Get Well Soon Frank

Frank Max 2

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Frank Max, Chairman of the Cheektowaga Democrats, had a stroke and is being transferred to Sisters hwlpital from St. Joe’s hospital.

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Our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to Frank.

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Poloncarz Announces Modest County Budget Surplus Projection For 2013

Poloncarz and seal

After Designations, Preliminary & Unaudited Results Indicate Year-End Surplus of $2 Million 

Aggressive Management Controls and Unanticipated Revenues are Factors

ERIE COUNTY, NY— Today, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz announced that the County Division of Budget and Management is projecting that Erie County will end fiscal year 2013 with a modest surplus of approximately $2 million following specific expenditure designations to address immediate areas of need. The preliminary and unaudited projections attribute the surplus to a number of factors, including aggressive spending and management controls, the County’s resumption of the In Rem property tax process, and several unanticipated revenues which accrued to Erie County in 2013.

“Erie County residents demand a government that is flexible, efficient, and is a good steward of County resources. These projections show that my administration has once again been able to prudently and effectively manage the County’s $1.4 billion budget and attain a small surplus for 2013,” said Poloncarz. “For the second straight year we have maintained tight spending and vacancy controls, aggressive fringe benefit cost containment, and completed cost-saving measures such as negotiating new collective bargaining agreements which we estimate will result in a very minor surplus of less than 1.0% of the total budget. Along with other fortuitous but unanticipated revenues, these projections continue to reflect realistic budgeting and prudent stewardship of county finances.”

The County’s resumption of the In Rem process and aggressive pursuit of delinquent property taxes is expected to generate at least $5 million in unanticipated revenue in 2013, and, as has been the case for many years due to under-budgeting of expected revenues, the County Clerk’s Office came in $2.1 million over-budget on revenues. Through Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2013-2014 State Budget, the County received $1.9 million in Medicaid-MMIS credits from New York State that was unexpected. In addition, the County received un-budgeted/settlement revenue or payments in the Early Intervention program ($1.8 million), from the City of Buffalo for the County’s administration of the police cellblock function ($838,451), Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority ($720,000) and Jail Management Medicaid ($576,975).

Poloncarz added, “Chief among these unanticipated revenue sources, having Erie County conduct its own In Rem process again has had a tremendously positive budgetary impact while at the same time addressing the problem of neglected housing countywide. The process puts properties into the hands of responsible owners while reinvigorating neighborhoods and greatly enhancing Erie County’s bottom line.”

Factors negatively impacting the 2013 budget include sales tax revenue, which brought in $5.6 million less than budget in 2013 and may have been impacted by a weakening Canadian dollar; federally-mandated additional expense totaling $2.8 million in the Division of Correctional Health; state-mandated spending in the Safety Net program, which came in  $2.4 million over budget; $2.1 million of over-budget spending in the Sheriff’s Jail Management Division along with $784,551 of over-budget spending for Sheriff’s Division overtime; and the County’s required repayment of $705,640 to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) to close the U.S. Department of Homeland Security audit of the October 2006 storm.  Both the Safety Net program and Jail Management overtime accounts had been reduced by the Erie County Legislature in their amendments to the 2013 Erie County Budget.

The County Executive added that due to positive 2013 factors, he will be requesting that the Erie County Legislature approve of several fiscal designations that will provide funds in 2014 to address several pressing matters, including a $7.0 million designation to help pay the County’s 2014 pension payment to the State, and a $2.0 million designation for additional road work, salt purchases and highway overtime expense due to the difficult winter conditions.  “We are experiencing the worst winter conditions in a decade, and it is taking its toll on our highways.  Through the 2013 designation, the County will be able to conduct more road work in 2014 to address the extreme conditions on our highways,” concluded Poloncarz.

The County Division of Budget and Management is working with the Office of the Comptroller to close out fiscal year 2013 and make all necessary accruals and budget entries. When all remaining accounting entries and accruals are posted, the County’s outside independent auditors at Drescher & Malecki, LLP will conduct the annual outside financial audit of the 2013 fiscal year and issue their report in June 2014. The final 2013 surplus number is subject to revision during the audit process and designations must be approved by the Erie County Legislature.

For more information:

On the Erie County Division of Budget and Management, visit

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Ryan Miller Wins First Game With St. Louis Blues

Ryan Miller

Former Sabres goalie, Ryan Miller, played his first game for the St. Louis Blues.

Ryan’ Blues beat the Phoenix Coyotes 4-2.

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Bryon Brown’s a Snappy Dresser, But Does That Qualify Him To Run a School District?

mayor byron brown

When I read Mayor Bryon Brown was considering taking over the Buffalo schools I was confused.  Brown is a graduate of Buffalo State and has a certificate for a course he took at Harvard, but does that qualify him to run a school system?  I think that’s highly unlikely but he could have a nepotism field day.

The Buffalo Schools would become a feeding pot for his friends, future candidates and lobbyists for Brown.

Bryon Brown is sick little puppy who doesn’t want to be seen by the public or talk to the public about anything yet he thinks he can take over the Buffalo School system.  That’s like thinking he could be a teacher because he knows what teachers do.  He went through elementary and high school as well as college.

News Flash:  You don’t qualify to be a teacher until you get a degree in education, and even then you might not be qualified.

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Computer Support Technician Needed

computer expert

The Town of Amherst in Erie County, NY is seeking an experienced professional to serve as a Computer Support Technician (CST). The CST is responsible for installing, customizing and maintaining local area network operating software; implementing and providing support for local area networks; assisting in the training and instruction of local area network users and coordinators; installing and maintaining network cabling systems and evaluating systems software and hardware. The successful candidate must have thorough knowledge of local area network operating systems; good knowledge of local area network hardware and communications software and strong knowledge of PC application software and PC and printer trouble shooting procedures.

Successful completion of a Civil Service Exam will be required at a later date. Amherst residency will be required. Requires Graduation from a regionally accredited two (2) or four (4) year college or university with an Associate’s degree or completion of at least sixty-four (64) credit hours in Data Processing or Computer Science and one (1) year of experience in local area network installation, maintenance, training or programming, or graduation from high school with three (3) years of experience in local area network installation, maintenance, training or programming. Minority applicants are encouraged to apply.

Forward letter of application, resume and three (3) professional references to:

Robert P. McCarthy
Director of Human Resources, Town of Amherst
5583 Main Street
Williamsville, NY, 14221

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The Village Will Have 2 New One-Story Buildings

Village of Williamsville

The Village of Williamsville will have two new one-story buildings.  One will be on Main St. and Hirschfield and other on Main and Rinewalt.

More when I can dig up more info.

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LaFontaine Leaving


So, what’s going on with the Sabres organization?

Yesterday we said goodbye to Miller and Ott and today Pat LaFontaine says good-bye to the Sabres.  Rumor has it that Nolan may also be leaving.

Are the Sabres imploding?

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Bye, Bye Miller and Ott

Miller and Ottwritten by Jim Tricoli, Editor of the

It’s official.  Ryan Miller and Steve Ott were traded tonight to the St. Louis Blues.  Miller was scratched from the start-up position just before the game started tonight.

OFFICIAL: Trade confirmed. The St. Louis Blues have acquired Ryan Miller and Steve Ott from the ‪#‎Buffalo‬ ‪#‎Sabres‬ for Jaroslav Halak, Chris Stewart, William Carrier.

Ryan leaving Buffalo is like a close friend moving to another place. Ryan has been part of Buffalo history for 12 years. He was a star which brought so many thrills to the heart of the Buffalo fans. He made this frozen,snowy town of late, light up if you could see him play in person or on T V.

I will miss Ryan Miller. He was a man among men who always gave his heart in every game. Good health,luck to  your family and yourself.

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InBloom Testifies That Student Data Would be Secure


The company tapped to create the controversial student-data portal in New York testified Friday that the information would be secure, addressing concerns raised by teachers, parents and lawmakers.

inBloom Inc., an Atlanta-based company, is the nonprofit third-party vendor hired by the state Department of Education to create the EngageNY portal. The portal will store student information such as demographics, out-of-school suspension records, grades, parental contacts, and state assessment scores.

Amid concerns of parents and legislators, the Education Department this month delayed the implementation until September. InBloom’s program has been stopped in seven states, and New York is one of the few left still using the company.
Read more…

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Hats Off Gala!

Honor the Catholic School faculty/staff that are being displaced by the Diocesan Revitalization and help sustain the Catholic School system for future generations.

Hats Off Gala!

Presented by Renee Nicole Events


May 29, 2014

Statler City
107 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14202

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Hats Off Gala! on May 29, 2014 at the Statler is an exciting, fun, and unique event in Buffalo, NY. With live entertainment, cocktail dinner and drinks, an auction, and an excuse to wear your favorite hat – you are sure to have a memorable night.

Join us for an evening to honor the faculty and staff being displaced by the 2014 Diocesan Revitalization and raise funds to supplement their unemployment. With ten Catholic schools closing at the end of this school year, 195 faculty/staff members will be forced into early retirement, school transfers, or left unemployed. They have dedicated their lives to teaching our youth and deserve to be celebrated.

This is the first annual event being planned by Renee Nicole Events and coordinated by Theresa Roma, a 2000 graduate from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and a strong committee of Catholic School supporters.

Forthcoming events will be held to sustain the Catholic Schools in Western New York for future generations.

This is an evening you will not forget! It will be grand! Formal Attire with a favorite hat.

Tickets are $125 and can be purchased at

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