Amherst Reassessment Cuts Williamsville Schools Tax Rate

Tax rates in the Williamsville Central School District have decreased as a result of Amherst’s townwide reassessment, officials said.

The total assessed value of all properties in the district increased by 6.88 percent, allowing the $120.4 million tax levy for 2017-18 to be distributed across a wider base.

Even so, a property owner’s school tax bill may increase, decrease or stay about the same depending on their new assessment.

The school tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value for Amherst property owners decreased by $2.43 to $16.79. That’s a 12.64 percent decrease.

 Tax rates for Williamsville school district residents whose properties are in Cheektowaga and Clarence also decreased by $0.69 to $16.75 and $16.77, respectively.

Properties in the Town of Amherst account for 89.5 percent of the district’s tax levy.

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