EDITORIAL: Yes, There Will be the Open Government Forum Tonight 

There will be the Open Government Forum tonight starting at 5:30 p.m. The Republican candidates have refused to attend but the Democratic and Conservative candidates will be there to answer the questions the public asks about Amherst.

We will have the Open Government Forum and face whatever consequences may follow.

One Response to “EDITORIAL: Yes, There Will be the Open Government Forum Tonight ”

  1. Peter Thadious says:

    Republicans look pretty much mealy-mouthed, here, it’s just too bad for us that they lack the spine to defend their position, especially vying for a leadership position running a town. If you can’t face residents at this point in your political career how can you believe we could think you have the courage to face uproar, ranker or, hopefully not, crisis?

    This whole crop of Republican candidates running out of Amherst this year, some even re-registered to Conservative from the GOP, is the pits.