Concern Citizen: Jerry Schad ~ Stay Out Of Amherst Affairs

Mar. 10, 2018

Many Amherst residents know about the pressure put on the Amherst Town Board by Jerry Schad, Chairman of the Amherst Democratic Committee. The ATB would like to reach an agreement with Jerry Schad’s group to stay out of the ATB’s affairs. We don’t need the  stale, old ways of ADC.

Jerry, an example of your giving Amherst garbage “help” is bringing in three town lawyers who didn’t know anything about municipal law.  They ended up costing Amherst over $500,000 to hire other outside attorneys to fight law suits brought against Amherst.

It’s up to our Town Board to make a public announcement that we don’t want anymore interference from any other party bosses. We have enough bright people on our Town Board to straighten out the mess the previous Town Boards created.

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