British Intelligence Agency To Sean Spicer: Cut The Bullshit Right Now

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A very sheepish White House press secretary is forced to apologize after accusing U.K. spies of secretly cooperating with President Obama to conduct surveillance of Trump Tower.

For anyone whose job and/or profound sense of self-loathing requires that they tune in to Sean Spicer’s White House press briefings, the most entertaining moment of the spectacle comes when one of the assembled journalists raises his or her hand and politely asks Spicer if President Trump, a man for whom the formidable resources of the American intelligence apparatus are just a phone call away, has any evidence to support his unhinged early-morning tweetstorm alleging that President Obama “tapped his wires” during the election. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to witness a man drown with no water in sight, try watching Sean Spicer yell about surveillance techniques for ten minutes.

Yesterday’s event proved even more entertaining than usual, as the White House for the first time had to grapple with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s conclusion that, nope, there is no evidence to support President Trump’s Kingsman: The Secret Service fantasies. When a visibly frustrated Spicer—at one point, he actually barked at a reporter to calm down, which, LOL—realized that his non-responsive word salad wasn’t doing the trick, he began to cite media reports that referred to Trump’s allegations as evidence of their veracity. (This, of course, is in no way responsive to the question, but whatever. It was Spicer’s favorite holiday yesterday. Give him a break.) Here was one of his, um, “sources.”
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