in U.S. sports lore for a team that came together beautifully to vanquish all comers and now will stand aside the 1999 team as most cherished ever by a still-growing soccer nation.

The theme of the team has been “She believes” and Lloyd made everyone believe within the first five minutes of the match, redirecting a shot from Megan Rapinoe at three minutes and then knocking in a second goal two minutes later. Lauren Holiday scored on a volley in the 14th minute to make it 3-0, and then Lloyd’s missile from the halfway line sailed over Japan goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori to make it 4-0 in just the 16th minute. The elated roar from Lloyd as she sprinted toward her teammates will be replayed for years and years. She is the first ever to score a hat trick in a World Cup final.
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