Amherst Highway Chief Warns of Unsafe Left Turn at Millersport Intersection

Amherst’s newest road, Shoreline Parkway, connects residents of the Dockside Village apartment and townhome complex to Millersport Highway and the Lockport Expressway to the south.

But Highway Superintendent Pat Lucey says making a left turn from Shoreline onto the five-lane, 55 mph state highway is unsafe for motorists. It’s the only intersection of a town road and state highway in Amherst not controlled by a traffic signal. Lucey said the state DOT told him a signal is not warranted there yet.

Lucey, a retired member of the Police Department’s Accident Investigation Bureau, wants the Town Board at its meeting Monday to ask the state DOT to install a “no left turn” sign at Shoreline.
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One Response to “Amherst Highway Chief Warns of Unsafe Left Turn at Millersport Intersection”

  1. Marie says:

    Kudos to Pat Lucey for sounding the alarm on unsafe road conditions condoned by Amherst’s decision makers in the Planning Department, Planning Board, Traffic Safety Board and DOT. What is wrong with these people? Are they that ignorant? They all need to be replaced or re-educated.