Amherst Community Participates In Forum To Fix “Broken” Economic Development Agencies

Amherst IDA

Coalition for Economic Justice Holds Town Hall Meeting on Corporate Subsidies

Amherst, NY— Amherst residents, community leaders, and area politicians participated in a town hall meeting on the impact of economic development programs in Western New York on Sept. 26. Organized by the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) the meeting featured presentations on the costs of Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) to area taxpayers, municipalities, schools, and public services with speakers advocating for reform to improve the performance of these programs.

“Our communities need our job creation programs to create quality jobs,” said Jenn Diagostino, Executive Director of the Coalition for Economic Justice. “Throughout Western New York and across the state, economic development programs are spending billions of public dollars each year on projects that are not having a positive impact on our communities or generating a return on the public’s investment.”

Speakers and participants focused on the Amherst IDA and several projects the agency has approved that have faced community opposition, which included the Wyndham Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, and Premiere Wine and Spirits, among others.

“The Amherst IDA continues to give public subsidies to companies that don’t need them and that the community opposes,” said Michele Marconi, with the Friends of Mike’s Pond. “Amherst residents have spoken clearly and loudly that we don’t want our taxpayer dollars wasted on projects that hurt our communities and erode our quality of life.”

Participants discussed solutions to address the problems with IDAs at the meeting, which included support for policies to increase the accountability and transparency of economic development programs.

“Our communities deserve to get their money’s worth from economic development dollars,” said Beverly Newkirk, Executive Director of It Takes a Village.  “We must transform the way economic development is done so that our public subsidies are invested wisely to create good, family sustaining jobs, strengthen our schools, and provide the public services we all depend on.” 

The Coalition for Economic Justice unites labor, faith, and community organizations
and activists with other allies to win dynamic campaigns that promote strong,
sustainable communities and economic justice for all.

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Coalition for Economic Justice to Hold Town Hall Meeting on Corporate Subsidies

Amherst IDA
Amherst, NY— The Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ) will hold a town hall meeting on the impact of economic development programs in Western New York on Sept. 26 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the Williamsville Branch Public Library, 5571 Main Street, Williamsville, NY.

Presentations will focus on the costs of Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) to area taxpayers, municipalities, schools, and public services. The event will include opportunities for participants to share their perspectives on how these economic development agencies can improve their performance, accountability, and transparency to create quality jobs and benefit the community.

Registration begins at 5:30pm. The meeting starts promptly at 6:00pm.

WHAT: Town Hall Meeting on Corporate Subsidies

WHERE: Williamsville Branch Public Library, 5571 Main Street, Williamsville, NY

WHEN: Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 6:00PM

WHO: Coalition for Economic Justice, Friends of Mike’s Pond, concerned residents

VISUAL: Dozens of advocates and community members will speak on the need for reform of local economic development programs.

The Coalition for Economic Justice unites labor, faith, and community organizations and activists with other allies to win dynamic campaigns that promote strong, sustainable communities and economic justice for all.

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Work History Of the Clay Sewer Line Where The Hyatt Hotel Plans To Dump Their Sanitary Waste

Hyatt Place

Here is the list of the work history of work done on the Lakewood Pkwy sewers which the proposed Hyatt Hotel plans to connect with to dump the sanitary waste from the hotel.

The following represents a list of all recorded sewer excavations to replace cracked or displaced sections of tributary Lakewood Pkwy sewers of the subject hotel.

Lakewood Parkway Sanitary Sewer Repairs  
Date Location Repair Activity
4/4/1994 House 75 to 135 Spot-Replaced 37 feet of 8″ pipe
4/15/1994 House 135 to 215 Spot-Replaced 28 feet of 8″ pipe
4/18/1994 House 215 to 255 Spot-Replaced 30 feet of 8″ pipe
4/18/1994 House 255 to Light pole #285 Spot-Replaced 39 feet of 8″ pipe
4/18/1994 Light pole #285 to House 301 Spot-Replaced 19 feet of 8″ pipe
4/18/1994 House 301 to 331 Spot-Replaced 29 feet of 10″ pipe
4/18/1994 House 331 to 361 Spot-Replaced 12 feet of 10″ pipe
4/19/1994 House 361 to 391 Spot-Replaced 6 feet of 10″ pipe
4/19/1994 House 391 to 415 Spot-Replaced 15 feet of 10″ pipe
Apr-96 Lakewood, Sargent to House 418 Replaced 258 feet of 12 inch pipe with 15 inch
Apr-97 Delamere Road (downstream of Lakewood) Replaced 3,600 feet of 15 inch pipe

The Lakewood Parkway sewers were internally cleaned on the following dates:


                5/15/2000, 8/18/2002, 4/1/2004, 7/31/2006, 8/21/2008, 5/5/2010.  Please note that these sewers are scheduled to be internally cleaned and TV inspected again this fall.

As additional information, please be aware that the sanitary sewer line along Lakewood Pkwy has been internally cleaned on a routine basis and currently is in very good working order and as such we anticipate no negative effects from the hotel project being routed through these downstream sewers.


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Stonewall Democrats Of WNY Endorsed Dick Dobson For Sheriff

DICK Dobson

“On vitally important issues of crime and justice, the Erie County Sheriff’s office is one of the highest elected offices in WNY that lacks an informed, understanding official on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people,” said Bryan Ball, president of SDWNY. “This year, we have an opportunity to elect a candidate who will make right all the current Sheriff has done wrong. And that person is Dick Dobson.

Dick Dobson has the integrity, the experience and the ability to deliver the change we so desperately need in the Sheriff’s office. On LGBTQ issues of justice, Dick Dobson possesses an invaluable understanding of our community’s needs, and carries a practiced belief that all women, men and people are equal, and should be treated as such under the law and by the justice system. We are proud to support Dick Dobson for Erie County Sheriff.”

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Editorial: We’re Sorry We Couldn’t Protect You, Eain Brooks


By James Tricoli

Eain Brooks was murdered.  He was a beautiful 5 year-old boy.  Unbelievably this young, precious person had been beaten before and it had been reported to Child Protective Service several times.  What did the case workers, who checked-up on Eain’s calls, do to protect him?

At first we heard nothing from Erie County Child Protective Service as to what they did to protect this helpless child.

Poloncarz was running away from answering questions of how this monstrous tragedy could have been avoided. All he said was that the people in this agency who were responsible for this tragedy would be fired.  Mr. Poloncarz, your response should include yourself.  You are at the top of the leadership chain for this organization.

My stomach turned when I heard your wretched replies to the questions asked of you about the destruction of this young boy’s life.

You should be on your knees begging forgiveness for failing to have personally done something to protect the life of this child.  Eain Brooks no longer can laugh, smile or enjoy even the simplest of things in his tortured life.  If the system had worked correctly he wouldn’t be dead.

There must be a huge outcry from the public for your scalp and those of the individuals directly involved with failing to protect Eain Brooks.  He didn’t deserve the pain he suffered at the hands of his killer.  The CPS didn’t care enough for this little boy to make sure he was not in harms way of being brutally and unmercifully beaten to death.

There is no excuse for the murder of this little boy.  Mark Poloncarz is a weak leader who doesn’t have the maturity to understand people.  He must be removed from office for not only this grievous offense but his inability to feel the pain of others.  He is the person in charge who failed miserably to know what was happening in this important department.

Poloncarz failed this young boy and he can’t be allowed to say in the position he is in any longer.

It is our responsibility to fight for Eain now.  We, the people who can speak for him, demand the removable of Mark Poloncarz and a serious investigation of the Child Protective Service Department.

The changes which must be made to this agency must be done quickly so there any more murders or beatings of our little ones.

I cried for this little boy when I saw him on TV and in the paper.  Our prayers are with those who truly loved him.  May he be in the arms of our loving Lord.

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Will You Be There Thursday?

Amherst IDA


Tomorrow (Sept. 26) we’ll be bringing together members of Western New York communities to come up with solutions to fix broken corporate subsidy programs like the Amherst IDA. These programs handout billions in our money to companies that often fail to create quality jobs or shared community benefits.

Join us for this important discussion on how we can work together to end corporate tax giveaways that hurt our communities and steal funding for schools, infrastructure, and other vital public services:

Join the Community Conversation
Amherst Town Hall Meeting on Sept. 26
Williamsville Branch Public Library
5571 Main Street, Williamsville, NY
(Doors open at 5:30pm; Meeting starts at 6:00pm)
Light refreshments provided

Contact Andy at 892-5877 or to let us know you can help or for more information. Register for the event here.

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The Incredible Basket Raffle & Pancake Breakfast

Steven Sanders is going to the incredible basket raffle & pancake breakfast.  Are you?Amherst YouthFoundation's photo.

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Get Your Signs For The Endorsed Democratic Candidates

Jerome Shad

Amherst Democratic Chairman Jerry Shad is asking people to come down to Democratic Headquarters in Amherst to pick up Democratic endorsed candidates signs and materials.  They have signs for Dick Dobson, Mark Manna and other Democratic candidates.

Contact Jerry at 445-0842.

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Democratic Chairman Jeremey Zellner is Supporting Dick Dobson For Sheriff

Jeremy Zellner

Dick Dobson is the official endorsed Democratic candidate for Erie County Sheriff.  Jeremy Zellner is the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Erie County.  A big part of his job is to help Democratic endorsed candidates win.  He has verbally committed himself and his staff to support Dick Dobson.

If he fails to support Mr. Dobson he is guilty of violating one of the strongest doctrines of the Democratic Party. Jeremy is a man who needs to show he has the guts to be a real party leader.  Supporting  Dick Dobson for Erie County Sheriff  is his first strong test.

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General Election Kick-off Fundraiser for Dick Dobson for Erie County Sheriff

DICK Dobson
3036 Seneca
West Seneca NY 14224
When:  Thursday,  Oct. 3
Time:  6p-8p

$35 pp / $100 Sponsor / $150 Event Sponsor

food – beer – pop

contact 846-9230

write checks to : Friends of Dick Dobson  PO Box 126 Wales Center, NY 14169


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