Concerned Citizen :

It’s not true that Bucki did nothing. She may not have spoken up at the Town Board meeting, but she has since been in touch with Town residents, and she recommended to Catholic Health in July that the contact neighbors if they planned to move forward with that site. This is important since it shows that Catholic Health has been misleading in its communications and ignoring elected officials. She was also the only Town Board member who came to the Eggertstville Community Organization meeting last week to hear the concerns of residents of the neighborhood.

She seems to be the only Town Board member who was paying close attention, and we can hardly blame her if Catholic Health withheld information. I imagine that she didn’t speak up at the Town Board meeting since she wanted to verify the details of the plans for the site before saying anything.

If anyone needs to resign, it’s Eric Gillert. He knew what was happening and said nothing until after residents complained to the Town Board. Who knows what other projects are being hidden from residents right now?

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