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8 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Kenneth Tunnah says:

    Hi, Are you still active?
    I am looking to completely change the way Amherst Planning and Building departs work. I have all the facts that show complete illegal procedures to achieve permanent illegal code violations.
    These activities have the appearance of criminal activities.

  2. Will James says:

    Please place a DATE in your articles, preferably at the top (I say this to all websites I encounter without a date).

  3. David Register says:

    I second the request that your articles be dated, and include dates in the narrative where applicable. When googling parking ban suspensions,numerous articles from numerous years are returned. I’m interested in Winter ’17-’18 and your article is not specific.

  4. jjtric says:

    You are absolutely correct and I will try to remember to date all articles going forward. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. JOE D. says:

    If I’m not mistaken…I guess censorship is alive and well here at this site. I made a contributed a comment regarding Toni Vazquez’
    predicament regarding Teachers Union disfavor…it was accepted , and shown on this site…checked back this morning and it was removed…guess my opinion was not very favorable

  6. jjtric says:


  7. walt says:

    I believe you should look into the appointment of a new Commissioner of Building and why they may be offering a position in the Planning Dept. as a Zoning Inspector for the present Commissioner. The Town Ordinance stipulates that the Commissioner of Building is responsible for a zoning interpretations, not someone assigned to the Planning Dept. The position in the Planning Dept. that is being proposed is provisional based on satisfactory completion of a Civil Service test, along with what salary? Also he would receive another residency waiver if this is true

  8. Money Talks says:

    Walt. I also read the agenda for the Oct 29, 2018 Town Board meeting and wondered about resolutions 2018-1183 and 2018-1184 (among others).

    I recommend that you attend the next Town Board meeting and direct your questions to the Town Board. There is still time to get involved.

    The answers the Town Board provides are very important in determining if there might be something more here they are not telling us. The process is not complete until the Town Board acts, so you still have the opportunity to get involved. I also encourage the AMHERSTTIMES to do the same.


    PS: I plan to be there asking questions too.

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