Big Retailers Fill More Aisles With Groceries

From his home in Chicago, Matt Rauscher can walk to a Walgreens that sells groceries.

So, on your way home from work you need to pick up something for dinner but the thought of heading to Tops or Wegmans is daunting.  The lines, the crowds, ugh!  How about stopping at your local Walgreens or Target?  Some retailers are retrofitting their stores and adding grocery sections.

Target invested $500 million last year alone in a new push on groceries, retrofitting some of its general merchandise stores with full-blown food sections. Sales and traffic at stores with the new grocery areas are about 6 percent higher than at similar stores without them, the company says.

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Banks Allow Ads In Online Checking Accounts

First they showed up in your e-mail. Then they found their way onto Facebook. Now ads are coming to your checking account.

As banks test new ways to make money and attract customers, they are tucking ads onto the list of recent purchases on consumers’ online bank statements. The charge for your breakfast at McDonald’s, for example, might be followed with an offer for 10 percent cash back on your next meal at the Golden Arches. There’s no need to print a coupon – just click the link, and the chain will recognize your debit card the next time it is swiped.

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Congressman Higgins & Mayor Polanski Announce Over $156,000 for Lackawanna Fire Department

Brian Higgins

Federal Grant to Allow for Better Communication Between Public Safety Agencies

 Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27) and City of Lackawanna Mayor Norm Polanski joined Lackawanna Fire Chief Ralph Galanti to announce the Department has been awarded a federal fire grant totaling $156,172. 

 “These resources will allow public safety agencies to better communicate in emergency situations and improve safety for the over 19,000 Lackawanna residents and the greater Lackawanna community,” said Congressman Higgins.

 “This grant is greatly appreciated and will help to better protect the citizens of Lackawanna as well as members of the fire department” stated Mayor Polanski.

 The Lackawanna Fire Department will be using the federal grant to purchase new communication gear for the firefighters, dispatch center and fire trucks.  The equipment will include new portable radios, charging units, vehicle radios and notebook computers for the fire trucks.

 Fire Chief Galanti explained the Department was provided with a new frequency last year and the updated equipment will allow the Department to be interoperable with Erie County and the surrounding fire departments.

 Each year Congressman Higgins hosts a fire grant workshop where participants are invited to learn first-hand from a Department of Homeland Security Fire Grant Specialist how to put together a qualifying application.  All applications are then submitted to DHS and go through a non-partisan, merit based review ranked by factors established by a panel of fire service professionals.   Over the last 5 years 118 fire departments in Congressman Higgins’ district have received over $13 million in federal fire grants.

 The Department was awarded this grant under the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFGP) which makes funds available for Operations and Safety improvements including: training, equipment, personal protective equipment, wellness, and safety modification to the station and facilities. These awards are administered by the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration.

 Last year Congress approved $390 million for the AFG program which provides direct assistance to firefighters to improve the effectiveness of firefighting operations, firefighter health and safety programs and to establish or expand fire prevention programs in the U.S.

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Pay Attention To Who Wants Amherst To Take Ownership

THERE IS TRUTH TO THE RUMOR:  Dr. Weinstein was approached by a Council member to take ownership/maintenance responsibility for some worn down streets in some condominium developments.  What would be the advantage for Amherst to take over the patch-worked streets of these condominiums?

If this subject comes up the public should listen carefully as to what is being asked and who says it.

There must be an advantages for someone on our Town Board.

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A Message From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

A major theme of my State of the State Address was increasing accountability and restoring New Yorkers’ faith and trust in their government. As I continue to travel the state delivering a message of change in Albany and outlining lasting fixes to the many long-term problems we all face, I am hearing from you. My website is designed to increase that dialogue, because we are all part of the solution. This is a ‘Citizens Campaign’ and your ideas, comments, and suggestions are critical to reforming the state, and I am listening. The power of the people is unparalleled, so please take advantage of this outlet and submit your thoughts on my State of the State and together we will enact the change New York needs.

Best Regards,
Governor Andrew Cuomo

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House GOP To Resume Health-care Repeal Effort, But With More Civil Tone

Hindsight is always 20/20.  When Congress resumes business next week will it be business as usual?  What is usual?  What is “normal?”

House Republican leaders said Thursday that they will begin their effort to repeal the new health-care law next week, a return to normal legislative business after the shootings in Arizona suspended activity on Capitol Hill.

But no one quite knows what normal will look like, following a wrenching week in which members confronted concerns about their own safety and whether their heated rhetoric played any role in last Saturday’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and 18 others.

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Tumbling From Middle-class Security, And Struggling To Regain It

They say the economy is rebounding.  Unfortunately many of Americans are still living the reality of joblessness.  They are waiting for trickle-down re-bounding but it’s not coming anytime soon.

More than a year into the recovery, the economy is starting to show signs of improvement. The stock market has rebounded. Corporate profits are soaring. And yet, for millions of Americans, the lingering legacy of the Great Recession is a Great Slide, as job losses, declining home values and decimated retirement savings have knocked them down the socioeconomic ladder. For the formerly middle class, this slide plays out in big and small ways, from a loss of identity to the day-to-day inconveniences of life with less.

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Elderly Couple Found Frozen To Death After Getting Lost During Drive

William Fresch, 85, and his wife Betty, 79, of Shippensburg, Pa., were found dead in Frederick County on Tuesday.
William Fresch, 85, and his wife Betty, 79, of Shippensburg, Pa., were found dead in Frederick County on Tuesday.

If you have family members, loved ones, who are showing signs of declining acuity you must eventually face some very difficult questions.  The answers may save them from themselves.  The following story brings us face to face with some grim issues.

Jo Rinehart arrived at her parents’ home and knew the empty driveway and locked house were bad signs. When she went inside, she saw that her mother’s cellphone had been forgotten on a kitchen counter. It was filled with worried, frantic and plaintive messages from Rinehart and her siblings, all left in the previous 12 hours.

The grown children had brokered a deal that might sound all too familiar to adult children trying to protect – and yet, respect – aging parents. The Fresches could keep their car, but drive only to Rinehart’s home or around Shippensburg, and only if they called to say they had made it back home safely.

It was a trade-off, but one that seemed to have worked over the past couple of years, Rinehart said.

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Five Myths About Why The South Seceded

One hundred and fifty years after the Civil War began and believe it or not many people are still fighting about how it began.  Was slavery the cause or states rights or what?  There are five strong myths that are put forth.  Take your pick.

1. The South seceded over states’ rights.

Confederate states did claim the right to secede, but no state claimed to be seceding for that right. In fact, Confederates opposed states’ rights — that is, the right of Northern states not to support slavery.

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Palin’s Effort To Defuse Controversy Backfires With ‘blood libel’ Comment

Sarah Palin

The stage was set.  Sarah Palin did everything possible to set the stage as a presidential possibility but Sarah has just proven again that she has only one gear — forward — and only one mode — attack.

The presidential-quality stagecraft was there: an American flag over Sarah Palin’s left shoulder and another over her heart. So was the rhetorical polish, with its invocations of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, God and Ronald Reagan.

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