Concerned Citizen: Expressing Sincere Feelings for the Need for Forums

We all know the reasons for why the notion of this candidate forum came about. Our reasons were pure and bipartisan. Sure, we all have our respective party affiliations. So what? Does that mean that a Democrat or a Republican or a Conservative is incapable of having a good idea to advance the greater good? While I respect everyone’s input here concerning our dilemma, we could select Mickey Mouse for a moderator and one or all of these partisan pols would find fault with whomever’s name was put forward. I think we are on excellent high ground here and that we, as I have stated below, should defend our position and go forward with Paul as the moderator. I have complete faith in him to be squeaky clean and more than capable to do the job properly.
We should all stay focused on our original reasons for this forum and not get caught up in the politics here, despite what our personal political views are. The results and the actual airing of this forum will speak for itself with the public as well as forming the basis for future forums that can be aired in such a way that all Amherst residents have the ability to view at a time more convenient, given everyone’s busy schedules today. 
I do think we should have a timely face to face huddle on how to proceed with making our case.  Also, I do think we should consider having a Sargent of  Arms presence for this event. Perhaps, if possible a police officer.
Ed  McKee

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