Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz Must Correct His Behavior

by James Tricoli

Mark Poloncarz’s flagrant abuse of handing out patronage jobs to friends and family who aren’t qualified to fill these important positions, for example: giving Michael Szukala a $100,000 job, has got to stop.  He must stop telling habitual lies, not only to the media but to the public as well.

There is a county rule about not dating employees who work for the County Executive as well as other people the county has dealings with.  He continues to do so.

His inability to act quickly enough in crisis situations is a danger to the public.  Remember the snow emergency a few years back?  There were other matters which he failed to handle in a timely manner in the county.

Some people can handle power while others abuse it.  Mr. Poloncarz has abused his power and he must stop this behavior or face losing his position.

Mr. Poloncarz has a pleasant personality with a basic sense of right or wrong.  I hope he corrects his weaknesses before he is brought down by the people he swore to serve.

One Response to “Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz Must Correct His Behavior”

  1. Phil says:

    How can anyone, anymore be surprised by the way tax dollars are wasted on political appointments from Poloncarz to Kulpa to the ECWA to whatever….

    One of the biggest slaps in the face occurred last night when Brian Higgins voted with Trump to ensure that the warrantless spying powers of the NSA/CIA/FBI would continue unchecked. You can’t trust any of them locally or nationally.

    Let’s face it – to both the Republicans and Democrats we’re nothing but tax paying cattle.