Betting on Bonds: Home Run 756 Props

With Barry Bonds only 3 home runs shy of setting a new career home run record he is all the rage. If you are as bored with all of the news coverage about Bonds as I am, maybe you would like having some fun with his upcoming record-setting swing.I came across some proposition bets involving Barry's chase for Hank Aaron's home runs record and I thought that they were interesting. These odds can be found online or at Station Casinos in Las Vegas. Here they are:

What handed pitcher will give up Bonds's 756th Home Run?

Righty – -170 ($1.70 to win $1.00)

Lefty – +140 ($100 to win $1.40)


Bonds has hit 13 of his 19 home runs this season off of righties and he has 530 of his 753 homeruns off of righties in his career.

Bonds's last two home runs have been against lefties.

Bonds bats .293 against righties and .274 against lefties.

Out of the next six starters scheduled to face the Giants, 5 are righties.


I think Bonds will break the record against Atlanta Braves pitcher Buddy Carlysle, a right-handed pitcher.

On what count will Bonds hit home run number 756?

1-0 count – 7-2

0-0 count – 6-1

3-2 count – 6-1

3-0 count – 10-1

(other counts prices or availability are not known)


Since 2004 Bonds has hit the most home runs (14) on a 1-0 count.

Since 2004 Bonds has hit 13 home runs in both a 0-0 count and a 3-2 count.

Only one of Bonds's home runs since 2004 has been on a 3-0 count.


Bonds will hit his 766th home run on a 3-2 count.

In which Inning will Bonds hit home run number 756?

1st – 4-1

2nd – 7-2

3rd – 6-1

4th – 5-1

5th – 5-1

6th – 4-1

7th – 9-2

8th – 6-1

9th – 11-2

10th+ – 15-2


Bonds has hit more career home runs in the first inning than any other inning.


Bonds will hit his 756th home run in the 7th inning.

Will Bonds hit home run number 756 at home or away?

Home – -160

Away +130

This may be the easiest prop to bet. With Bonds only 3 home runs away and with a short three-game series between him and a long home stand it is very likely the home run will be hit at home.

Will Bonds hit home run number 756 this season?

No – 15-1

Yes – Not Available

Yes is not available because it is the likely outcome. If you don't think Bonds will hit the home run this year, maybe because of an injury, you could bet yes for a pay of 15-1.

Information in this article was current as of July 20th.

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