Cardinal Raymond Burke: Gays, Remarried Catholics Are Just As Sinful As Murderers

Cardinal Raymond Burke

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I have been a practicing Roman Catholic all of my life. When I was a young boy priests put the fear of GOD in me, not the great love GOD had for us.

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When my generation entered our twenties we were filled with confusing truths concerning our faith.  Many of us felt deep guilt concerning sex and love.  It has proven out our generation had the highest divorce rate of any other generation of Roman Catholics.  We were messed up by what we were taught concerning the real love of GOD.

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Cardinal Raymond Burke wants to put in the final spike with his generation of priests who started by putting the fear of GOD into GOD’S children.  Now he tells us that remarried Catholics and gays cannot use confession. That puts them into hell here on earth and leads you to going to hell upon your death.

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Cardinal Burke, when you meet our Lord you will have to explain why you hated his children who needed love not strict, confusing thoughts.  Cardinal Burke you and your legion of mixed up priests did a harmful thing to my generation.

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Cardinal, you should feel guilt for the pain you caused in the minds of young boys and girls.  We had deep guilt about our changing bodies.  The boys tried all kinds of ways not to abuse their bodies.  Your “rules” stayed in our minds and followed us into marriage.  Many experienced disappointment in marriage because of the guilt we learned as children.

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Many marriages dissolved because of the restrictions we developed from your teachings as a young person. Cardinal, you should be on your knees praying to the Lord because you were fully aware of what you were doing to his children.  I believe you are a sick person who is filled with hate.  Thankfully GOD’S love is coming out in the words of Pope Francis.

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Why do so many happy remarried people, so many are good Catholics, have to pay for the sins of the church?

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Cardinal you must stay on your knees and ask for forgiveness from every child you hurt.

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Amanda Knox Murder Conviction Overturned by Italy High Court

Amanda Knox sits before being interviewed on the set of ABC's "Good Morning America" in New York

ROME (AP) — Italy’s highest court has overturned the murder conviction against Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend, bringing to a definitive end the high-profile case.

The decision by the supreme Court of Cassation is the final ruling in the case, ending the long legal battle waged by Knox and co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito. Both Knox, who was awaiting the verdict in her hometown of Seattle, and Sollecito have long maintained their innocence.

The supreme Court of Cassation overturned last year’s convictions by a Florence appeals court, and declined to order another trial. The decision means the judges, after thoroughly examining the case, concluded that a conviction could not be supported by the evidence. Their reasoning will be released within 90 days.

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Why Cigarette Usage Is At Record Lows And Dropping

Smoking has declined dramatically in the U.S.

Cigarettes used to be everywhere in American society. Fifty years ago, 42.4 percent of U.S. adults smoked. Since then, that figure has declined by more than half, reaching a record low 17.8 percent in 2014. What’s more, the rate is still dropping.

How did we reach the point where clouds of smoke a la “Mad Men” look so anachronistic? Several factors combined to yield one of the most successful and perhaps under-appreciated public health victories of our lifetimes. In the article below they list five reasons for the dramatic decline of smoking in American life.
Read more…

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Village Business Leaves In A Hurry

The Great Northern Pizza Shop on Main St. and Evans in the Village of Williamsville closed shop this past March 24, Tuesday morning without any warning.  The employees were unaware the shop was pulling out.

More on this business closing as soon as the facts are available.


Just spoke with a Great Northern representative who shared that the business had been trying to negotiating a new rental agreement with the property owners but were unable to reach an understanding.  No word on whether they will open a new location in the Buffalo/Amherst area.

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Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt is on — rain or shine — for this Sunday!Easter egg hunt

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Indiana Defines Stupidity as Religion


INDIANAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—In a history-making decision, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana has signed into law a bill that officially recognizes stupidity as a religion.

Pence said that he hoped the law would protect millions of state residents “who, like me, have been practicing this religion passionately for years.”

The bill would grant politicians like Pence the right to observe their faith freely, even if their practice of stupidity costs the state billions of dollars.

While Pence’s action drew the praise of stupid people across America, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was not among them. “Even I wasn’t dumb enough to sign a bill like that,” she said.

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Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio

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“Keep Westwood Green”


Up to 35 Million Dollars of your money will pay for the cleanup and development of this industrial?! site.

…Except it’s not an industrial site,
it’s a golf course.

Stop developers’ abuse of government programs and keep Westwood Country Club Green.

Contact your state and town officials today!

facebook logoKeep Westwood Green

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Rumor Has It- Pat Lucey Jr. Will Be Running Against Republican Kathy Kaminski

Rumor has it Pat Lucey Jr is running this year for Hwy Supt vs Kaminski…on the Republican line.

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Should Some Smart Munitions be Classified as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAVs?


More drones ….cool….we can’t manage the ones we have now.

There was one covering the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – I know – I marched in it.  It was about 30′ off the ground, hovering right over the center line on Delaware Avenue, near North. Presumeably filming.

Now, I would be the last person to complain about filming a parade, whether the marchers in it, or the on-lookers watching.  Maybe a better view for people at home who could not make it.  However what would happen if that drone crashed and took out someone’s eye, or caused other serious injury?  Certainly possible given all the amateurs out there.  Do you think the malefactor would step forward and ask to be arrested for assault by drone, or give his name, address and insurance carrier so he could be sued for the injuries?  I think not. We’d have no idea who owned it. Or operated it. Or whether it was insured.

Suppose it was a television station drone.  Would all the area televisions be entitled to have one?  What about amateurs?  Should there be a limit as to how many?  Costs may have limited media helicopters, but not so drones.  They are cheap enough for everyone and anyone to have them.  Will there be any limits? Financial responsibility?  Suppose the drones are armed – will the Second Amendment be extended to cover the right of citizens in a drone militia to bear arms, errh..drones?

Dan Ward

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