Concerned Citizen: How the Town of Amherst Can Save Money

Sept. 29, 2018

OUTSOURCE! Think about cutting some of the heavy costs of Amherst government by outsourcing the duties of the Town Clerk’s office to the private sector.

COMBINE! Think also of combining the Town Clerk’s office with other (county) personnel and space.

This is an excellent time for changes to cut the costs of government.

2 Responses to “Concerned Citizen: How the Town of Amherst Can Save Money”

  1. walt says:

    Please explain to me what functions performed by the Town Clerks Office (with the exception of collecting taxes)? Do you truly believe the town would save $$ by having the county perform these services, including location of performing these services and impact fees.

  2. Money Talks says:

    You can find out a very detailed explanation of the Town Clerk’s job on the Town website, but it takes a little personal effort to do so.

    So I have provided a link below that you can use. I also have captured the text relating to the work done by the Town Clerk’s office

    Town Clerk Services

    Accessible Parking Permits

    Amusement Licenses

    Archival Research Center

    Bingo Licenses

    Birth Certificates

    Block Party Permits

    Christmas Tree Permits

    Death Certificates

    Discharge of Firearms Permits

    Dog Licenses

    Fireworks Permits

    Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

    Game Room Licenses

    Genealogical Research

    Games of Chance

    Going Out of Business Sale

    Hunting and Fishing Licenses

    Landscaper Permits

    Marriage Licenses