Barb Nuchereno Running For Amherst Town Judge

Barbara Schwartz Nuchereno

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Barb Nuchereno will be running for Amherst Town Judge in November.  You might find her credentials interesting.  They are an interesting read and it gives you a good idea of who she is and what her background is.

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Williamsville South Class of 1979

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UMASS Amherst, Class of 1983

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Case Western Reserve, Thomas Franklin Bacchus School of Law (Academic Scholarship)

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SUNY  at Buffalo Law School, Class of 1987:  Admitted to Bar  January, 1988 (also DC)

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Private Practice 1988-2000:   Brown and Kelly 1988-1990; Miserendino, Celniker Seegert and Estoff, PC, 1990-2000

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Law Clerk to Hon. Sharon S. Townsend, JFC then JSC 2000-12/31/2011-(Family and Supreme Courts)

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Councilmember, Amherst Town Board, 2010-2013

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Appointed Amherst IDA 2013

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Husband Lou Nuchereno Williamsville South Class of 1980; Branch Manager and EVP of AXA Advisors (AXA Equitable), a financial firm, with a local office of approximately 80 agents located in Williamsville; (previously Border Patrol Agent, US Dept. of Justice)

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3 Children, Casey, Rachel and Ellie

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“Caregiver” to, Azaz and Chaq

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Member Temple Beth Zion

Volunteer Committees: Children’s Hearts Fund, CATS, Jewish Federation Literacy volunteer,  Williamsville Music Boosters.  Williamsville South Wrestling Boosters

Court Experience includes:

Extensive courtroom experience as  both Law Clerk and Acting Referee; Reviewing evidence and writing decisions; Running hearings, Ruling on objections, and making recommendations to  Judge for determination; Referrals to treatment partners; Intra/Interstate and international jurisdictional determinations; Negotiating settlements; Conducting pre trial conferences; Family court subject matter including JD, neglect, custody and visitation, support, jurisdictional matters, Expedited Matrimonial Part including “think” groups for establishing policy and procedure; Integrated Domestic Violence Court; Trained Mediator; Assisted with improving and establishing pro se (non represented litigant) forms to be used throughout the state.

As a Law Clerk to the Supervising Judge of Family Court and the Administrative Judge of the 8th Judicial district (the 8 counties of WNY),   I have had the unique opportunity to participate in the administrative end of managing a Court including but not limited to establishing protocols and procedure as well as having familiarity with the Administrative Offices within the NYS Office of Court Administration.

Private Attorney Experience includes: Research, writing, handling of Court appearances including hearings, motions, and appeals for all matters including primarily matrimonial and family law, but also labor, negligence, other litigation,  contract preparation and review, real estate closings, small estate planning and probate matters, some justice court, small claims.

Town Board Experience incorporates knowledge of budget, grant, personnel and staffing issues, interplay of departments, and procedural matters.

In 2008, I was one of four candidates for a seat in the Erie County Family Court.  At that time, the Bar Association of Erie County issued me a rating of “Well Qualified”.  As articulated by the Bar Association, the candidates in this review process are rated on their integrity, experience, professional ability, education, reputation, industry, temperament, fairness, statutory standards, attitude, punctuality, and knowledge of the law.  The ratings process includes a personal interview with each candidate as well as interviews with lawyers and judges who have had interaction with the candidates.


  1. steve Said,

    February 8, 2013 @ 3:27 pm

    Interesting that while serving almost 4 years on the Amherst Town Board she simply has a one sentence reference. One sentence that basically says nothing, which is pretty much what she’s done

  2. Rob Said,

    February 12, 2013 @ 1:42 pm

    Steve, truer words were never more suscintly spoken concerning Ms. Nuchereno. She, in all my years as a town resident, is the most non-valued added elected official that I can recall. Nothing I’ve observed makes me see any roll up blouse sleeves serious work ethic. The good folks in Amherst definitely will not get value for their dollar.

    This seat on the town court is where she has wished to be from the getgo. All this woman has is a few good connections and friends with deep pockets. She definitely is not a street lawyer with any meaningful courtroom experience.

    God, I hope the Republicans find a worthwhile candidate to oppose this woman, and I’m a Democrat! The people of Amherst, assuming the opposition puts up a truly qualified candidate, better pay close attention on this contest and show up at the polls. Otherwise, as they say, “we will truly reap what we sow.”

  3. NotAgain Said,

    February 13, 2013 @ 6:47 am

    Nuchereno IS the republican’s choice. It’s pay back for her running for town board and her non-thinking yes votes. This will be pretty much a lifetime appointment because sitting judges never get voted off once they’re there. I believe her lack of judgement was apparent with her lack of compassion with a woman who came before the town board who was trying to find a way to rebuild her burned out house. She was very non-accomodating when she and the rest of the board should have been. Seems to disregard people in the real world IMO.

  4. Rob Said,

    February 13, 2013 @ 2:14 pm

    Oops (embarrassedly blushing). I realized after I sent out my quip that I had made a mistake as to her affiliation. Thank you, “NOT AGAIN” for for correcting my mistake, and even more importantly, pointing out another very good reason why Ms. Nuchereno should not be elected to this position.

    Well, all I can say is that if the Amherst Dems, are listening in and really want to get back in the good graces of the town folk and do a tremendous public service they will do their due diligence and put forth a highly capable candidate, a candidate that is for all seasons. A candidate who knows what it is to walk among the people and can deal effectively with the gods at the same time.
    Not someone who only knows what it is like to walk among the Gods and not have clue as to how to communicate with the people. A candidate who is capable of demonstrating compassion, while making sound legal decisions concerning what is required of them when they have to conduct a criminal or civil trial when required, and while I’m building my perfect sundae, not some one who is a, yes man” to our local storm troopers.

  5. NotAgain Said,

    February 14, 2013 @ 4:22 am

    ….and someone who can get enough democrats to vote to counter the republican machine which is holding high cost fundraisers at our town facility. They need to start promoting their candidate massively now! …and explain to the people why their candidate is a better choice … and why it’s important, now!…or it will be a done deal.