Editorial: Amherst’s Changing Face

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If you are a concerned citizen of Amherst you must have noticed the number of new buildings, particularly hotels and so-called student housing units, being built throughout Amherst.

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What about Eggertsville and Snyder?  Have they become weak ghettos attached to Amherst?  Are they getting the help they need to become healthy again?   These two hamlets have been sadly neglected by the Amherst Town Board.

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The bull**** coming out of James Allen’s mouth, the only leader the AmherstIDA has ever had, is ridiculous.  He says he’s put 90 million dollars into helping Eggertsville and Snyder.  I’d like to see proof of how he spent this money on these two areas.

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Adding more protection to this neighborhood only feeds into the image of an area turning into a place where people moved out because they don’t feel safe.  It’s then that the blood sucking developers buy the vacated homes and what was once a nice place to live becomes run down.  Absentee landlords abound and they don’t care how the area looks.

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Now is the time for the residents of these hamlets to fight back to get more help from the Town and the Amherst IDA.  Little by little Amherst is being becoming a concrete jungle and the quaint neighboring hamlets are becoming run down.

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Written by James Tricoli,Editor and Owner of Amhersttimes.com

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1 Comment

  1. Snyder Man Said,

    May 28, 2012 @ 8:35 pm

    That the Amherst IDA is a disgrace is a major part of the problem facing Amherst in the coming decades. We have seen the AIDA act as pirates and actively raid business and industry from surrounding municipalities. The net gain for region being nothing of course, but is does provide income for the AIDA and its functionaries.
    Now we have the penultimate of all taxpayer ripoffs, the subsidized movement of a mega liquor store from Kenmore to Amherst – all subsidized by town and county taxpayers. And what of the liquor stores owners, small businessmen all, attempting to make a living here? Jim Allen could care less. Net job gains – forget it – these are minimum wage jobs at best.
    A student housing mega plex on Maple Road? You can bet the farm that Jim Allen will be there handing out your tax money to subsidize high density housing that will demand more town police, fire and sewer services, and will not in the end pay their fair share of the tax burden.
    The AIDA needs to be abolished ASAP, and its functions assumed by the county. This closed door, secretive group of land speculators need to just go away. It is a symbol of the days when the Republican Party ran this town like their own private plantation. The savings to town taxpayers in useless, wasteful subsidies, and large overhead costs alone would provide significant financial benefits to the mostly middle class taxpayers of this town. Think of having an extra $250 million in unsubsidized assessments on the town and county tax rolls, and the positive impact that would have on residential tax rates for the middle class.