Chairman Zellner Refuses To Respond To The People He Is Screwing

Come on over to our side.  Zellner promised you a great job.

A high-placed source in Chairman Jeremy Zellner’s inner circle has informed me that Zellner won’t respond to the charge that he has been bribing people in the different parties with jobs and other goodies to cause confusion and trouble within these parties.  He is taking a lesson from other older party bosses to cause chaos and mistrust.

He promises them a happy home in Zellner’s camp.

Zellner believes he has enough powerful partners to sweep the November election. His plan is simple.  He wants to be the next Joe Crangle.

This is – in essence – what the ECDC/Zellner Dems are attempting to do – and it has a horrible history – infiltration and sabotage of opposing political parties, sort of like Watergate when the Reps tried to burgle the Dems.

One Response to “Chairman Zellner Refuses To Respond To The People He Is Screwing”

  1. Conservatives of Convience says:

    Taken right out of the playbook of Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy. Anyone who thinks we have open government especially in Amherst is a fool.Open Democracy or Rigged Elections coming to Amherst.