Williamsville Oktoberfest This Weekend

Oktoberfest 2015
SEP  24
$10 to join a fun dash in island park, includes one beer, admission to the beer tent, first 80 registered get a tee shirt and live music from the Nerds
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Observations Of The Present Town Board By A Concern Citizen

Our Town Board  4 years ago we had some real fighters on the Board but as  time passed we the audience discover most the member on this Board we cowards.  Little got done in Amherst. Losers like Sanders were all talk and very little action.

Mark Manna started out as a fighter for the people which burned out as he wasn’t given any support by his fellow cohort on the Town Board.

New to the Board was Ramona  Popawich who quickly learned how our Town Board really worked.

The last member on our Board was Marlette, who kept up with the Town’s problems and try hard to solve them.

The election coming up there are two outstanding candidates Tara Cadmus, Fran Spoth. CHECK THEIR RECORDS.


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An Alternate Theory of the Mensch Westwood Development Strategy


To successfully pull off the Mensch “10 year plan” is going to be very challenging, and meeting the target profit goals quite difficult given the property is contaminated, and community opposition is so strong. They probably knew this almost from the start, as evidenced by their initial attempt to swap it for the town owned Audubon golf course.

I question how much of the contamination problem was known by the original owners before they sold it. It’s hard to imagine that the original Westwood owners did not know they had a some sort contamination problem, even if they did not know its extent. So unloading it, even for a reasonably low amount to Mensch could have “solved” their problem. Mensch could then take their bargain basement priced property, and threaten to develop it into some sort a gigantic eyesore in the middle of Amherst to “persuade” the surrounding residents to pressure the town to buy it at a much higher price than they paid for it.  I am not saying this is what happened, but it makes a lot sense given the actions Mensch has taken to this point.

Putting up the fence seems to be another way to inflame residents opposition, and increase pressure on the town. Selling the property to the town for a much higher price than they bought it would give them a quick, hefty profit without having to commit to a difficult long term development with its associated higher risks. It would also leave the town holding the contaminated property and all the problems that go with it, while Mensch and the original owners are that much richer.

It may not have happened this way, but an investigation is needed given how well the Mensch actions match this theory.

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Veterans Conference, Register NOW

Patrick Welch
Message from Patrick W. Welch, PhD:
Dr. Charles Hoge, Col USA (Ret) will be the keynote speaker. I have had the opportunity to meet with Col. Hoge while he was still in charge of the Mental Health area at Walter Reed Hospital. He is an expert on military PTSD and you will find his insights very informative.
Yours truly will be presenting a session on Military Culture and there will be many other great programs to attend.
Some of you are out of the Buffalo, NY area and wonder why you are getting this. It’s because its important for you all to know the continuing efforts that we veterans advocates are doing in the Western New York area. And maybe you might want to do something similar in your area, its called networking and exchange of ideas. Thanks for all you do in your areas and in the nation. Best.
Please register NOW to insure you have a seat at this great event.
WHEN: 16 October 2015
WHERE: Hilbert College, 5200 South Park Ave., Hamburg, NY
TIME: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Thank you.

Patrick W. Welch, PhD
U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

Veterans Advocate & Educator
Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court – Senior Mentor

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Yankees Icon and Hall of Fame Catcher Yogi Berra Dies at Age 90

(AP Photo)

New York Yankees icon, and Hall of Fame catcher, Yogi Berra died at the age of 90 late Tuesday night.

On the field, Berra was regarded as one of the greatest catchers of all time. Over his 19-year playing career, Berra hit .285/.348/.482, with 358 home runs. He made 15 straight All-Star games and won three MVP awards during his 18 seasons with the Yankees.

Following his retirement, Berra was named Yankees manager. He initially lasted just one season with the club, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series in seven games.

Berra would eventually manage four seasons with the Mets, taking them to the World Series in 1973. The team lost in seven games. With the Mets, Berra compiled a 292-296 record. The Yankees brought him back aboard in 1984, but Berra didn’t last long. He was fired just 16 games into the 1985 season after the team got off to a slow start. In seven seasons as a manager, Berra compiled a 484-444 record.

All of those accomplishments, however, might be overshadowed by Berra’s vivacious personality off the field. Berra is responsible for a number of famous quotes about the game, including “It ain’t over till it’s over.” He also said, “Baseball is 90 percent mental, and the other half is physical,” and “Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.”
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To read more of Yogi’s more widely quoted philosophy check them out here.

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Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo – CLIMATE WEEK: Buffalo Rally

David Kowalski
David Kowalski

All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy

  • WEDNESDAY, September 23, CLIMATE TALK: What You Should Really Know About Global Warming, by Jason Briner, UB Assoc. Professor of Geology. 12:00pm-1:00pm, 108 Kimball Tower, UB South Campus, Buffalo
  • THURSDAY, September 24, RALLY: ‘Rise Up for Climate Justice’ – Festivities 4:00pm, Speakers 5:00pm. Niagara Square, Buffalo. All are welcome
  • SATURDAY, September 26, ENVIRONMENTAL SUMMIT: Earth Fair 2015: “Healthy Living – Water brings us Together.” 8:30am-12:00pm, Wick Center, Daemen College, 4380 Main St., Amherst. Free and Open to the public

Web LINKS to all Events can be accessed at Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo Click Here

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Another Smart Political Move by Zellner and Schad

Yom Kuppur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism.


You really scheduled a beer blast on Yom Kippur?  Incredible. It’s clear to me which substantial group of Democrats you don’t want at your shindig, but why you thought we’d “Come Show [Our] Support!” in return is   . . . well, there really is no apt word for it.  But whatever that word is, it’s way beyond ignorant and thoughtless.

Out of respect to the Jews,  the Pope is doing nothing tonight….however not even Yom Kippur can keep the Zellner-Schad Dems from having a party tomorrow night!  Bozos!

The logic behind this move by Schad and Zellner is to unity the Jewish community to vote for Hadar Borden by having a party to raise money for the party and anger

Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo – CLIMATE WEEK: Buffalo Rally – News Roundup – Take Action – UB Talk


David Kowalski

6:32 PM (23 hours ago)

to bcc: me

All things GREEN: Energy, Environment, and Economy


  • TUESDAY, September 22, MEETING: Sierra Club Niagara Group, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Duns Scotus Hall (Rm.227 – Check hall for Rm. change), Daemen College, Amherst; All are welcome
  • WEDNESDAY, September 23, CLIMATE TALK: What You Should Really Know About Global Warming, by Jason Briner, UB Assoc. Professor of Geology. 12:00pm-1:00pm, 108 Kimball Tower, UB South Campus, Buffalo
  • THURSDAY, September 24, RALLY: ‘Rise Up for Climate Justice’ – Festivities 4:00pm, Speakers5:00pm. Niagara Square, Buffalo. All are welcome
  • SATURDAY, September 26, ENVIRONMENTAL SUMMIT: Earth Fair 2015: “Healthy Living – Water brings us Together.” 8:30am-12:00pm, Wick Center, Daemen College, 4380 Main St., Amherst. Free and Open to the public

Web LINKS to all Events are in the sidebar at Re-ENERGIZE Buffalo Click Here

Also check the sidebar TWITTER feed for links to news articles (scroll down the list to see more links).

cal between Zellner and Schad having on party on Yom  Kippur is to untiy the jewish community in Amherst to vote for Harar Borden. Who both of these party leaders support.

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Off-duty Officer Detains Suspect in Amherst Car Break-ins

Amherst Police 4

A man suspected of rifling through vehicles parked in a Williamsville neighborhood early Sunday was detained by an off-duty police officer until Amherst police arrived.

Town police said they got a call at about 1:45 a.m. Sunday about a larceny in progress on North Ellicott Street. The caller reported that he saw a suspicious person next to a friend’s vehicle.

Once the suspect was spotted, he tried to leave the area, police said. But the caller, an off-duty officer from another agency, detained him until town police arrived.

Officers found that numerous vehicles in the neighborhood had been gone through, and recovered stolen property, police reported.

Scott Coons, 28, of Cheektowaga, was charged with a felony count of burglary and a misdemeanor count of petit larceny. Following arraignment before Town Justice Kara Buscaglia, he was sent to the Erie County Holding Center in lieu of $1,500 cash bail.

Police said their investigation continues and anyone with information on the case should call them at 689-1322.
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First Johnny’s Burger Factory in Nation Opening at Galleria

Johnny's Burger Factory logo

Johnny Rockets has released details about its new Johnny’s Burger Factory concept restaurant which will open at Walden Galleria Wednesday.

The menu will feature several burgers, including a Sriracha Pub Cheeseburger and Spicy Jack Guac Cheeseburger. Burgers range in price from $8.99 to $10.99.

Johnny’s Burger Factory will also have chicken tenders, salads and chicken sandwiches. The drink menu will include craft beer, handmade milk shakes and a Coke Freestyle machine.

It’s the California-headquartered restaurant chain’s first Johnny’s Burger Factory in the country. It will be located on the second floor next to Pole Position Raceway.

The restaurant targets millenials, “who are time-starved and demand faster service without sacrificing high quality, great tasting food,” the company said in a release.

The restaurant will hold its official grand opening Saturday, when it will donate 20 percent of the day’s proceeds to the Salvation Army of Greater Buffalo.
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Amherst Set to Make Bid on Westwood Country Club Property

Westwood Course

The Town of Amherst will make an offer for the Westwood Country Club property, but now comes the big question: How much?

The town is still doing its homework before making an offer to the property owners, Mensch Capital Partners, Supervisor Barry A. Weinstein said Monday.

But don’t expect Amherst to break the bank for the 170-acre site at Sheridan Drive and North Forest Road.

When asked how much the town might be willing to pay for the property, Weinstein said: “Obviously, it’s not going to be very much. It’s contaminated.”

Meanwhile, Amherst officials – who have to approve the project – recently asked Mensch about buying the property, or part of it, to be used as parkland.

Mensch indicated last week it would listen to a serious offer from the town. The town, though, is trying to use the brownfield designation as leverage to strike a deal in its favor.

Mensch is seeking a lower tax assessment for Westwood and asked Amherst to reduce the property’s value to a negative $3 million based on what the developers believe it will cost to clean up the site, town officials said.

Mensch said it is putting up 9,000 feet of fencing to secure the site in preparation for remediation work. The supervisor believes the 5-foot-tall fence is out of “spite” to pressure officials into moving on the project.
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