Former Educator and Amherst Town Supervisor Thomas Ahern Has Passed Away

Tom Ahern3

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Tom Ahern has passed away.  He was a dear and close friend of my wife and I.  My wife worked for Tom for many years as a teacher.  Tom  had  a great sense of humor and the kindness of heart.  He loved to play movie trivia against me and was always a great MC at the school parties.

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Tom left teaching and became the Supervisor of Amherst.  His time as Supervisor was cut short due to illness.

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Tom will be missed not only by his family but by the friends he had.  He was a jewel of a man.

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May he have peace in the arms of the Lord.

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The Environmental Show with Jack Kanack in Buffalo

 The Environmental Show with Jack Kanack in Buffalo
Monday, 06/16/14
1 p.m. on 91.3 FM Listen Live at or TuneIn radio app
Alex Lotorto & Rita Yelda talk Fracking for Natural Gas
Community Meeting to Ban Fracking – Fight fracking in NY!
Thursday, 07/03/14
6 p.m. Crane Library, Elmwood Ave.
Amherst Against Fracking Meeting – Banning fracking in Amherst
Thursday, 07/10/14
6 p.m. Williamsville Library, Main St.
Triple Divide:  A New Film About Fracking
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
Carnahan Theatre at Jamestown Community College
525 Falconer St, Jamestown, NY 14701
FREE / Open to the public / Q+A to follow

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Morning After Tea Party Win, House G.O.P. Proposes End to Social Security, Return to Child Labor, Gun Rights For Pets


Thank you, seventh district of Virginia. Until last night I had no idea that America’s biggest problem was immigrant babies. I thought it was evil P.O.W.s.Eric Cantor’s resignation as Majority Leader will not pose a problem for House Republicans — they have a very deep bench of pricks.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The morning after Tuesday’s stunning Tea Party victory in Virginia, House Republicans unveiled a sweeping new legislative agenda, proposing an end to Social Security, a return to child labor, and unprecedented gun rights for pets.

“The Republican Party is the party of common sense,” said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). “And such common-sense proposals as electronic ankle bracelets for immigrant babies and a barbed-wire fence with Canada are long overdue.”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) echoed Speaker Boehner’s sentiments as he touted his signature legislation, “to put Americans under the age of twelve back to work.”

“Instead of spending all day playing with Xboxes, our kids should be in factories assembling them,” he said.

As for what is perhaps the most controversial G.O.P. proposal, guaranteeing gun rights for pets, Boehner said, “It’s clear that the authors of the Second Amendment meant it to apply to all mammals. All our new law says is, if you have four legs and a tail, you get a gun.”

When asked about future relations between House Republicans and President Obama, Boehner did not mince words. “If the President thinks he’s going to get the kind of cooperation and flexibility he’s gotten out of us for the past six years, he’s kidding himself,” he said. “The honeymoon is over.”

The list of congressmen vying for Republican leadership positions can best be summed up like this: clown car.

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BREAKING: Eric Cantor has joined LinkedIn

Andy Borowitz always puts a special spin on things:


Eric Cantor

BREAKING: Eric Cantor has joined LinkedIn

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California Judge Bars Tenure for Teachers

 Julia Macias, at a news conference Tuesday, was one of nine students who claimed tenure laws left bad teachers in place. 

A California judge ruled that teacher tenure laws deprive students of their right to an education under the state constitution and violate their civil rights.  This decision has the possibility of traveling across the country changing how teachers are protected from random firing.

The decision hands teachers’ unions a major defeat in a landmark case, one that could radically alter how California teachers are hired and fired and prompt challenges to tenure laws in other states.

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan hailed the judge’s ruling as a chance for schools everywhere to open a conversation on equal opportunity in education
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New UPS Store Opens On Main Street In Williamsville, NY

We have a new location of an UPS  store in Williamsville. It’s operated  by Ryan and Pam. Their e-mail is “Ryan and Pam@the UPS Store”.  The address is 5651 Main St. 14221,NY. The store is in the Ed Young’s Plaza On Main Street.

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Is This The Beginning Of More Innocent People Being Killed By Drone Errors?


The FFA has given permission  for commercial drone flights over land.  This is a sign the FAA is loosening its restrictions on commercial uses of the unmanned aircraft.

The first flight was Sunday when AeroVironment launched a 4.5 feet long with a 9 feet wingspan to survey pipelines, roads, and equipment at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska.

This drone was initially built for military use but it is cheaper to operate than manual aircraft and easier to maneuver.

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Good News For Pregnant Women


Los Angeles Times

The FDA has changed its course concerning fish and pregnant women.  They now want pregnant women to consume fish which are low in mercury.  Fish in this group include salmon, trout, anchovies and sardines, pollock, shrimp, talapia, catfish, cod and canned light tuna.

The FDA said these women should consume at least 8 ounces and up to 12 ounces, or two to three servings a week.  These fish are high in essential omega-3 fatty acid

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Eric Cantor Loses Primary to Tea Party Challenger In Huge Upset


In a stunning defeat, number two House Republican Eric Cantor has been ousted by a conservative primary challenger, in a body blow to the Republican establishment.

Majority Leader Cantor, a powerful party insider who was widely seen as a future speaker of the House, lost his Richmond, Virginia seat to Tea Party-backed insurgent David Brat, who was deemed such a longshot he barely received media airtime and was outspent by Cantor more than 25 to one.

But the veteran Cantor was widely seen as focusing on national Republican positioning and ignored his own re-election primary race until it was too late.
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Williamsville School District Takes Allergy-Safe Steps

Williamsville school logo

Administrators in the Williamsville Central School District say the district has enhanced its cafeteria cleaning procedures and has taken other precautions to protect students with severe allergies after a yearlong analysis of school protocols.

A team of staff members who have spent the last year reviewing and updating the district’s practices told School Board members Tuesday that the district has worked to educate teachers, students and parents on dealing with the potential for life-threatening allergies.

“Our protocol is five pages in length because it covers every area that we could think of to promote safe and inclusive participation,” said Anna R. Cieri, the district’s assistant superintendent for exceptional education and student services.
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