Canada unveils new speed bump: Optical illusions of children

Officials in West Vancouver, Canada apparently aren’t satisfied with the driver-slowing properties of traditional speed bumps. Yesterday, the town unveiled a new way to entice motorists to ease off the gas pedal in the vicinity of the École Pauline Johnson Elementary School:  A 2-D image of a child playing, creating the illusion that the approaching driver will soon blast into a child.
According to Discover, the pavement painting appears to rise up as the driver gets closer to it, reaching full 3-D realism at around 100 feet. “Pavement Patty,” as the girl in the painting is known, is intended to “give drivers who travel at the street’s recommended 18 miles per hour (30 km per hour) enough time to stop” before running over the fake child, “acknowledging the spectacle before they continue to safely roll over her.”

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