Restoration Efforts Near Complete on Historic Buffalo Lighthouse

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Project Among Latest Efforts to Feature WNY’s Unique History Along Water’s Edge

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 Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27), members of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association and leaders from the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation will join together at the historic Buffalo Lighthouse to mark the finish of restoration efforts on the 178 year old structure.

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Who:  Congressman Brian Higgins
             Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation Chair Jordan Levy
             ECHDC Outer Harbor Committee Chair David Colligan
             Members of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association
            Representatives from International Chimney Corporation (the project contractor)

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 What:  In April, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) board awarded $170,700 in New York Power Authority relicensing settlement funds for masonry repair and stonework on the exterior and interior of the Lighthouse structure which will help prepare the lighthouse for new visitors.  Work on the project is scheduled for completion this week.

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 Where:  Buffalo Lighthouse
Enter through the Coast Guard property fence at the end of the Outer Harbor Parkway (Fuhrmann Blvd.) and proceed to the back of the property where the lighthouse sits.

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 When:  2:30PM – Thursday, August 18, 2011

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This Rumor, If True, Is The Way The Game Is Played

Not Quite A Rumor On the Street:

The State Chairman of the Independence Party asked all Republican candidates in Amherst to pay  him $250 for consideration for  the State Independence Party’s endorsement. 

Some candidates refused to give him a dime or the time.  The voters should be aware of the candidates endorsed by the State Independence Party, just like all the candidates you vote for.  How much did they pay for an endorsement?

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Poloncarz Campaign Counters Collins’ Commercial

Promises Made, Promises NOT Delivered

ERIE COUNTY, NY – County Executive Candidate Mark Poloncarz’s campaign denounced the claims Chris Collins makes in his first campaign commercial, released this week. The Poloncarz campaign counters that some claims Collins makes are half-truths at best, while others are simply false.

“Collins has not, in fact, kept his promises to the taxpayers of Erie County,” said Poloncarz spokesperson Peter Anderson. “Under his reign, Collins has increased Erie County’s property taxes, decreased services, given his patronage employees significant raises and despite his boasting, we are not out of the hospital business. The past four years have not been as rosy as Chris Collins would have you believe. The taxpayers of Erie County are fed up with his inaccurate claims and demand more from their public servants.”

In Collins’ commercial entitled “Accomplishments,” he speaks the following falsehoods:

CLAIM: Erie County is out of the hospital business.
FACT: Erie County is still tied deeply to Erie County Medical Center as it (1) provides ECMC an annual subsidy of $16.2 million, (2) the workers at ECMC are still part of the county’s collective bargaining unit, and (3) the county is still legally obligated to pay more than $100 million in ECMC debt that it would be forced to pay if ECMC were to ever default.

CLAIM: Collins has kept spending increases to practically zero.
FACT: Instead of keeping spending increases to near zero, Collins has increased the county’s general fund budget by tens of millions of dollars: from $1.12 billion in 2008 (his first year in office) to over $1.2 billion in 2011. In fact, while spending has increased, he cut essential services for Erie County residents, such as libraries, probation officers and eliminated funding for rodent control. Collins has admitted he doesn’t have a library card or use libraries, but he fails to recognize that the majority of people in Erie County do. Collins also fails to recognize that the hardworking taxpayers of this county can’t afford to pay for private exterminators. The citizens of this county are depending on county government to responsibly use their tax dollars for essential services to protect the public health and improve their lives.

CLAIM: Collins has held the line on taxes.
FACT: Not only has Chris Collins raised taxes, but in 2008 he went to court to defend his attempt to raise taxes. In 2011, he ignored the legal cuts made by the Legislature, which resulted in raising an $8 million illegal property tax levy in 2011. While Collins might believe he has “held the line” on taxes, Erie County’s property taxes are higher today because of Chris Collins.

CLAIM: Parks and beaches are in the “best shape ever.”
FACT: Erie County’s parks and beaches are unfortunately far from being in the “best shape ever.” If Collins thinks this, he clearly doesn’t visit the parks and beaches other than to film his campaign commercials. Collins cut over $1 million from the parks budget, a 17.5 percent budget cut, almost all of which were park attendants and maintenance workers. By laying off the workers who do the real labor  and installing his do-nothing cronies into high-level patronage positions, Collins has done little to improve the quality of our parks and beaches. Shelters are crumbling, grass isn’t being cut, trails need work and beaches are filled with pollution and trash. Only by properly funding our Parks Department can we return our beautiful parks and beaches to their former glory.

CLAIM: Chris Collins has “fixed” Erie County.
FACT: Collins has done very little to “fix” our county. He has increased property taxes, decreased services to those who need it most and slashed funding to arts and cultural groups that bring in tourist dollars. Moreover, he hoarded federal stimulus money designated for economic development in order to create fake surpluses. As a result, jobs have not returned to Erie County and Collins’ failure to stimulate our economy only shows he’s run the county like a failed Wall Street business in which the fat cats on the top make out and the rest of us have to clean up the mess left behind. The taxpayers of Erie County are smart enough to see through Collins’ falsehoods to realize that he has NOT delivered on his promises.

The Poloncarz campaign released an online ad this week entitled “Imagine” that reminds voters that Erie County’s residents deserve a County Executive who values libraries and cultural institutions, who cares about average citizens being able to balance their checkbooks, who understands being the executive means being the public’s servant, and who provides county services efficiently and responsibly – everything the current County Executive does not embody.

“It is insulting that Collins continues to claim he is not a politician when he has run for office four times now. It’s time he faced the fact, considering he has run for three different positions over a span of 13 years, he is ‘the’ definition of a career politician,” Anderson said. “As Comptroller, Mark Poloncarz has ensured that your tax dollars are spent the most efficient and responsible way possible. As County Executive, he will continue to do so – and much more – to truly improve our county.”

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Schools Restore Fresh Cooking to the Cafeteria

Elida Martinez, a 32-year veteran of school kitchens in Greeley, Colo., mixing beans with cheese and seasonings for burritos.

Obesity is on the rise in our country.  Our children will die at an earlier age than their parents if we don’t do something about this epidemic soon.  We have to provide our youth with proper nutrition every day, every meal.  School will begin in a few short weeks and that’s where a big change can help.

The idea of making school lunches better and healthier has gathered steam in many parts of the nation in recent years, but not equally for every child. Schools with money and involved parents concerned about obesity and nutrition charged ahead, while poor and struggling districts, overwhelmed by hard times, mostly did not.

Nutrition experts say that many school systems around the nation, however much they might want to improve the food they serve, have been profoundly distracted by years of budget cuts and constriction. Many face structural problems, too. Some newer schools have tiny kitchens designed for only reheating premade meals, while some older schools have outdated electrical wiring that cannot handle modern equipment. Many districts, and their lawyers, have also grown fearful of handling and cooking raw meat, as food-borne illnesses like E. coli have made headlines.
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Four Titans Of Tech Are Racing To Be King Of Digital Age CEO Jeff Bezos shows off a Kindle e-reader. Last summer, the company announced that sales of electronic books had begun to outnumber sales of hardcover books.

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, all racing to be king of the digital age; each lacks something that another one has.

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, has called them the “gang of four.” They are the four titans of tech: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. And they are impossible to escape, tapping nearly every consumer’s wallet and holding vast power over huge swaths of the economy.

he companies are racing one another to be king of the digital age, and each is lacking something that another one has. Put in the missing pieces, and one company has the potential to be all things to all people — a complete system in which consumers spend most of their time watching videos, reading the news, writing e-mail and making purchases.
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President Obama Continues Bus Tour Through Midwestern States

President Obama enjoys ice cream during visit to DeWitt Dairy Treats in DeWitt, Iowa on Tuesday.
President Obama enjoys ice cream during visit to DeWitt Dairy Treats in DeWitt, Iowa on Tuesday.

President Obama is traveling throughout the Midwest looking every inch the Campaigner-In-Chief.  He says he is simply doing what any President should do; getting out of the White House andmeeting with the people of this great land.  Just happens he’s out there where the GOP candidates are stomping around.

Obama – a grin on his face – bounded into Rausch’s Cafe in tiny Guttenberg, Iowa, where he ordered eggs, toast and coffee and chatted with a local seventh grader.

But before he tucked into his grub, somebody passed Obama a baby and the joint echoed with “awws.”

Obama, a father of two, looked pretty comfortable holding the tot.

The same couldn’t be said for Mitt Romney, who is among a trio of top-tier Republicans trying to oust Obama.
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One Of Many Who Will Die

Asbestos is a killer.  It gets into your lungs and cuts them up. 

It usually takes a long time before you start coughing and have a hard time breathing after your first contact with asbestos.  That is when lung cancer can possibly put you 6 feet under. 

You think, “What did I do to deserve this sort of death?  This painful dying came from working at my job which had a wealth of asbestos all around me.”

I’ve learned I will die because a group of company men put their greed for money ahead of my life and my wife’s and children.  I always knew Buffalo was a city of corruput politicans who don’t want to pay for their crimial acts.  We have a Mayor and his first assistant who are weak people.  They should stand up to the real white collar crimials who run Buffalo but they don’t.

It is sicking.  I’ll die so these business and Buffalo’s corruput politician can collect their kick back money to spend on parties, whores, trips and other treats of greed.

The funny part is they probably will come eto my funeral and lie to my wife and children telling them how sorry they are and how badly  they feel.  BULL!

They don’t feel badly about me but they do feel badly because they will have to take a later flight to Florida for a well deserved hook up with their other scurvey friends. 

I would  be very pleased if Mayor Brown and his inner group are exposed and had to spend time in jail enjoying the “treats of prison.”

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Japanese Woman, 19, Loses Balance, Goes Over Falls

The Falls, as we usually refer to them, are magical, mystical and alluring.  We have taken many out of town guests to see them and are always impressed by how excited people are when viewing them, especially for the first time.  Sadly many visitors are attracted to the point of danger.  They climb over railings to “Get a better look” and end up in danger.  Many die. 

A young Japanese girl died this week when she fell into the water after falling off a railing she had climbed over.

Police said the woman lost her balance at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday as she straddled a railing near the brink of the falls. Surveillance video of the incident, police said, showed she was holding an umbrella and appeared to stand up in an attempt to climb back over the railing when she fell.

Police continued Monday to search for the body of the woman, whose identity had not been released as Canadian officials worked with the Japanese Consulate General to notify her family.
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Amherst OKs Father of Anderson As Successor

It’s official.  Jay Anderson named his father to take over his seat while he is away on active military duty for the next year.  Amherst Council Member Richard “Jay” Anderson received unanimous, if unenthusiastic, approval from the Town Board on Monday to name his father to the board as his “emergency interim successor.”

Under a 1963 town law regarding emergency successors in case of foreign attacks on the nation, Town Attorney E. Thomas Jones said it’s mandatory that Anderson appoint his own board replacement while on active duty because of a presidential order issued after the Sept. 11 attacks.
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On Mortgage Rates, Obama Wants Proposal For How Government Can Keep Big Role

President Obama has concluded that the federal government must continue to play a significant role in the nation’s mortgage market, a milestone in the effort to craft a new housing policy from the wreckage of the mortgage meltdown. According to people familiar with the matter, a proposal now being developed by the administration could preserve, though with significant new constraints, mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which some critics say contributed to the financial crisis.

The decision follows the advice of his senior economic and housing advisers, who favor maintaining the government’s role as an insurer of mortgages for most borrowers. The approach could even preserve Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage finance giants owned by the government, although under different names and with significant new constraints, said people knowledgeable about the discussions.
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