Did They Really Get/Want Public Input Into ImagineAmherst

 The photo below shows the lack of public input into the two-day session for ImagineAmherst for public input.
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I attended the first hour of the July 11, 2017 meeting, and took this picture. I was the only person from the public to attend. This meeting was quite important because it was about drafting the zoning code changes for Imagine Amherst.

Don Smith

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  1. Don says:

    Click on this link: http://imgur.com/a/jIu7R


  2. michele says:

    There is truth to the old adage that a picture is worth 1000 words. And this one is a beaut.
    This pix of an empty room is the joint ImagineAmherst mtg (aka Building Bigger buildings all over town Committee) in which the public notice was posted late on the 4th of July eve for a mtg to be held on the opening night of Old Home Days. A sure recipe to guarantee that no one sees the notice or even cares. And is hardly evidence of robust community outreach promised by town officials in this effort which is a town wide massive rezone of commercial property.
    Rumor has it that the recent super fast tracking of this project has occurred because the “grant money expires in September”, which now becomes the backdrop for advancing the single biggest land use change and rezoning to be done in a decade hopefully with as few residents noticing as is humanly possible.
    And given the empty room, it seems as though those who wish to advance this example of poor planning are accomplishing their goal to continue to skirt, hide and mask their work from the unsuspecting public.
    There seems to be grumblings from some committee members themselves at the manner in which the town has orchestrated the work of the Bigger Building Committee. Heres hoping that those folks at the table who by positional authority and standing appreciate the blatant disservice being contemplated for the residents of Amherst and will sway this group to undertake their tasks on behalf of the public to effectuate a more reasonable outcome than the current path. The town board has the final say on this. The Planning Board has signaled that it hopes to vote on the plan in August, on a major rework of the Zonng Ordiinance that as of this moment has still NOT been disclosed in public.
    So thanks for the picture. It’s a humdinger. Cuz you just cannot make this stuff up.

  3. Dan Ward says:

    Michele – very well put and described – this whole Imagine Amherst is just another commercial development scam – there is no grass roots movement to uber develop Amherst – in fact its just the opposite – most neighborhoods just want to be left alone – and send the development elsewhere – like Buffalo..the time has come – again – to smoke the current elected officials out on their positions on this ….AND all the new candidates running for Supervisor and Town Board – NOW – not waiting the useless last minute debates – so-called – just before the election ! Dan.

  4. William says:

    There is no clearer message than this picture. This is a case of a con game by the very people supposedly representing the citizens. Michele, real name or not, thank you for articulating what the few people that have participated understand completely. The people in the picture are not at all interested in robust participation from the public. The sneaky tactics used, described by “Michele,” provides more proof of a fraudulent endeavor to serve the wrong people.

    I personally sat in on two charrettes. I heard “no more sprawl and preserve what is left of green space.” There was nothing said about wanting
    bigger, higher buildings, anywhere and possibly everywhere. Westwood was mentioned at both in the context of keeping it green to counter the sprawl of everything else around Amherst, blunting the ugliness of numerous stagnant parking lots extending from North Forest to Bailey on Sheridan and the obvious infrastructure shortcomings.

    I’m willing to bet good money the developers were in attendance at this no-show meeting to make sure their special interests are met.

  5. Don says:

    The real name of “Imagine Amherst” based on the content of the NYSERDA contract is…

    “Cleaner, Greener Communities (CGC) Program, Phase II: Category 2

    Town of Amherst Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Zoning Code Revisions

    CGC42761/Contract # 57492”

    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority


    1. Agreement Number: 57492
    2. Contractor: Town of Amherst
    3. Project Director: Barry Weinstein
    4. Effective Date: September 1, 2015
    5. Total Amount of Award: $161,250.00
    6. Project Period: September 1, 2015 – September 30, 2017

  6. Paula says:

    All of the subterfuge used in an attempt to keep people in the dark or ignoring them completely, for a lousy $161, 250.00? How much more do people have to see to know they are being sold out by Weinstein and his minions to benefit his crony capitalists only?.

    A do-over is necessary without the developers and the naive and with an honest policy of implementing what the people have repeatedly asked for. No more sprawl and no more destruction of green space. It is not asking much.