White House Says It Is Unpatriotic to Offer Irrefutable Video Evidence That a General Lied


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a stirring defense of Donald Trump’s chief of staff, General John Kelly, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said on Friday that it was “unpatriotic in the extreme” to offer irrefutable video proof that a four-star general lied.

“It is unpatriotic enough to accuse a four-star general of lying,” Sanders told the White House press corps. “But to make available a video that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that that general lied is unpatriotic bordering on treasonous.”

Warming to her subject, Sanders said that any American who sees undeniable video evidence that a general lied and chooses to believe the video “shows disrespect for our country and hatred for our flag.”

“General Kelly has served our country with courage and valor,” she said. “He has earned the right to lie without fear of being contradicted by the facts.”

Minutes after Sanders concluded her remarks, Kelly also received a vote of confidence from Trump, who called his chief of staff “a good liar, for a beginner.”

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Comments: Bad Week for Amherst GOP

Peter Thadious says:

Bad Week for Amherst GOP

Sometimes political candidates just can’t get out of the way of the schemers, connivers, and those who would mislead in order to get what they want. It’s a sort of vortex that swirls in every direction, then just sucks them all in.

We’re witnessing the seamier side of politics this year, especially this past week.

Take the recent candidates’ forum fiasco of the GOP. Watching the way it all played out you know these candidates were wringing their hands mightily (and probably obsessively due to their concern for perception) right up to the moment they called Paul Wolf and told Paul they would not attend, even though they were vying for jobs to run a fairly large local municipality.

A lot of calculating going on there, all for not thanks to the Buffalo News, the Amherst Times and Mr. Tricoli, exposing the Republicans as a bit too shady here – especially the 11th hour cancellation of their participation.

This brings to mind Mr. Joe Heins, the Amherst Republican Campaign Manager. So outspoken and out front early on without a care in the world that people knew his job was akin to a political boss – his candidates were assured a victory, this being Amherst and all, so why not be out front, complete with studio portrait of himself to issue to the press?

Mysteriously, Mr. Klein has disappeared from the spotlight of late, all too revealing since he was everywhere earlier promoting his Republican ticket. He had to be involved in the decision-making concerning not attending the candidate’s forum, and I bet he was there in the aftermath to nurture all the wounded GOP candidates, having egg all over their faces, and all.

It’s just too calculating and in an unseemly way, as well.

While driving the other day I saw my first Joe Spino campaign sign. Immediately, the forum cancellation popped into my mind. Chances are the same will occur next time my car passes another sign supporting Mr. Spino. The IDA press release confirms damage control, more political calculation and political spin. How can one be so young, eager to serve, yet too meek to show up and talk with the citizenry?

When I see advertising for Erin Baker, what comes to mind is connections that could actually hurt the community in favor of her powerful husband and his pals. If you think Guy Marlette is way too political with $425,447 for his campaigns and the resulting very negative development explosion, take a look at the next Guy Marlette: Chances are Ms. Baker is the hoped for creation of a new super politician – surely not a citizen representative. Her campaigns over time could attract MILLIONS!

We need citizens ready to represent EVERY Amherst resident, not just the connected and powerful. Sure some political calculation is necessary, but with the Amherst GOP the calculation is way over the top and that all came out this week, a bad week for them all.

We’ll see what next week brings!
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Jason says:

Don’t be so hard on Joe Spino. It’s a rookie mistake, probably cooked up by the rookie campaign manager Joe Heins who is making a lot lately. Joe S. is just taking orders.

Joe Heins’ big mistake was promoting the Mensch-town-busting development on Westwood, in front of a room jammed with Westwood stakeholders. He let the cat out of the bag way too early. That may be one reason why they are afraid to face a room full of residents asking questions they do not want to answer before the election.

Westwood stakeholders beware the Joe Heins’ team. They are out to serve the Mensches, any way they can. Not you.

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Amherst Town Board Candidate Criticizes ‘golden parachute’ Payment to Former IDA Head

Joe Spino, a Republican candidate for Amherst Town Board, wants leaders of the Amherst Industrial Development Agency to resign for approving eight months of salary be paid to the IDA’s former executive director after he resigned from the post in 2016. (Provided photo)
Joe Spino, a Republican candidate for Amherst Town Board, wants leaders of the Amherst Industrial Development Agency to resign for approving eight months of salary be paid to the IDA’s former executive director after he resigned from the post in 2016. 

A Republican candidate for Amherst Town Board is calling on the chair and vice chair of the town’s Industrial Development Agency board of directors to resign because the board paid the agency’s former executive director for an additional eight months of salary after he resigned.

Joe Spino issued the statement after The Buffalo News reported on compensation paid to top IDA officials across the state and revealed the previously undisclosed payment to James J. Allen. Allen stepped down as the Amherst IDA’s executive director in April 2016, after 36 years in the post, but the board agreed to pay him his full annual salary of $185,248.

Spino criticized the roughly $123,000 payment as “a golden parachute” that is inappropriate for public boards to provide to outgoing employees.
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Could Be the Best Bonfire Our Town Has Ever Seen

Oct. 20, 2017

Image result for photos of a raging bonfire

I am hoping for movement among the people of Amherst to get a fire permit to have a bonfire where anyone could come and throw all those dumb political flyers that have been flooding their homes into it.  I’m guessing it would look really pretty.

The main purpose of the bonfire would be to clean up the lies which are plastered all over those annoying mailers.

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Deadly Stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard Will Get Street Lights

Tonawanda Police on the scene where a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on Niagara Falls Boulevard at Willow Ridge in the Town of Tonawanda on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)
Tonawanda Police on the scene where a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on Niagara Falls Boulevard at Willow Ridge in the Town of Tonawanda on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016.

Street lights will be installed next year along a stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard where five pedestrians have been struck and killed since 2013.

The nearly $1 million project between the towns of Amherst and Tonawanda calls for new lights along the 3.3 miles from the I-290 north to the border with Niagara County to improve pedestrian safety and driver visibility.

The project’s total cost of $935,000, includes $295,000 from Amherst and $640,000 in federal aid. Construction is scheduled to begin in July.
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Proposed Delta Sonic Clears Amherst Planning Board Hurdle

A proposed Delta Sonic that would replace Menne Nursery on Niagara Falls Boulevard cleared a key hurdle at Thursday’s meeting of the Amherst Planning Board.

The Planning Board voted, 5-1, to recommend rezoning the 10-acre property between Niagara Falls Boulevard and Old Niagara Falls Boulevard, north of East Robinson Road, from general business to motor service.

The Town Board gets final say on the zoning change.

Delta Sonic would build a car wash, gas station, oil change building, convenience store and drive-thru restaurant on the site of the nursery, which is moving.
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Plans for Northwest Amherst Community Center on Hold

(Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

Amherst’s supervisor wants to build a community center in Northwest Amherst, but several issues have to be resolved first.

The town and Sweet Home Central School District have identified a possible location on Sweet Home Road, just north of Westwind Lane, but the district-owned parcel contains wetlands. Officials are waiting to see if the state will allow a center to built on the site’s dry portion.

A backup location is in nearby Creekwood Park, but that would require a land swap with the school district, said Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein.

The school district must own the land the center is built on for it to be eligible for state aid, which would cover between 65 to 90 percent of the cost, said Weinstein.
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Courtyard by Marriott in Amherst Sold For $6.5 Million

A Courtyard Marriott Hotel.
 (Sylvain Thomas/AFP/Getty Images)

Rudra Management and Rosewood Hotels has paid $6.5 million to add a Courtyard by Marriott in Amherst to its growing portfolio of hotels, according to a document filed with the Erie County Clerk’s Office.

The Cheektowaga-based group bought the 108-room hotel at 4100 Sheridan Drive, near the Youngmann Memorial Highway interchange, from DelMonte Hotel Group of Rochester.

Jay Patel, the president and CEO, said Rudra made a strategic decision to acquire its first hotel in Amherst and its first in the upper-midscale Courtyard by Marriott brand.

Courtyard by Marriott has 20 years remaining on its lease, Patel said. He said the hotel is in good shape and Rudra doesn’t plan any major investment into the property for at least two years.
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Jaguars Owner: Trump Angry at NFL Because He Couldn’t Buy the Bills

Shahid Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Logan Bowles/Getty Images)
Shahid Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

So, it’s Buffalo’s fault that Trump is so angry with the NFL.  There’s always a Buffalo connection.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan thinks he knows why President Trump has had the NFL in his crosshairs.


“This is a very personal issue with him,” Khan told USA Today after Wednesday’s owners meetings concluded in New York regarding Trump’s insistence that the league’s players should all stand during the national anthem.

Trump attempted to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014, but his bid failed. Khan believes that might be fueling the President’s unrelenting criticism of the widespread player protests during the anthem this season.
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Over 22,000 Take Advantage of Free State Tuition

The Buffalo State College campus.  (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)
The Buffalo State College campus.

One out of every five students receiving an Excelsior Scholarship — New York’s new free tuition program — attends a public college or university in Western New York.

The University at Buffalo, the state’s largest public university, enrolled 1,576 Excelsior recipients in the program’s first year, the highest number in the state. The University at Albany and Binghamton University, respectively, followed with 1,044 and 940 scholarships. In all, the state awarded 22,044 of the so-called free tuition scholarships to undergraduate students at public colleges statewide. More than 4,300 of the awards went to students at Western New York campuses.
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