A Man Who Went Against The Stream

Steven Michael Cohen
Attorney Steven M. Cohen

On Monday at the Town Board meeting there was a resident who spoke words which many people who have come before our ZBA Board, also held in their mouths and hearts.

Mr. Steven Cohen  stated he had been to three ZBA meetings to observe how they function.  He said he saw how this Board would vote consistently for any change developers wanted.  They only voted in the negative if an average citizen wanted a change in any form.

Clearly this ZBA needs to be dissolved.  A new method must be found which is fairer to all citizens as well as developers.

Mr. Cohan showed courage speaking out against what is grievous.  Amherst must have more people speak out against what is wrong, immoral and illegal.

Written by James Tricoli,  Editor: Amhersttimes.com

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The Time Has Come For The Authorities To REALLY Clean Up Buffalo


Buffalo had a leader in Steve Casey.  He ran this town the way he wanted and his stooge was a well-dressed, mealy-mouthed, do-nothing Mayor named Bryon Brown.

Brown has done little or nothing to refurbish areas of Buffalo which need help.  Money would come into Buffalo to help reshape areas of Buffalo which desperately need help.  The Mayor said, somehow he missed reading about the money.  Steve Casey was aware of every cent gifted to Buffalo.

Last week Casey quit as Vice Mayor to Byron Brown.  When the hammer comes down on the crooked players in the Renascence of Buffalo Casey will be UNTOUCHABLE.

The funds never ended up helping the sections of Buffalo which needed help.  It went to people who were developing downtown, our waterfront and to people simply getting their palms greased.  These control freaks, who are holding Buffalo back, are making millions from the Buffalo coffers.

It’s a sad day for Buffalo.

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Cuomo’s Poll Numbers Take a Dip

andrew cuomo

Cuomo’s favorability rating in a new Marist plummeted to an all-time low of 53 percent, though the survey suggests Rob Astorino should wait a while before deciding on a new color scheme for the executive chamber: The governor is still dusting him 2-to-1.

New York State is getting a $4.2 billion windfall this year, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a few ideas for putting it to use.

On Monday Jim Odato reported that Moreland Commission staffers met with Albany County District Attorney David Soares before the panel was mothballed (Soares was a member), and expressed hope he would pursue some of the cases they were developing. The NY Post follows up on this scoop and reports that Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Buffalo State Sen. George Maziarz’s cases were two of the 15  that got forwarded to federal prosecutors.

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Amherst OKs Measure to Limit Youth Smoking


Controversial provisions are not included

Amherst lawmakers unanimously adopted a resolution Monday to discourage tobacco use by town youth, but it contains none of the more controversial provisions – such as raising the age for legal purchase to 21 – that had been on the table.

“I still believe that the best way to work with our youth is not to replace their parents with legislation of government,” said Council Member Guy R. Marlette, who offered the amendment as a memo to the Town Board from him, Supervisor Dr. Barry A. Weinstein and Council Member Mark A. Manna.

Earlier, more than 20 people spoke passionately about a five-point proposal offered by Council Member Steven D. Sanders. In addition to raising the legal age for tobacco purchase from 18 to 21.Among those who spoke against Sanders’ proposal were representatives of convenience store chains that do business in the area, a state trade organization and proprietors of “vaping” businesses, whose products don’t universally contain nicotine or tobacco flavors.
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Dutch Firm Consolidating Offices in Amherst

Applus logo

A Dutch-owned energy services provider is consolidating and relocating its Western New York operations into a single facility in Amherst.

Applus+ RTD USA will move its Eastern division headquarters office at 37 Franklin St. in Buffalo and its operations facilities in Depew at 4400 Broadway into a 35,000-square-foot freestanding building owned and managed by Zaepfel Development Co. at 80 Lawrence Bell Drive, said David Schiller of Pyramid Brokerage Co. of Buffalo, who worked with Applus.

The business is part of a global firm that offers testing, inspection and certification to the energy, utility and infrastructure industries, such as pipelines, refineries and storage facilities. The newer and larger facility is “better equipped for meeting the needs of the growing business,” the company said in an emailed statement. The Depew site housed 80 employees in 22,000 square feet, while the downtown headquarters had 20 workers in 6,300 square feet.
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Two Deputies Accused of Smuggling Contraband Into Jails

Erie County Deputies

Buried deep in the Buffalo News there is a clip about two deputies, our protectors  who were caught smuggling contraband into county jails.

Two Erie County Deputies were arrested for smuggling contraband into the county jail.  Hey, doesn’t everybody need extra money to handle their money affairs?

The two protectors of the public safety were Charles P. Hunt, 49, who was charged with first-degree possession of dangerous contraband, a class D felony, and a misdemeanor criminal possession of marijuana.

The other protector of the public safety, Eric Stevens 33, of Cheektowaga, was charged with bringing into the prison more contraband.

The judges in Erie County rarely give jail time for these kind of offenses instead they will probably get probation and public service time.
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* * * *

The two sheriff’s deputies, Charles P. Hunt Jr. and Eric Stevens, arrested Saturday following a month-long investigation by the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit, were fired Monday afternoon, according to Undersheriff Mark N. Wipperman.
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Political Garbage In Erie County Is The Reason The Same Thieves Get Re-elected

Schad and Ward

When Jerry Schad refused to give me my district to get signatures for the Democratic candidates, he said I was carrying a petition for different candidates.  I told him I didn’t have a petition to carry for anyone yet he refused to give me a district.

If a committeeman doesn’t have a district come October, you are out of the committee.

I asked Schad what do I do now that I didn’t have my district.  He said, “You are part of that club.  Get them to give you a petition.”  He was referring to the Amherst Democratic Club which is a group of Democrats who met monthly to discuss topics common to all Democrats.  I realized he didn’t know anything about the Amherst Democratic Club.  They don’t have districts to give to out.  *Better said, he knew, he was just acting like a jerk, passive-aggressive.

The following night “the club” was having their regular monthly meeting.  Two of Jerry Schad’s close associates, attorneys Debbie Norton and Jeff Marion, came in to see who the members of this club were.  This was 2 days before districts were allowed to be given to people to collect signatures.

Debbie was told that we didn’t have any districts for people to collect signatures.  She understood there wasn’t anything being given out to anyone at the Club meeting.   She sat at the bar, finished a drink and left.

There is another splinter group who also belonged to the Amherst Democratic Committee.  This group is called the Progressive Democrats.  This is the same group mentioned by the attorney who is searching for over $160,000 dollars missing from money which was to be spread around to the candidates in the the last election. The President of this group is Mike Szukala, a man who was given a choice job in the Social Service Department by his best friend, our Erie County Executive, Mark Polencarz.

Dennis Ward, Co-Head of the Erie County Board of Elections, is no longer a member of the Amherst Democratic Committee since he was exposed.  To be a member of the ADC you must live in Amherst.  He has lived in Kenmore for the last 3 or 4 years.  So much for honesty!

Mr. Dennis Ward came to the ADC meeting and said he would track down the $110,000 which was part of the $260,000 that was collected and was supposed to be given to political candidates.  Dennis didn’t find the money.  He turned the job over to a different agency who made no effort to find the money.

Dennis Ward has let it be known he wants to be endorsed for a State Supreme Court Judge seat.  I’m thinking a judge should be honest.  So much for Dennis.

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Town Board Meeting This Afternoon


Today, Monday August 4, the Official Town Board Meeting is at 3:00 p.m. rather than tonight at 7 p.m.

Those of you who are interested in attending but cannot make an evening meeting would do well to make every attempt to come this afternoon.

Hope to see you there.

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Drones Outpacing Rules as Popularity Soars in New York

Jeremiah Johnson flying a drone inside the Barbarian Group office in Manhattan last month.

Few regulations cover small unmanned remote-controlled aircraft, whose prices are dropping and whose operators may have no experience or training.

Not long ago, drones were a relatively rare sight over New York City, usually piloted by photographers. But now drones are soaring as never before, deployed more and more by those who just love gadgets, as new models come on the market at lower and lower prices.

But their proliferation has also resulted in problems.
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Ohio’s 4th Largest City Has No Drinking Water

Lake Erie algae bloom

Residents of Ohio’s fourth-largest city told residents not to drink from its water supply that was fouled by toxins possibly from algae on Lake Erie.

The warning effectively cut off the water supply to 400,000 people in Toledo, most of its suburbs and a few areas in southeastern Michigan.

Worried residents told not to drink, brush their teeth or wash dishes with the water emptied store shelves and waited hours for deliveries of bottled water from across Ohio as the governor declared a state of emergency.
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