Editorial: Joe, Joe. Tell Me it Isn’t True

Jim Tricoli,Editor of the Amhersttimes.

Joe, in the first paragraph of the letter you sent to the Amherst Bee you gave your opinions, not facts, concerning what you felt was a set up by a Town Committee to swing the elections to the Democrats.  The committee which is sponsoring this debate is composed of individuals from different political parties.  The Committee actually has no power what-so-ever.  The major committees in Amherst which have power are the Zoning Board and the ZBA.

Joe, you show a fear that your candidates aren’t very knowable about the real issues facing Amherst and could be showed up as uninformed candidates, as you inferred.  It’s clear that you also seem to be poorly informed about how the Town of Amherst is structured.

Joe, we have both been trained in Jesuit schools which taught us to be true to ourselves and look at every side possible concerning situations.  Surprise!  You have failed to remember this very important lesson.

In your second paragraph you point out the role of government is to serve the people.  How much better can a meeting be, where the public can ask questions of the candidates who might represent them on the Amherst Town Board?

Joe, you failed to use your brain in paragraph 2.  Are you sure you went to a college which should have opened your mind and conscience to tell the truth and be honest to yourself?  This meeting will serve the residents of Amherst.  You are anti-Amherst and pro Joe Heins.

Your ignorant attack against Paul Wolf is a sick joke by a sick mind.  There are 10 members on the Open Government Advisory Board.  This group voted on whether we should we have a “Meet The Candidate Night.”  The decision was unanimous in favor of the question.  Paul Wolf had ONLY one vote, as did Dr. Roy DeFrancis, a strong Republican who had only one vote.

Joe, I have several close friends who are alumnus of Notre Dame and they enjoyed a good laugh but were terribly embarrassed at your cruel attempt to discredit a committee and its Chairman for the sake of your new GOD, the Republican Party.

One Response to “Editorial: Joe, Joe. Tell Me it Isn’t True”

  1. Thomas in Amherst says:

    WOW, tough letter! Pretty hard-hitting ending. I would like to see the reply!!