In Buffalo, N.Y., a New Vitality is Giving the Once-Gritty City Wings

By Melanie D.G. Kaplan 

A South Beach-inspired gathering place. Bike lanes and kayak tours. Free outdoor yoga classes. Alfresco dancing and dining.

Ready for this one? It’s all in Buffalo.

Last month, I shuffled up to the city that brought us hydraulic power, the grain elevator and spicy wings. I had some reservations, which lingered largely from my college days in Upstate New York. I was so scarred by the long, cruel winters that after graduation, I moved 1,000 miles south. But I’d been hearing some buzz about a revitalized Buffalo, and that — combined with the absence of snow — drew me north.

Once there, I was determined to get to the bottom of the buzz. And I pledged to spend all my waking hours outdoors. Of course, that meant missing such indoor gems as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House; Ani DiFranco’s Babeville, the restored church-turned-arts center; and all the bars, which are open until 4 a.m. (The permanent exhibit of the late journalist Tim Russert’s re-created office will opens this fall in the Buffalo History Museum, too.) But it also meant getting acquainted with waterways, architecture and smells that are distinctly Buffalonian.
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Developer Wants to Build $238 Million Neighborhood on Westwood Country Club Property

A new traditional neighborhood has been proposed for the Westwood Country Club site in Amherst, featuring pedestrian-friendly mixed uses.

“This is smart development using traditional neighborhood design, which includes residential, recreation, neighborhood shops, hospitality and professional office space elements,” Andrew J. Shaevel, managing partner for Mensch Capital Partners, said today.

Mensch, which bought the 170-acre site at Sheridan Drive and North Forest Road from its members in 2012, submitted its rezoning proposal to the town today.

The developer will be scheduling neighborhood informational meetings. Meanwhile, it also has established a website,, to provide full public access to information and filings about the proposal.
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Dennis Ward And Jerry Schad Have Done Their Job of Destroying Amherst Democratic Unity

Schad and Ward

Dennis Ward and Jerry Schad have brought down the once credible Amherst Democratic Committee.  These two lost souls will do anything needed to maintain control of their little kingdom against so much truth about them coming to the light.

The dirt/truths being said about these losers will most likely destroy Dennis Ward’s chances of getting a judgeship on our honorable State Supreme Court.

Jerry Schad has repeatedly demonstrated his love of money by accepting jobs which Dennis Ward got for him.  He showed how intense hate for someone, me, clouded his vision and his ability to effectively lead the ADC  by taking down the flag I purchased as a gift for the ADC meeting place.  He actually hid it by placing it on the ground behind his desk.  The ADC hadn’t had an American flag for over 2 years.  When it’s time for the committee members to say the pledge they simply recite these precious words in the air, to an invisible flag.

The ADC have become a splinter group of faithful people who are loyal to Schad and Dennis Ward.  This group of people come to the meetings to be somewhere.  When important matters come up in Amherst they follow whatever the two lost souls of the Amherst Democrats tell them to do and vote they way they are told to vote.  Lost sheep following corrupt shepherds.   So sad.

The ADC is a perfect example of George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm.  That’s where the Pigs and other animal farm’s leaders rule the farm.

May GOD help us to start thinking for ourselves before Amherst goes down the drain.

Written by James Tricoli, Editor of the Amhersttimes. com

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Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee Married


Andrew Cuomo Is Totally Ruining Sandra Lee’s Magazine, Hopes, and ...

Harper’s Bazaar has a profile of Semi-First Lady Sandra Lee, the Food Network star and live-in romantic companion of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in its November issue.

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Three Months After Gov. Cuomo Pulled Plug on Moreland Commission, Executive Director Still Being Paid

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
Moreland Commission executive director Regina Calcaterra

Three months after Gov. Cuomo said he was pulling the plug on his anti-corruption commission, the panel’s lightening rod executive director is still drawing a hefty paycheck.

State payroll records show that Moreland Commission Executive Director Regina Calcaterra, who at $175,000 a year makes just $4,000 less than the governor, is still receiving about $6,700 every two weeks despite the commission’s work having ended.

A Cuomo administration official said that Calcaterra “has taken some time off and is finishing up closing down the Moreland.”

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Petition Scandal Afoot?

Fur always flies during petition season in Western New York and 2014 is no exception. Leaders of the Erie County Democratic Committee (ECDC) are in a pitched battle with the rival Democrat faction led by Cuomo insider Steve Pigeon, Cheektowaga chair Frank Max and Mayor Byron Brown and the war is spilling into the petition process. Word has it that Pigeon-Max-Brown are primarying hundreds of ECDC members and judicial delegates loyal to chairman Jeremy Zellner. For his part, Zellner is trying to knock off many PMB loyalists, too.

Enter Mike Deely, regional staff director of the New York State United Teachers Union. He’s one of the largest donors to the ECDC over the years and a longtime member of the party’s executive board. Deely recently joined PMB forces, upset with the direction headquarters has taken in the last year. Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with Zellner loyalists. In fact, the animosity may have gotten a little out of hand at the Erie County Board of Elections (BoE) last week.

Insiders say that when Deely’s petitions came into the BoE last week, Democrat Election Board leader Dennis Ward and other loyalists go a bit upset. It’s not clear which election board official did it, but Deely’s petitions were allegedly torn up and thrown out. The second committeeman on that petition ended up on another petition with another committeeman instead of Deely – one loyal to Zellner. Those petitions have been filed.

Destroying nominating petitions is illegal. This story will unfold more clearly in the days ahead – watch this space!

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Amherst Searching For Highway Superintendent


Wanted: Person to take charge of plowing, paving, parks and drainage for Erie County’s largest suburb. Good pay, but job is guaranteed for only 15 months.

That’s the situation in Amherst, where town officials are on the hunt for candidates to replace Highway Superintendent Robert Anderson. who announced last week that he will retire effective Sept. 27.

“I am seeking letters of interest and résumés,” Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein said. “My plan is to give them to the personnel office, let them sift through them and see what we get. I’ve gotten two so far.”

Highway superintendent is an elected position, but it will be up to the Amherst Town Board to appoint a successor to fill the remaining 15 months on Anderson’s term, until voters can cast their ballots in November 2015.

Anderson, a three-term highway superintendent whose career with the department spans more than 35 years, cited “recent health concerns” for submitting his letter of resignation .
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Amherst Councilman Injured in Auto Crash

Mark Manna3

I learned today that Amherst Councilman Mark Manna was involved in a car crash Tuesday, about 11 a.m.  I’ve been told that another driver apparently ran a red light.  Mark was injured and his car totaled.  I do not as yet have any further details.

* Mark has undisclosed injuries but expects to make a complete recovery.

Sending Mark prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

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Glen Park Festival is Saturday

The annual Glen Park Festival is Saturday, July 26th to Sunday, July 27th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This year a record 92 artists will be there. Hope to see you there!

Village of Williamsville's photo.
Village of Williamsville's photo.

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Royal Baby’s First Year Widely Considered Disappointing

LONDON (The Borowitz Report)—Britain’s Prince George, who is celebrating his first birthday this week, is facing a rising chorus of criticism within the United Kingdom, with many calling the first year of his reign a major disappointment.

Alistair Strott, a journalist and one of George’s most outspoken critics, calls the Prince’s first year “long on hype and short on solid achievement.”

“Like a lot of us, I followed the royal birth last year with a great deal of excitement and anticipation,” says Strott. “But one year in, we all have to look at each other and say, ‘That’s it?’ ”

While defenders of Prince George cite a packed schedule of events during his first year, Strott is unimpressed. “Yes, he’s been on TV and magazine covers,” he says. “So have the Kardashians.”

The journalist is not alone in criticizing Prince George, as a recent U.K. poll called his inaugural year the worst first year for a royal baby since the Second World War.

Strott acknowledged that George had spent much of his first year in office learning to walk, but added, “If he’s learned to talk, he certainly hasn’t said anything memorable.”

On most of the major issues facing Britain today, from unemployment to its relationship with the European Union, “George has been missing in action,” Strott says.

Buckingham Palace has already started the drumbeat of publicity for Prince George’s second year, but Strott remains skeptical. “People can call this child ‘royal’ if they like, but the word I’d choose is ‘overrated,’ ” he says.

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