Court Rules in Favor of Marjory H. Jaeger to Run for Amherst Town Supervisor

 Jerry Schad

After the court ruling is announced Republicans said the lawsuit was a political trick.

“Jerry Schad and Brian Kulpa have wasted enough of the taxpayers’ money on lawsuits – it’s time to stop playing political dirty tricks and trying to use the courts to win elections,” said Joseph P. Heins, campaign manager for the Amherst Republican Committee.

Kulpa, the mayor of Williamsville, has filed petitions to run for Supervisor on the Democratic, Working Families and Women’s Equality parties’ ballot lines.  Jaeger has filed petitions to run on the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform parties lines.

The following interview with Mr. Kulpa was done a week before the judges decision.

The only one involved in this dirty little trick was Jerry Schad, the attorney, who devised this attempt to have Marjory H. Jaeger removed from running for Amherst Town Supervisor. Brian Kulpa vehemently told Mr. Schad not to do this and wanted no part of Schad’s action.

Since this exchange of words Mr. Schad who is the Democratic Chairman of this Democratic group was told by Mr. Kulpa that he (Schad) isn’t allowed to attend any strategic meeting for Kulpa’s campaign.

by James Tricoli,  editor of the

3 Responses to “Court Rules in Favor of Marjory H. Jaeger to Run for Amherst Town Supervisor”

  1. walt says:

    Was Mr. Schad acting alone or was another attorney with ties to the Democratic Party
    also involved? One may never know

  2. jjtric says:


  3. Randy says:

    Marjory Jaeger, now a Conservative? Guy Marlette, now a Conservative?
    Hilarious that they are now willing to jettison their own party for money and power. Who and what else are they willing to jettison for money and power?

    These people are entrenched, establishment Republicans, the ones indebted to all the crony capitalists responsible for the crappy, overdevelopment throughout Amherst. They seek position to continue gifting their cronies and themselves. Expect more of the same, regardless of the excesses of empty apartments, businesses, medical offices, restaurants, hotels.

    Over the past several years, the Republican machine has thought nothing of tearing up green space, wetlands and neighborhoods to satisfy the endless demands of their cronies. Yet, taxes are increasing, doubling in some cases, putting the lie to the constant refrain of development reducing them.

    Beware the old, self-serving wolves who change party affiliation to deceive the public. Marjory Jaeger may will be in her right to run for another office. That does not mean we have to allow another machine operator to gain position to continue blowing out a community to appease big donors. Review donor lists through the NYS Board of Elections Financial Disclosure Report. While at the site, check out Erin Baker, AKA Erin Langworthy for another powerful reality check.