Waste Dropped Off In Chili

 Some one ought to advise Senator Mike – that despite his district being his neighborhood , its not ours – who the heck in Amherst is going to truck electronic waste all the way to Chili ???  What a useless notice.
Two weeks ago we had the same kind of drop off at ECC  North, if you do have some waste to drop off you might conider taking it Senator Ranzeholfer’s office. He might take it with him to  Chili.Better still he may give you a can of Chili to eat as you drive down to Chili, N. Y.
 Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer

Dear Neighbor:

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Tomorrow, I am sponsoring an Electronics Recycling Free Drop-off Event to give residents an opportunity to properly dispose of electronic waste:

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Electronics Recycling FREE Drop-off Event

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Tomorrow, Saturday, May 30th

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9 A.M. to 2 P.M.

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Chili Paul Plaza
3240 Chili Avenue in Chili
(Enter off Paul Road)

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You can recycle your old, unwanted electronics, including: laptops, desktops, televisions, cell phones, video game consoles, printers, scanners, and more! Click here for a complete list of acceptable items.

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I am committed to using green practices to positively impact the environment.  This green practice stops hazardous e-waste from going to a landfill.

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I hope that you will join me to do your part to keep our landfills free of hazardous e-waste!

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Mike Ranzenhofer
State Senator – 61st District

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Albany Office:
609 Legislative Office Bldg
Albany, NY 12247

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District Office:
8203 Main St, Suite 4
Williamsville, NY 14221

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New York State Senate seal

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Dennis Hastert Former Speaker Of The House Indicted

Dennis Hastert

“Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to keep a person from the town where he was a longtime high school teacher silent about ‘prior misconduct’ by the Illinois Republican who once was second in line to the U.S. presidency, according to a federal grand jury indictment handed down Thursday.”

Read the seven page indictment. Here’s how the Patriot Act that Hastert helped pass led to his downfall. And the biggest question is what “prior misconduct” was Hastert trying to cover up?

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82-year-old Arrested For Slashing Tires Over Bingo

LAKE WALES, Fla. (AP) – Police have arrested an 82-year-old Lake Wales man for slashing a woman’s tires because he claimed she was sitting in his favorite bingo seat.

WTVT-TV reports Fred Smith was charged with criminal mischief last Monday when police say he took an ice pick to 88-year-old Ethel Britt’s van during a weekly bingo game at the Lake Ashton Retirement Community Club House.

Police say Smith stormed out of the bingo hall and punctured two of Britt’s tires because she was sitting in a chair he usually sits in. Smith was caught on surveillance video in the act.

Lake Wales Deputy Chief Troy Schulze Smith says Smith admitted to the crime and expressed regret. Smith faces having to pay $500 in tire damage and restitution back to Britt.

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Borowitz “Bitz”

Andy Borowitz

I favor closing Guantanamo, then reopening it for politicians.

At this point Sarah Palin would bring much-needed credibility to the GOP field.

It’s hard to have sympathy for the Koch brothers, but my heart goes out to them that they don’t have a better choice of candidates to buy.

Bernie Sanders appeals to a small segment of voters who like their politicians to be honest.

I think the one person who could bring peace to Iraq is Dick Cheney. Well, not really, actually, I’d just like to send him over there.

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Mark Manna Resolultion

Mark Manna3

I’ve submitted a resolution to complete Erin’s Crossing . The family, friends and neighborhood have waited too long and have been held hostage by governmental red tape. Please support our efforts and attend this Mondays meeting 7pm @ Amherst Town Hall

Complete Erin’s Crossing

Whereas the family of Erin Suszynski ,their friends and neighbors have been waiting for 2 years for the town to build Erin’s Crossing

And Whereas the town has completed a traffic study for that area

And whereas the residents pay taxes to and deserve excellent services

And whereas the supports of Erin’s crossing have raised tens of thousands of dollars towards this endeavor

And whereas it will be extremely difficult for the supports of Erin’s Crossing to raise the entire amount needed for the project

And Whereas residents should not be forced to pay a “user fee” in addition to their taxes in order to keep their children safe and have a traffic signal to installed.

And Whereas The residents of Amherst deserve to have the ability to safely cross streets in their neighborhoods,especially where there are playgrounds

And Whereas Erin’s Crossing will provide safety for children to access the playground across the street

Now therefore be it resolved that the Amherst Town Board directs all appropriate departments to begin, continue, or complete all necessary work in order to have Erin’s Crossing completed

Be it further resolved that the town pay all costs of the project

Be it further resolved that as a tribute to Erin’s life and the work her family and supporters have done, and to do everything possible to make sure this tragedy never happens again, that the money raised by the supporters of Erin’s Crossing be used for education of children in that neighborhood, reminding them on how to safely cross busy streets,use the new crosswalk and other tutorial methods deemed appropriate and they will work with the Amherst Police Department and the Traffic Safety Board to accomplish this goal

Be it further resolved that the town departments keep the town board apprised of the progress on this project and submit written updates no less than every 30 days until completed.

Fiscal Cost – TBD
Cost of keeping children safe -priceless

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Sabres Have A New Head Coach

Buffalo Sabres / Twitter
The Buffalo Sabres have a new head coach. The former coach of the Pittsburgh Penquins.  His name is Dan Bylsma.  The Penguins will receive our third pick in the 2016 drafts.

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Why Is Mr. Gillert Keeping Secrets From The Public?


To the public: When I asked for materials so I could understand what the Planning Board was going to discuss at their meeting on the 21st of May, 2015 I was flatly and clearly told NO by Department Chairman Eric Gillert.

This material should be made available to the public because the meeting was a public meeting.  If the material was available it must have been well hidden.  This is not the first time I have locked horns with Mr. Gillert.  Prior to this meeting we disagreed concerning his slanting of reports in favor of developers.

He is not telling the truth.  He said it loud and clear in front of his workers. He wouldn’t give me any materials concerning the meeting of the Planning Board on the 21st of May, 2015.  If the meeting is a public meeting the materials must be made available to the public.

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Village of Williamsville Update

At Monday’s Village Board meeting, trustees passed a new zoning package based on the 2010 Community Plan. Click the link to learn more about the plans, which should chart a course for the future of the South Long area and other areas of the Village.

Village of Williamsville
Question: Why is the village proposing to re-zone properties?Answer: In the Community Plan, residents said they would like to see more options for residential construction, a more walkable Main Street area and the protection of established neighborhoods. The zoning modifications are more in keeping…

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Peoples-Stokes is Looking to Land a Lavish Job at UB, Says Source

A prominent Democrat with close ties to Mayor Byron W. Brown tells me that Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes is angling for a position with the University at Buffalo, in the $180,000 to $200,000 range. Such is the reason that Mayor Brown was recently appointed to the SUNY board of trustees, and why Catherine Collins was recommended to Speaker Carl Heastie for appointment to the state’s board of regents, the source says.

Some political observers say that doing so would be a disservice to Western New York. The Assemblywoman has finally earned some level of political clout with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and within the minority caucus of the Assembly. She should use that clout to deliver state dollars to her district, which is badly in need of over $1 billion in streetscape improvements alone.

Her constituents have been clamoring for mass transit expansion, homesteading programs, quality of life improvements like parks and recreation facilities, in addition to small business development for years. Now that she has earned the political capital, some constituents may demand that she delivers before she departs.

Others, like the opponents of her mayoral control legislation, have begun organizing a political opposition to the Assemblywoman in rapid fashion. They intend to wage a primary challenge largely on education issues. Several career educators are considering the race.

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Photo Shows Chicago Cops Posing Over Black Man With Antlers

Jerome Finnigan, left, and Timothy McDermott, right, with an unidentified man. Photo obtained from court file from the Chicago Sun-Times.

A former Chicago police detective is suing to get his job back after being fired for posing in a photograph with another officer holding rifles over an unidentified black man lying on a floor and wearing deer antlers.

The photograph, which is believed to have been taken between 1999 and 2003, recently was made public after detective Timothy McDermott filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court seeking to rejoin the Chicago Police Department. The photo was discovered during an FBI investigation into police wrongdoing.

The Chicago Police Board fired McDermott in October after finding him guilty of bringing discredit on the department by taking part in the photo, disrespecting or maltreating a person on or off duty, and unlawful or unnecessary use or display of a weapon.
Read more…

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