Citizen Comment: “State Agency Censures Water Authority, Seeks Removal of Commissioner”

The Water Authority is not the only “board” that needs a “shake-up.” A shake-up that dislodges the status quo where all parties are guilty of entrenched corruption.

Amherst taxpayers are still in the dark as to why people who are making decisions for them are still in positions of power-over-the-people through the Planning Board and ZBA? Why is the Town Board extending term limits on people like Gilmour, Guiliani and others. They have proven, over the years, who they represent and whose agenda they are pushing. Are we to believe that out of the entire Amherst population, these are the only “qualified” people to represent the people? Why are term limits not enforced on these decision-making boards that have a noted reprehensible, self-serving track record?

Last November, the voters selected people to upend the status quo, regardless of party affiliation. Voters know how certain departments and boards can impact their long-term quality of life and that the Town Board has a significant role in controlling the situation. What is the problem? These people who have not performed in the best interest of the taxpayers, through ignorance or corruption, know who they are and should have the grace to resign or be jettisoned. They are dragging the town and its reputation down.

Like the Water Authority, positions should not be given to unqualified persons based on donations, friends, family or spaniels. That is by definition–corruption.

4 Responses to “Citizen Comment: “State Agency Censures Water Authority, Seeks Removal of Commissioner””

  1. John Snyder says:

    What genius board is in charge of Spectrum?

  2. Money Talks says:

    The behavior of the high paid management at the Water Authority is even more egregious in that as a so called “PUBLIC” entity you would expect it to be more directly responsible to the public.

    If you are referring to Spectrum Communications, a private company, here is a link to their “Board of Directors”.

    Spectrum Board of Directors


  3. Money Talks says:

    Sorry wrong Spectrum.

    This one is a defense related company. Finding the Board of Directors of Spectrum Communications requires me to dig much deeper.


  4. John Snyder says:

    Money: Spectrum is a monopoly much like our utilities. Somehow our town leaders (leaders?) are not managing Spectrums business practices. You want cable you pay whatever Spectrum charges. Like the Water Authority – they can spend then charge customers. Who is in charge of managing Spectrum for Amherst citizens?