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NBA Draft Lottery: Raptors Should Take Point Guard

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The NBA Draft Lottery was held on Tuesday night and the Toronto Raptors walked away the winner. You will have to forgive the teams GM Brian Colangelo for not doing cartwheels or shouting at the top of his lungs. Unlike in years past there isn’t that franchise changing we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing at the top of everyone’s draft board. Instead of Lebron James and Yao Ming we get LaMarcus Aldridge and Tyrus Thomas. Although no one is sure what Colangelo or any of the other general managers will do, here’s what the teams with the top ten picks should do.1. Toronto Raptors. The Raptors should go unconventional and draft Uconn point guard Marcus Williams. Think about No one really knows whether or not Aldridge or Thomas or Italian import Andrea Bargnani can play, also you already have two pretty good big men in Charlie Villanueva and Chris Bosh. What you need now is some one who can get them the ball. Williams is a pass first shoot second point guard, who is not yet a great shooter but has the size to post up smaller point guards.

  1. Chicago Bulls. The Bulls should take the No.2 pick, package it with Luol Deng and Tyson Chandler and propose a trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Garnett. The only question is would Kevin Mchale be naïve enough to take this deal, and he might be. If Garnett wants to be traded then the Wolves should honor that for the years

Betting on Sports the Intelligent Way

Mankind has been betting on sports for thousands of years. The ancient Romans would gather around the Colosseum and trade sports betting advice while waiting to see if their chosen gladiator either won or lost. Winning could mean winning enough to feed their family for an entire month. But losing could have horrible repercussions, depending on how much they put up to bet.Modern man continues to rely on betting to win money, lots of money. The potential for large rewards with sports betting is tremendous. By relying on powerful sports betting systems, you can easily turn $1000 into $10,000 if you place the right bets. Not only is it profitable, but sports betting is also fun and lets you indirectly participate in a game. You can either go to a live bookie, or register for a free online sports betting account.

Nonetheless, betting on sports is an extremely risky hobby. No matter whether you prefer betting on sports online or in person, you must know what you are doing to be successful at it. Achieving consecutive wins mandates more than mere instinct. You must have a tremendous passion for the sport, be knowledgeable about different teams and players, and have one hell of a sports betting strategy. This means that you must really study the sport and learn everything about it, inside out. Formidable knowledge combined with strong sports betting systems marks the difference between the winners and the losers.

The most common mistake made in sports betting is spreading …

Gambling – Can Its Addictive Nature Be Cured?

The man had already lost his life savings because of gambling. But he figured he was on a winning streak after he had won his last five hands at the Poker table. So, he felt beefy and lucky, as a matter-of-fact and put everything he had gained on the table as his next bet, and lost. Even though he had took a horrible lost, and wanted a chance to win it all back several days later, the man decided no to take an even greater chance at losing his family.It's a common and undetectable habit, in some ways: Gambling. So often do we see ourselves, or people around us with this problem. And it can ruin an entire family, if allowed. I've known people who have lost their homes, jobs and family to gambling habits. It starts like any other habit; You feel that you got a hold of it, and you can handle the pressure of the rush. But just as the days pass of a person feeling like they are not a gambling fanatic, so are the strongholds of the addiction to it.

I say that it's addictive because everytime you get an extra dollar, you, the gambler, go and try to make twenty dollars from that one dollar. And not only does a gambling fanatic spend their last dollar on a bet, they also turn to others to borrow money for even more gambling; which involves others into the problem. But how can someone suppress this addiction, …

Plantation Lottery

What is to be done about the plantation glorification situation? Perhaps we need to rethink that whole scenario and do some radical revamping. During an eight-hour drive from Atlanta to Cocoa, Florida, I came up with a possible solution. This new law would be called Proposition 1492.First, we would compile a list of all homes throughout the country that housed people who owned slaves at any time during the history of the colonization of this continent. This would include all homes, not just the scandalously opulent plantation mansions. Each house would be assigned a number.

Next, there would be a lottery. Anyone could participate and one person would receive one ticket, no exceptions. Each lottery ticket would be assigned a house number. For example, a three-bedroom house in Eufala, Georgia could be H1. A certain number of lottery tickets would be assigned per square yards of that house. Perhaps the house has 1500 square yards and we had decided that there would be one ticket per 300 square yards. That would mean that five people would be given given lottery tickets for house H1.

Each homeowner would be notified that their house was chosen for the lottery. They would be given two options: receive the price the house was worth in 1865, or have it taken under 'eminent domain.' Eminent domain would work in this situation as the lottery is for the good of the people as a way to cleanse our country of these reminders of past atrocities.

There …

The Problem with the Lottery System

There are 3 fundamental philosophical criticisms of the lottery system:1. The lottery is a business ran by the government; at best the marketing is deceptive and at worst it’s a pure lie.

  1. The lottery is a tax for the poor and middle class and gives people a false belief that they can win money for nothing.
  2. No help is given to the lottery winner once the money is distributed. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  3. Marketing

Most people, even lottery players themselves, don’t realize the true scope of the lottery system. Many consider it similar to buying a raffle ticket: you spend a few dollars here and there and hope to win the prize. However, the lottery in the United States is a $60 billion industry, spanning 43 states. It is serious business; this isn’t your child’s raffle ticket game. And in order to reach multi-billion dollar status you must have a massive marketing campaign.

According to Gallup polls, 49% of Americans had purchased a lottery ticket in 2003. This is actually the lowest it’s been since 1989. A Gallup poll also revealed that 15% of teenagers between thirteen and seventeen purchased lottery tickets in 1999.

So why do half of Americans, and 15% of teenagers, purchase lottery tickets? For the chance for big money of course. And because they believe it is for the betterment of society. Fifty four percent of those polled believe lotteries keep taxes lower and favored lotteries three to one over more taxes. …

Win New York Lottery

New York lottery fans are in luck. The rest of this year is going to be fabulous for you. You might as well get your shopping bag ready. This type of luck is rare to come by. This is like shopping and getting paid at the same time.

I am talking about the New York lottery number that is set to play. This number could HIT any moment. You cannot miss this opportunity. The potential payout is huge. New York numbers pay upwards of 500% on $1 straight winner. You cannot get that type of opportunity very often.

You might have missed some of the winners in this group. The trend started on 7/10/2011 with number 968. That number played straight. I do not expect you to win it. I do not because I cannot in good conscience give you any prediction unless the trend is in place.

New York numbers in this article refers to pick 3 or what some states might call Cash 3 and Play 3.


I am only concerned about making sure that you win the money coming your way.

New York lottery results.

The New York lottery results are dropping this group so close together that you are bound to save some money. The potential of winning in a relatively reasonable amount of time based on history is good.

I can say that because the next winning New York lottery number in the group that dropped were 757 on 7/15/2011. That would be less …

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How Does a Non-gambler Pass Time at a Casino?

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Recently I was invited to take a trip to Atlantic City with a friend who had first class accommodations and got royal treatment wherever she went. I soon learned this was because she often frequented resorts where there was gambling and that she definitely played in the big leagues.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed a paid-for airline ticket, being picked up at the airport in a long black limousine, and having every need attended to before I even had to ask, I found myself bored on the nights she spent six or eight hours pumping bills into slot machines.

Not having the funds to take advantage of massages and other special treatments, I swam, went to the gym and walked around taking in the sights.

But still, after dinner, when the pool was closed and the free shows over, I found myself at a loss.

For awhile, I was content just to watch her gamble. She inserted a lot of bills we never saw again, but every so often hit just enough to break even. Watching how the casino personnel handled big wins- those that paid out more than $1,200 in one a roll- personally at the machine instead of making the guest go to the cash-out window was a new and exciting experience for me.

But watching $20 bills slide into the machines with a chance they’d be lost wasn’t my cup of tea. My family finances were in shambles after my son lost his job and I started paying …

Financial Betting – the Best Chance You Have to a Life of Financial Freedom

The recent global economic crisis has seemed to narrow one's access to stock investments, steering those with limited funds clear from dreadfully volatile market highs and lows. Today's times seem to deny traders from committing to long-term investments that may only eventually yield to losses. A more rational move today is to engage in short-term trades and minimize losses by staking little, if at all, personal funds. But can one really gain by gambling a few eggs and putting them tentatively in many different proverbial baskets?During these times when traditional businesses offer only meagre hopes at ever attaining success, Financial Betting may be a good option towards your financial freedom.

Through a wagering system called financial Betting, a person is allowed to engage in the activity of buying and selling shares of stock without having to own them. In other words, during the most opportune moment, Financial Betting allows a trader to wager on the direction towards which the value of these shares of stock, commodities, currencies, and other similar financial products are heading. The Financial Betting trader will necessarily have to diligently "follow" a certain stock share or commodity or team (in the case of sports Financial Betting) to make a good wager.

A number of Financial Betting companies exist in the market today. Their role in the industry is to forecast the standing of a share or other financial product at a point in the future. A trader registered with a financial Betting company makes the final decision …

I Won the Lottery – in My Dreams

I have never earned enough money in my life to be able to save for my retirement, and now at 55 and poorer than I have ever been in my life, I can’t afford to save enough to scratch the surface of what I need to be able to live comfortably when I retire.Financial planning experts would tell you to put away that $5 a week into a retirement fund, but in reality, what is $5 a week going to get me in say 15 years?

With the way that costs are increasing, and the number of retirement savings plans plummeting in value due to the economy, or crooks like Bernie Madoff, I believe that we are better off playing the Lottery instead.

By doing this, chances are we will lose. Of course we know that. However, since $5 a week would make precious little difference to our savings in 15 years, we both consider buying a couple of Lottery tickets a good investment.

Just imagine if we did win, even half a million pounds or dollars? Even a million is not a lot these days, but it could make a huge difference to our lies nevertheless.

If we did win the Lottery, we would definitely try to invest our winnings, and to live off just the interest, leaving our nest egg intact for our future, and for that of our children and grandchildren as well.

Hard to believe I know, but I wrote a poem about this…

My retirement

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Reality TV: Has it Become a Form of Gambling

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Reality TV shows have become a fact of life. If you watch any TV, you will have at least one favorite reality show. They range from man versus man (or woman) in physical contests, to skill contests, to job skills to weight loss. The current crop of reality shows – including the high-dollar game shows that are put on during prime-time, such as like Deal or No Deal, 1 vs. 100, Set for Life and the singing shows – have a very similar theme. How do we as a network get you the viewer to pay for our show so that we get to keep all the advertising dollars?I first began to wonder about these shows when reading the play at home games that many of them have, such as Deal or No Deal where you can text in a guess on your cell phone for a fee of 99 cents and have a chance at the lottery drawing at the end of the show. I may not be the brightest light in the lamp but if they have 50,000 people or more text in this has got to be a money maker. The text underlying company just made $50,000 in less than an hour. The show has to be sharing in this profit and 50,000 participants is probably pretty low.

This type of game has the appeal of the lottery. When taken to the next level those numbers become great for marketing the very products to these …