Cheektowaga Couple And Their Loved Ones on a Mission to Defeat ALS

Those who support Mike Maloney, seated, include his immediate family, from left, Jennifer Lambert, Ellyn Maloney, Colleen Griffith and Mary Beth Soeder.

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ALS forced Mike Maloney to retire four years ago.

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He was executive director of Fox Run retirement community in Orchard Park at the time, but Maloney had spent decades before working with seniors at spots than included Bristol Home, Niagara Lutheran , Brothers of Mercy and Canterbury Woods.

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“He’s had a lot of experience dealing with illness,” said Maloney’s wife, Ellyn, “which on a humorous note means that he knows exactly what I’m supposed to do and he tells me how to do it.”

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Five women in his life are his not-so-secret weapons: his wife, his daughters – Jennifer Lambert, Marybeth Soeder and Colleen Griffith – and longtime family friend Maureen Myers, who has helped co-chair the Western New York Walk to Defeat ALS twice in the last three years.

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This year’s walk takes place at 11 a.m. Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Afterward, the Maloney clan aims to figure largely in an attempt to break the world record of 882 people to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in person at the same time, a mark set China two years ago. Learn more about ice-water dumping challenge and ALS at
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NY Daily News: Buffalo ‘feels like a city on the cusp of something big’

Buffalonians know the city is making a comeback. But still, there’s nothing quite like hearing it from someone else.

The New York Daily News this week became the latest outlet to sing Buffalo’s praises, publishing a travel story titled, “Once-dicey Buffalo, New York is on the cusp of something big, from its booming city center to its buzzing West Side.”

It was, admittedly, an enjoyable read. Writer Michael Kaminer’s report went beyond the usual clichés of the Buffalo revival story we’ve gotten to know over the last few years. He visited parts of the city other writers usually skip over and didn’t bring up chicken wings until the second half of the piece. (Plus, he did it all without mentioning a certain natural wonder 20 miles to the north, which CBS can’t even go one Bills game without showing.) Good stuff, Mike.

Check out highlights from the story:

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Workshop Will Help Primary Care Doctors Deal With Pain Management Cases

Doctor in Lecture-Hall

Primary care physicians treating patients who need comprehensive pain treatment plans – but don’t have a specialist to turn to – can learn about how to better handle the cases by attending a training program Saturday.

More than a dozen insurers and community organizations are sponsoring the training program for up to 200 primary care physicians and related personnel. The idea is to help front-line doctors gain the tools they need to treat patients in desperate straits.

Saturday’s four-hour training session at the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy is expected to provide assistance to physicians who may soon see patients returning from Dr. Gosy’s practice and other area pain specialists who have closed their doors.

Dr. Paul Updike, director of chemical dependency at Catholic Health Systems, described the training session as a “down and dirty, quick education response” program.
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Flaherty Camp Slams Dem Party Boss for ‘Hypocrisy’


The race for Erie County District Attorney is a real political donnybrook as we all know, as Democrats under Chairman Jeremy Zellner endorsed Tonawanda Town Attorney John Flynn for DA over another Democrat who happens to be the acting district attorney, Michael Flaherty.

But the Flaherty campaign took off the gloves this week and slammed Zellner for what they claim is the “height of hypocrisy” in published remarks for attacking Flaherty for using some of the same paid canvassers to circulate petitions that indicted political operative Steve Pigeon once used in support of past Flynn candidacies.

The Flaherty campaign said in a statement that Flynn has run for eight offices in 10 years— seeking and receiving the support of Pigeon in those past campaigns—and adding that a number of Democratic (ECDC) headquarters backed candidates and officials have received support from Pigeon in the past and that Pigeon’s political operation has received funding from ECDC-backed candidates.

In the case of the petition canvassers, the Flaherty campaign said “these people were temporary paid workers who were not full-time staffers on the campaign, and went to work for other campaigns after their work for the Flaherty campaign. Unlike the Flynn operation, the Flaherty campaign did not pay employees of the Board of Elections or county government to do this work.”

In addition, Pigeon’s Western New York Progressive Caucus received funding from ECDC backed candidate Tim Kennedy to the tune of $85,000, according to the statement issued by the Flaherty campaign.
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Buffalo Common Council Members, Except One, Will Receive $5000 Towards a New Car

new car
The Buffalo Common Council members have complained about how their cars drink up gas, have wear and tear on their tires, and wear down parts on their cars. The only member who was at the meeting,  Lovejoy Council member Richard Fontana had an amendment which excluded him from getting a car.  Daris G. Pridgen wasn’t present.

The deal to get a car says the members must drive 120 days a year to work, excluding to and from City Hall, with their own car.

Mayor Brown hasn’t signed the measure.

Each member of the Common Council makes a base salary of $52,000.


James Tricoli:  Editor

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Pokemon GO Players Get “Poked” For Their Phones

using a cellphone

Cell phones have become gold to thieves.

In Niagara Falls, NY, 6 people in two separate incidents were robbed of their cell phones at gun point.  The police said there were dozens and dozens of people playing Pokemon GO.  The police suggest you should know the area you are playing Pokemon GO.

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TIcket Price to Rise in Buffalo

Parking ticket

Buffalo Common Council has raised the price of a parking ticket to $40, up from $30 dollars.  This will bring in one million dollars more a year.  This is the first increase in ten years.

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Bar Officially Cannot Be Lowered

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—A group of scholars who have been monitoring the descent of the bar over the past few decades have concluded that the bar can no longer be lowered, the scholars announced on Friday.

The academics, led by Professor Davis Logsdon, of the University of Minnesota, published their conclusion after their research definitively found that the bar had finally dropped to its lowest possible position.

“For those who thought the bar still had room to be lowered, our findings resoundingly contradict that assumption,” Logsdon said. “The bar is now essentially flush with the ground.”

Logsdon acknowledged that he and his fellow scholars have come under fire in the past for claiming that the bar could not be further lowered, specifically when they issued a paper to that effect after the selection of the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee in 2008.

“We got that one wrong,” he said. “Clearly, the bar still had a way to go.”

Now that the issue of whether the bar can be further lowered has been settled, Logsdon and his colleagues plan to examine the question of whether there is anything left to scrape at the bottom of the barrel. “Our findings are preliminary, but it appears that the answer is no,” he said.

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Seemingly Decent Human Being’s Involvement in 2016 Election Confuses Voters

The New Yorker

(The Borowitz Report)—The involvement of a seemingly decent human being in the 2016 election campaign left American voters stunned and deeply bewildered on Saturday.

In interviews across the country, voters expressed reactions ranging from shock to total incomprehension at the campaign début of a man who, at first blush, exhibits none of the outward characteristics of a sociopath or clinical narcissist.

Furthermore, the man’s evident failure to be the target of fraud lawsuits, sexual-harassment claims, or federal criminal investigations was, in the parlance of many voters, “weird.”

“He seems like a nice guy, the kind of person you might enjoy spending time with and getting to know better,” said Harland Dorrinson, age thirty-two, who watched the man’s unveiling on TV. “I don’t know.  The whole thing feels like some kind of prank.”

The man’s apparent humanity could spell trouble for his candidacy, as some voters questioned whether he has the capacity for unspeakable evil that is generally considered necessary to win higher office.

“I’m trying to keep an open mind, but I worry about his lack of experience being a dick,” one voter said.

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Planning Director Needs To Resign Now


This is how the bus fiasco began.

The Planning Department needed money to rent a bus to take the Imagine Amherst group to areas of Amherst where they could see what streets were to be made into areas with more buildings.  The problem was, the Planning Department didn’t have the money in their budget to pay for the bus.

So, Mr.Gillert, the Planning Director, decided to get the money from the Youth and Recreation Department.  This is a major no, no.

The Head of the Youth and Recreation Department is allotted $20,000 a year for buses for trips for youth. They submit a schedule of trips at the beginning of the year of how the $20,000 will be spent on trips for the youth. The Director of the Youth and Recreation didn’t know she couldn’t give any of their money to any other department.  The Planning Director, Mr. Gillert, was fully aware of the rules that forbade asking the Youth Group for money, but ignored them.  The Recreation Department did give them the money they needed for the bus.

So, after the fact, the Town Board was told to approve the money taken from the REC. Department to help the Planning Department to pay for the bus.

Bus issue

The Town of Amherst refused to pay for the second bus on July 20th so Mr. Gillert asked a private citizen to pay for the bus.  He plans to do the same for a third bus trip.

There have been no invoices submitted to the town to pay for these trips.

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