The US Army Corps of Engineers Reevaluating the Stream and Wetlands on Westwood

Protect Amherst Life 2
The US Army Corps of Engineers is in the process of reevaluating the stream and wetlands on the Westwood for development purposes.

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That stream has been identified and connected to the wetlands on the properties of 4176 – 4188 Sheridan Drive between Frankhauser and Sunrise which are also being considered for re-zoning to allow development. Any impact to the wetlands on the Sheridan Drive properties will have a significant bearing as to whether development can occur on the stream and wetlands on the Westwood. The attorney and engineer for the Westwood is the same as for the Sheridan Drive properties — although different developers for each project.

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**The attorney for the developer on the Sheridan Drive properties has called for an informational development meeting with residents this Saturday, April 18th at 12 p.m. on the first floor of 5500 Main Street in the Village of Williamsville.

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We are asking everyone to come to this meeting. We need to show solidarity insofar as support for the preservation of the stream and wetlands on both the Sheridan Drive and Westwood properties. The developers, attorneys and engineers need to understand the residents are not going to sit back and allow our streams, wetlands, wildlife and natural resources be destroyed.

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Please take the time and come to this meeting on Saturday, April 18th!

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** There has been a question regarding the exact place of the meeting with developers this Saturday, April 18th. The address is 5500 Main Street in the Village of Williamsville – – the Executive Office Building. It is across from the Original Pancake House — it is NOT the Town Hall. It will be held on the first floor and when you walk in directly straight ahead is a large atrium – – this is where the developer (Elite Construction Development in this case) has held prior meetings with the residents and we expect it will be in the same place Saturday, so there is no room number.

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Williamsville Student Gets Perfect Score on ACT Test

A local student, Matthew Eichhorn, has plenty of reasons to celebrate.  Matthew, a student from Williamsville South, got a perfect score on his ACT.

…Eichhorn says the secret to acing the test was a lot of studying. The ACT is different than the SAT… because it focuses on subject-specific topics and has more in-depth questions.

“Well, I did some studying and then all of the stuff I learned in my classes I just sat there and did it, said Eichhorn.
“It was a challenge at times, but I got through it.”
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Williamsville Tax Cut Proposed For First Time in 5 Years; More Transparent Budget Report Released

Village of Williamsville

Monday’s Public Hearing on Budget Plan Will Precede March 20 Village Board Vote

Williamsville, N.Y. – For the first time in five years, Village of Williamsville taxpayers will see a decrease in the taxes that make up the General Fund budget.

They’ll also be able to see exactly how those tax dollars are being spent thanks to the village’s first-ever Budget Summary that puts the numbers-heavy budget in more common terms.

“This tax cut is the result of smart investment in capital projects that primed our market and increased the value of our entire village,” Mayor Brian J. Kulpa said. “This goes to show that projects like Picture Main Street make our village a more pleasant place but also one that is fiscally sound and more sustainable in the long term.”

The village’s proposed $3.46 million budget, the subject of a public hearing tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall, includes a tax rate of $4.49 per $1,000 in assessed value, a decrease of 0.71 percent from the 2014-15 tax rate.

The tax levy, or the total amount of taxes collected by the village, is $1.66 million, a decrease of 0.31 percent from last year’s total. This is the first year in recent history that both the tax rate and tax levy have been cut in the same year.

The budget, available at, has been published with a new easy-to-read Budget Summary that aims to help residents understand the budget process better and to create more transparency in village operations.

“This is part of a new model that stresses open government and providing information to the people we serve,” said Deputy Mayor Christopher J. Duquin. “In the past, you almost needed to be an accountant to read the budget. Now the average person will know exactly what the village is doing and what it costs to do that.”

Trustee Daniel O. DeLano said key services like tree planting and investment in parks and public spaces were made possible by the smart allocation of tax dollars in the last few budgets.

“Private investment follows public investment,” DeLano said. “The purpose of government is to provide services and we continue to do that in this budget.”

Monday’s Village Board Meeting at Village Hall, 5565 Main St., featured a public hearing on the proposed budget. The five-member Village Board will vote on the budget at the April 20 Village Board meeting.

The Proposed Budget and Budget Summaries can be downloaded at

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Amherst Doctor Facing Drug and Fraud Charges

caduceus medical symbol

A doctor from Amherst is now facing felony charges for writing illegal drug prescriptions.

U.S. Attorney William Hochul announced Wednesday that Dr. Albert Cowie, 36, is charged with unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance by fraud and conspiracy to commit a drug felony.

According to a criminal complaint, Cowie allegedly wrote 280 prescriptions for substances like oxycodone, percocet and hydrocodone between 2010 and 2014. Officials say three people then went to local pharmacies to have the scripts filled, keeping some of the drugs for themselves but giving some back to Cowie for personal use.
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Hillary Clinton Officially Begins Nineteen Months of Looking Concerned

The New Yorker

LE CLAIRE, IOWA (The Borowitz Report) – With a stop in Iowa on Tuesday, the Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton officially embarked on a nineteen-month marathon of looking concerned.

Sitting with patrons at Jones Street Java House, in Le Claire, the former Secretary of State listened intently, sipped from a cup of coffee, and nodded her head at appropriate junctures, flawlessly reënacting a brief scene from her first campaign video.

After about twenty minutes of virtually nonstop displays of empathy, a Clinton aide said, “we decided to shut it down.”

“Hillary is staring down nineteen months of sipping coffee and nodding her head,” the aide continued. “We want to make sure she paces herself.”

After her Iowa visit, Clinton is scheduled to bring her looks of concern to New Hampshire, South Carolina, and other early primary states.

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Airline Quality The Worst Since 2009

Buffalo airport2

If you been on a plane in the last 6 years you’ve probably noticed more late flights, more lost bags, and more customer complaints.  One of the most annoying things the airlines are guilty of is involuntarily bump travelers from a flight.  All of these things add up to a definite decrease in quality airline experiences during this era of prosperity for airlines, driven by fuller planes, lower jet-fuel costs and revenue from add-on fees.

These factors logically should improve the quality of workmanship but somehow they haven’t transferred over to a higher quality service.

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Second Chic Opens Williamsville Store, its Third

Second Chic

A local consignment shop opened its third location Saturday, giving Williamsville a new thrift store.

Second Chic, which sells used designer clothing on consignment, opened at 5454 Main St. in Williamsville. Owner Annie Adams has two other locations in Buffalo, at 810 Elmwood Ave. and 1421 Hertel Ave.

Adams started out in 2004 selling her own jewelry designs on Elmwood Avenue before adding Second Chic in 2010. In 2012, she closed the jewelry store and expanded Second Chic from 400 square feet to 2,500 square feet in 2013. She opened the Hertel Avenue store in October. The Williamsville location was formerly home to the Spotted Giraffe gift shop.

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Stones Near Sellout; Only Priciest Tickets Left

Rolling Stones

Are you hoping to go to the Rolling Stones concert this summer?  I hope you have your tickets already because there are very few left and they are the priciest ones available.

Twenty-four hours after tickets went on sale to the general public, the Rolling Stones concert for Ralph Wilson Stadium July 11 appeared to be closing in on a sellout by 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Repeated attempts to buy tickets on two different computers between 9 and 10 a.m. Tuesday yielded only two pairs of tickets – field seats near the stage priced at $420.15 per seat.

More than half a dozen other attempts to find tickets yielded the same message, “We were unable to process your request. Try again later.”
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Andy’s Bit”z” on the New”z”

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz said that electing Hillary would be like giving Obama a third term. Exactly – the last thing we need is for the stock market to keep going up.

Ted Cruz’s message of unity: “I will unify church and state.”

BREAKING: Dick Cheney Seeking Third Term as President

A user's photo.

Photo Shows Hillary Deciding to Run for President

A user's photo.
Cruz Blasts Clinton’s Government Experience: ‘She Has Never Shut It Down’
If current trends continue, the number of people running for President will exceed the number of people voting for them.

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New Hillary Clinton Ad Features Just Kittens

BROOKLYN (The Borowitz Report)—Hillary Clinton has followed up the official announcement of her candidacy with a new campaign ad featuring nothing but kittens.

The sixty-second spot stars an assortment of kittens—tabbies, calicoes, Siamese, and a dozen other breeds—in a variety of adorable vignettes.

At various points in the advertisement, the kittens are shown playing in a sock drawer, tangled up in yarn, and chasing a duckling.

Clinton herself appears only in the final seconds of the ad, saying merely, “Hi. I’m Hillary.”

The commercial immediately drew the wrath of the Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, who called it “woefully short on substance.”

“There’s no mention of what Hillary Clinton would do to grow our struggling economy, fix the disaster of Obamacare, or repair our damaged reputation abroad,” a visibly furious Priebus told Fox News. “It’s just cats.”

In defense of the ad, the Clinton campaign issued the following statement: “America loves kittens. Loving kittens makes America strong. Hillary is ready for kittens. Kittens are ready for Hillary. Meow meow meow meow.”

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