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Paul Wolf
Today’s Buffalo News highlights an important open government issue, that you might be interested in. See the link below.
Part-time elected officials earn full-time pensions but unlike other governmental employees, they do not keep time sheets of their work. A few years ago I requested a copy of Supervisor Weinstein’s schedule, he did not want to give it to me but after citing legal authorities I obtained it.
It appears that Weinstein learned that the way to avoid disclosing his calendar is to throw it away at the end of the year before a FOIL request is made. Having reviewed the schedules of many elected officials it is very enlightening to see how an official spends their time and who they meet with.
Perhaps Amherst and other local governments should require elected officials at the end of the year to file their schedule/calendar with the town clerk for record retention? One of the main purposes of the Freedom of Information Law is for citizens to be able to learn what their elected officials are up to. The ability to obtain a copy of an elected officials calendar/schedule should not be avoided by throwing the document away at the end of the year.
Paul Wolf, Esq.
Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government

One Response to “Amherst Open Government”

  1. Bill says:

    It is encouraging that there are people putting themselves out there to expose what is going on behind closed doors. We can guess why Weinstein does not want his calendar exposed. I do not know of any CEO, attorney or competent business person who does not keep a calendar around for years. Mine go back 10 years. Someone supervising, running a large town, discards at the end of the year? Hardly believable.

    It is no surprise the ZBA did not follow New York State law. Most are beholding to Weinstein and Marlette who have habitually made up their own and have their donor flunkies do their dirty deeds. Then, claim they have no control, while hiding behind attorneys with the same twisted agenda. The screwup on 190 Maple Rd. needs to be rectified, immediately. I watched the video of the April 18th meeting. Its is a lawyers’ dream case. But, as pointed out in the Ferraro letters, it is Weinstein and the rest of the board to undue the damage caused by their appointees. They were elected to represent and protect the people. Allowing the usurping of that power through illegal means is criminal and is their jurisdiction to correct.

    Swamp dwellers come to mine. The “comments” from this story in the Buffalo News says it all. Extra care is needed at the next election. The usual suspects should not be granted further access to local government. Self-serving, money and power grabbing, hypocrites have no place representing Amherst people.