Bellavia Responds To Attack Letter

Letter was a ‘cheap political attack’

I was not surprised to read an attack on me in a letter written by an active member of the Clarence Town Republican Committee (“Candidate was disturbingly vague,” letter, April 18). Clarence is my opponent Chris Collins’ hometown; the Committee is his home political organization. However, I am deeply disappointed to see that the Collins machine’s negative assault on me has already begun.

It is disgusting that my hard work on behalf of my brothers and sisters in arms, the military veterans of this country, would be the target of a cheap political attack to further Chris Collins’ candidacy. I find it deplorable and unworthy of any further response.

The voters of the 27th Congressional District are far more concerned about their families, their jobs, their taxes, their farms, and their businesses than scurrilous attacks by mouthpieces for negative politicians. That’s why 23 days ago I challenged Mr. Collins to eight debates in the eight counties of this district. Mr. Collins has never replied and clearly hopes to run a campaign without giving Republican and Conservative Primary voters the debates they deserve. Instead, we see the first attacks of a negative campaign.

I will repeat my pledge to the residents of the 27th District: I will run a positive campaign for Congress about the issues that matter to all of us. The voters deserve debates.

David Bellavia
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