Governor Cuomo You Are Only One Can Who Clean Up Of The Political Corrupution


It’s disgusting how public money is used to prosecute political scum who are charged with crimes.  I thought political scumbags were prosecuted by the branch of government they are part of.  For example, if you’re in the State Assembly that would be the group that would do the prosecuting.

It’s shocking for the public to learn that they must pay for these corrupt pieces of dirt to be prosecuted.  When will the government start telling the truth to the people?

Governor Cuomo, you are the man allowing all sorts of political lies flood the public’s mind.  Governor if you plan to be accepted as a viable candidate for President you must really start cleaning up all the crap you want the public to swallow.

Only a fool would believe corruption doesn’t drain from your office down to every public office and to the taxpayer’s pocketbook.

We the people of Amherst want a clean government if won’t or can’t truly helps us,we will not help you.That is as simple as it is. I like to meet with you to discuss how we can help each other.

James Tricoli, Amherst,N.Y.

Editor and Owner of the

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Pope Thinking of Losing Hat

Pope Francis 3

VATICAN CITY – In his latest break with Catholic orthodoxy, Pope Francis said today that he was “seriously considering losing the hat,” the tall ceremonial mitre that has long been a staple of papal dress.

“I know I’m going to catch hell for saying this, but it looks kind of dumb,” he said. “Besides, you expect me to believe God really cares if I wear a big pointy hat or not? Come on.”

The Pontiff said that he would probably “try out some different looks, like a baseball cap or something” over the next few weeks, “just to see what happens.”

“If a lightning bolt comes out of the sky and cracks St. Peter’s in two, then I guess we’ll know it was a bad idea,” he chuckled.
posted by Andy Borowitz

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Fast-Food Industry Rejects Workers’ Demand To Be Considered Human


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a defiant statement, a spokesman for the fast-food industry today lashed out at fast-food workers’ “outrageous and unacceptable demand to be considered human beings.”

Arguing that “granting fast food workers anything beyond a grim, scraping existence would put a serious dent in our profits,” the Fast Food Restaurant Council spokesman Tracy Klugian said. “Considering our workers human would be ruinous to the fast food industry as we know it.”

But Mr. Klugian was quick to point out that the controversy was about more than money: “It’s about dignity and respect—two things this industry has zero tolerance for.”

As fast food workers mounted protests across the country, the industry spokesman urged them to abandon their “reckless quest for human status” at once.

“They have to ask themselves, why did they want to work in the fast food industry to begin with?” he said. “Anyone who walks into one of our restaurants should realize that it’s no place for humans.”

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Courage For Katie

Have you thought about helping someone out who really needs your help?  This is the time of year when most of us try to extend ourselves for others in our world.

The young lady in the poster below is in real need.  She and her family are facing a long, arduous battle in the months ahead and you can make a difference.

Katie’s mom is a teacher at Maple East in Williamsville.  Our prayer is that she and her daughter will be blessed by many who read this and share it.

Courage for Katie

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Protect Amherst Life

Protect Amherst logo

Help prevent Bad Development from affecting the Quality of Life which ALL Amherst Residents Deserve!

In a dedicated effort to combat and cease the continued bad development decisions that negatively affect the quality of life that ALL residents of Amherst deserve, the Protect Amherst Life Association was formed.

We share a local community concern that requires everyone’s attention along with the support of those who will experience future development controversies in the town of Amherst.  “If you are not experiencing a development issue now, you will be.”

We need to unite All of Amherst to combat our individual neighborhood causes – united we stand divided we fall.
This is the only way we will prevent the idealism of “divide and conquer”.

NEWS:  We have recently completed our Facebook page and the launch of our new website.

Please Like Us:!/pages/Protect-Amherst-Life/241653002663515

Please visit our website and join us:<>

Please share this message with anyone you feel would be interested in our cause.

There is great strength in numbers !
Thank you.

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Breaking News


Nelson Mandela has died today at age 95.  He passed about 1:00 pm local time.

His daughters were in London attending the premier of the movie Long Walk To Freedom, taken from the book he wrote.

God bless his soul.

Nelson Mandela, an internationally beloved anti-apartheid, freedom, and equal civil rights activist who became the first black South African to serve as his nation’s President, has died after a series of lengthy illnesses.

Born in 1918, Mandela, who fought racism and bigotry, was elected President in 1994, and served until 1999.

Mandela was jailed for his activities attempting to dismantle the racist apartheid system, and spent 27 years behind bars.

Mandela led South Africa from a nation ruled by a colonial white minority to a nation ruled by democracy. He became a Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 1993.

South Africa’s current president, Jacob Zuma, announced in a televised address that Mandela “passed on peacefully.”

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Poloncarz Notes Sales Tax Receipts On The Rise


While Slightly Below Budget, Executive calls Comptroller’s Panic over Course of Year Unwarranted

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz reported that sales tax revenues continue to be on the rise in 2013 after receiving the latest sales tax receipt information from New York State in which the County has experienced growth of 6.15% compared to the amount last year.  Year-to-date, sales tax revenues have grown by 3.12% over 2012 and are now just slightly below budget for the year.

While this growth is positive, the county executive noted that the Division of Budget and Management is monitoring the sales tax revenue needed to meet the 2013 budget target. Although receipts are still slightly under budget they have steadily increased over the course of the year, making previous criticism of sales tax projections as being ‘overly aggressive’ premature and unwarranted.  Additionally, this good news does not include the majority of fourth quarter sales tax receipts, which, historically based on holiday shopping, is the strongest quarter of the year.

“It is encouraging and positive that sales tax revenues continue to grow, inching us closer and closer to being on budget for the year,” said Poloncarz.  “The steady growth we have seen the last few months, even before the holiday shopping season, is a good omen for the rest of the year and it is looking more likely that even with the usual fluctuations we will be close to or on budget for sales tax by the end of the year.”

Referring to constant criticism that sales tax projections were ‘overly aggressive’ by the county comptroller, Poloncarz added, “Over six years as Comptroller, when it comes to sales tax, I’ve seen it all: from more than 7% annual growth, to modest annual growth, to negative growth during the worldwide near-depression of 2009-2009. Based on my experience, I would encourage Mr. Mychajliw to take a more measured approach in his comments regarding the usual fluctuations in this volatile revenue stream, rather than express dire warnings based on limited and incomplete data.”

The County’s 2013 Budget includes sales tax revenue totaling $720.9 million, of which the County is budgeted to receive $394.6 million and local governments, school districts and the NFTA will receive $326.3 million, providing a critical but unpredictable revenue source for local governments and school districts.

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King, Common Core Come Under Fire In Jamestown

Common core

Shea Munnikhuysen, 13, traveled 103 miles from Wilson to Jamestown on Wednesday to deliver a sharply worded message to State Education Commissioner John B. King Jr.

“No matter how much you dress your agendas up, you are not helping the children of New York State,” Shea said. “You are just using them. We, the children, are confused, and this angers us.”

Hundreds of parents and educators, some with signs that read “Children are not test rats,” filled the high school auditorium. The forum – one of a series of events King is holding across the state – was dominated by speakers who detailed their concerns about the state’s attempts to reform education.
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Hiring To Begin For Buffalo Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

dinosaur bar b q

Many folks have been patiently waiting for months the the Dinosaur to open here in Buffalo.  Hold on.  It’s getting really close now.

It’s so close, you can almost smell the smoke and taste the brisket.

Fans of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que will be one step closer to having a Buffalo location of their very own as the company begins a hiring surge here Saturday.

The Syracuse-based chain will begin accepting applications that day at the Bucking Buffalo, 294 Franklin St., and will take applications there from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Within an hour of the job announcement being posted to the company’s Facebook site, it had 10,000 views.

“People have been asking about jobs since August,” said Bob Baker, a spokesman for Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

The Southern-style barbecue restaurant and biker bar is scheduled to open in February at 301 Franklin, south of West Tupper Street. The opening has been delayed several times, something the company blamed on unexpected construction delays.
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Senator Grisanti To Co-Sponsor “Knockout Game” Legislation


New York State Senator Mark J. Grisanti (R, I-60) today announced he will be co-sponsoring legislation in the New York State Senate that would be the first in the nation to protect innocent bystanders from being sucker-punched and assaulted by gangs, who in many cases are juveniles.
The proposed bill, known as the “Knockout Game Deterrent Act,” would ensure that those convicted would receive up to 25 years in prison, regardless of their age, for sucker-punching and assaulting innocent bystanders.
Sen. Grisanti, who is the first senator from Western New York to co-sponsor this legislation, and is joining Senator Hugh Farley and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco in pushing the bill to combat the growing epidemic of what is being called on the streets “The Knockout Game,” with gangs of thugs in New York and throughout other parts of the country participating in dangerous attacks that have resulted in several cases of serious injury and in some instances even death.
“I find it absolutely appalling that anyone would engage in this type of vicious behavior,” said Sen. Grisanti. “We must send a clear message to anyone who has participated or has even thought of doing this that we will not tolerate these acts of violence. For those who do decide to attack the innocent, this legislation would guarantee serious repercussions for anyone involved.”
The legislation will make any person regardless of their age who is arrested and convicted of individual assault or gang assault by participating in a “Knockout Game” attack will be subject to 25 years in prison and that all juveniles will be sentenced as adults. The bill also calls for anyone who witnesses and takes part in these types of assaults to be held criminally responsible.
“Cowardly assaults on the innocent is despicable,” said Sen. Grisanti. “This legislation is a step in the right direction of protecting the public from being assaulted by individuals who are acting irresponsibly as violent predators. Anyone who represents themselves as a danger to society must face the repercussions of their actions.”

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