Amherst, City of Tonawanda to Share Assessing Services

Nov. 16, 2081

The Town of Amherst and City of Tonawanda have agreed on a plan to share assessing services.

Town and city officials on Thursday said the collaborative arrangement saves money for both municipalities, creates efficiencies and encourages the sharing of best practices.

The city would pay Amherst $43,000 per year for the part-time services of Town Assessor David C. Marrano and Cheryl Walfrand, a senior real-property appraiser.
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2 Responses to “Amherst, City of Tonawanda to Share Assessing Services”

  1. john orowski says:

    apparently we never needed both people in the town if we can now reduce their hours even more

  2. walt says:

    If 56,000 parcels were not enough, these employees (along with the others assigned to that office), will have to devote time to a separate municipality and do not believe the compensation is adequate to lose staff to tasks outside of the Town. They do more than just assessments and already perform these tasks for the Village of Williamsville. I wonder how the Town’s of Tonawanda and Grand Island feel about this Town taking over this City under cutting them by $8,000.

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