Comment From Concerned Citizen

The following comment was in response to a comment made by another citizen called “Hank”

Hank, it is about digging deeper, and getting more than a simple Google search will give you. Real analysis takes time and effort.

On this project specifically I have done just that. I do not “attack” people, but comment on what I find. It is my interpretation of what I have come to understand.

Mr. Szukala has never attended ANY “ImagineAmherst” related meeting of any kind in the past year and a half, but showed up at this rather important Planning Board meeting sitting next to and conversing with Ramona Popowich, Town Board member of the “ImagineAmherst” project working committee.

Mr. Szukala is entitled to his opinion, and I respect that. But the opinions he presented to the Planning Board were not given as a resident of Amherst, but as an OFFICIAL of Erie County.  Check the video of the meeting if you need confirmation.

Clearly something political is going on here!


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